How Do You Create Your Day?

How does your energy shape your day to day activities? I mean every one can figure out when your tired you are low on energy.  Have you ever sat down long enough and fell asleep? Or have you ever had more energy inside of you, you didn’t know what to do with yourself? Our daughter was at the gym last night with us and she kept pushing everyone to do more and more.  I just kept hearing I wish I had her energy, she is four.  Kids are like little sticks of dynamite at times, they just explode with energy and I would rather have that much energy than just flowing through the day.  Why? Here are some reasons why we should have a ton of energy each and every day…

Our emotions or what we hold most dear to us hold a ton of energy for us. Go ahead try it, think of something that is pleasant, you love, that means the world to you.  It feels good doesn’t it? The opposite of this makes us in the negative emotion range and that pulls our energy downward, like putting a blanket over the top of us that is heavy.  It doesn’t feel to light and flowing.  Thinking of positive things or people, or keeping our energy in check all day helps us increase our energy every day.  Thus producing our goals easier, our life experiences better and just having many good days versus bad days.

This goes with the above paragraph, how you live in your mind is directly reflected in your outside world.  This doesn’t hold true for anyone else except for you.  You are the only one responsible for you and your experiences.  Think about that one for a minute.  I use to resist this statement by saying but not every day is a good one, people do stupid things to mess up my day.  Oh they can, but the key here is how you react to them.  You have a choice every day to pick which feeling you want in your heart and mind.  Just because someone does something upsetting, you have more than enough willpower, determination, and sense to state, there is nothing more important than me feeling good about this situation right now.  Saying that statement over and over not only release those negative feelings welling up, but it focuses your mind on the bigger picture.  Honestly there isn’t anything more important than you feeling good at every moment during the day.  If your inner world is going well then the hiccups in life won’t bring you down for that long anymore.  Perfect example for me was a couple months ago, I was feeling all positive, every day I woke up with energy, I was getting things done, then I received some upsetting news.  Sure it set me back for about an hour, it made me upset, I dwelled on it.  I even asked why in the heck is this happening? I was doing so well inside of my head, I was in the flow of positive, why does this keep happening? UGH! Then I remembered what I teach, not every circumstance in our life will be positive, regardless how much you are in the positive zone.  Why? Because people make mistakes, people are human, and life is about teaching us things.  This was a teaching moment for me in not only my reaction to something but as a reminder of communication is so important in life.  Nothing is resolved faster than communicating in a correct way. It resolves so much conflict!

What we dwell on the most inside our head, our thoughts, is where our energy goes.  Alot of force goes where our thoughts go.  Start to ask yourself, do an energy check throughout the day.  Begin to take inventory on those thoughts, begin to check in with your mind, pay attention to what you are talking to yourself about. When you catch your mind wandering down a past, negative memory, state is this what I want to spend my energy on? Is this what I want to keep in my life? If not replace it with an outcome you do want.  The best example I can give is this.  A client one time was having marriage problems, they were arguing all the time now, not clicking like they use to.  She began to take inventory of her thoughts all day, she began to check in with her mind and see what was going on.  She found that during the day when she wasn’t around her husband she was arguing with him in her head.  She was making him wrong even when he wasn’t around.  After a good laugh about how crazy it sounded she began to see her thoughts and these arguments she was having by herself were all day long.  Her energy was going to fighting with an imaginary friend in her head.  She began to ask herself is this really what I want more of? Is this really the type of marriage I want or do I want it to be like it was? She began to replace these arguments in her head with pleasant images, pleasant, happy thoughts.  Such as when they were dating, where they went, how they felt, holding hands and laughing.  She began to think of them when they were happier, dinners and breakfasts together.  Car rides talking and sharing about life and trips to the lake.  She didn’t think oh if I do this then it will all go back to the way it was because he changed.  She just gently began replacing the arguing in her head with these thoughts.  She visualized and felt the warmth of her husbands arms around her while in bed, just gentle positive real life results that she held dear at one time in her mind and heart.  She did this for about 60 days, I tracked her results in my binder and her life did change for the better, her marriage did get back on track and it got stronger.  She relaxed, she enjoyed life again, and most of all she fell back in love with herself, life and her husband.  You can apply significant energy to any area of your life, you just have to begin to pay attention to where you are sending the energy.

Your energy rolls through you and out of you.  Pay attention to where you are flowing and what you are flowing to.  This goes for what you are lacking, if you are lacking money, but want to stay home and work, are you telling yourself everyday over and over again I don’t know how to make this work.  I haven’t made any money yet.  Or do you check in with yourself saying I’m still not making any money, nothing has changed is your feeling.  Change the words and feelings you have to change the outcome.  If you build yourself up each day you will gain.  If you keep tearing yourself down each day, you won’t gain as much or at all.  Think of it as a child, would you inspire your child to do great, or would you tell them they can’t do it everyday? Put yourself in that space and inspire yourself, learn new ways, be open to life.

~much love to you all

Consequences, What’s that? 

Consequences, karma, bad juju be, responsibility, whatever you want to call it I think a lot of people both young and old have put this concept or words aside. And believe it doesn’t pertain to them. 

In the past couple of months I have come across some pretty big slap in your face situations and when the universe or God keeps delivering the same set of words in different circumstances it is trying to tell you something!! 

For example my husband and I own a strength and conditioning gym. We train a lot of different type of athletes both young and old. When we hear the kids talking about what this one adult said to her individually or as a team I couldn’t believe it. One head coach has a history of taking favorites and playing them all season whether they are good or bad. It’s about the parents and money and status in community basically. The pattern is there for this coach. Now his specific player he has chosen as a favorite, is out above the whole team. The rest of the kids are a great group of kids all with their unique and special qualities. But none of it matters, so this team is divided. Instead of seeing this issue he creates more division and says to the team “we are having a meeting to find out why you don’t like (favorite player name). It is mandatory because she is upset. Now as a group it’s not the favorite player they have a problem with. It’s the behavior of coach yelling at them in practice for the exact same stuff favorite does. This is an adult that puts down kids. This is a coach position that doesn’t win many tournaments because he has divided his team instead of bringing it together. 

There are so many circumstances here lately makes me wonder what the heck am I not taking responsibility for? What’s the message here?? I learn so much from just looking at what’s going on around me. Do you do this too? 

Kids are the best teachers in the world. With five of them in our family I learn a lot on a daily basis. I am constantly reminded of patience, love, being a kid, understanding and of course being tested. But in between the bickering, loving moments, naps and laughter there are teaching moments for adults. If we can listen and understand the message. What irritates us is what we should observe and think about. It’s not another reason to beat ourselves up over. It’s a way to grow into a better person. See that coaches message to me is to keep thinking of unity not division. To see how much that division is hurting everyone as a whole. There is no reason for it other than to simply observe and take the message and apply it to different areas of my life. To teach my kids to not exclude, not judge and how to cope when others do it to them. To teach them the tools to help them get through it and to think of other ways to help others. 

Changing the words and perspective is sometimes all you need to do to make it better for yourself. It opens up new doors and opportunities. What messages have been coming up for you? Are you stuck in the same story and need a new look at it? If so comment or email me and I can help you. 

~much love to you 

Hiccups in your plan 

What do you think of when you run into obstacles? We have been in two airports for six hours today and still counting and we are still in the same state!! 

Sure we can get upset, protest and get mad but really how is that helping us or anyone else around us? We have seen plenty of people very upset and rightly so when they have waited six hours for one flight. 

But today we made the conscious decision to be pleasant no matter what. Even when our four year old is wiping her Doritos fingers across our shirts with a smile. 

There is nothing like a big group of us sitting up against the wall in the airport taking bets on departure time. So far the lady in green is correct🙂  

A great reminder of how much time we waste getting upset over circumstances we can’t control (airline is short staffed today) so we learn to go with the flow. We have met some really great people. Shared stories and networked. It was funny to listen to the whole terminals phone ding when airline updates were texted. The song of the text was in unison. 

Truly not worth spending extra energy getting upset. Breathe and live in the moment. It’s amazing how much you can enjoy in unexpected circumstances. 

Another year, another ….

It’s my birthday today! Yay!! 

Usually on birthdays I was always encouraged to do a little self check in. So we will do it together today :) 

Each year the theory goes on your birthday you are re-born in a sense. Like your own little New Years party on your birthday. It is a day to reflect and make new goals for the next birthday. Landmarks you want to be at, new bars in your life raised (not the partying kind here) but think of it as a ladder. An unending ladder of life. What’s the next level you want to go to? 

For me this next year will entail fitness and business. To be bold in my adventures. Waking up each day asking myself what will it take for me to get to —- level today? What can I do to build upon what I have been doing? Meditation, visualization and even some crystals could play in the mix. 

Do you have a tradition you do on your birthday? Or do you just let it be a special day that passes? Take action on your birthday and renew your New Years goals. Dust off those goals you have pushed out of the way due to life getting busy and get back to it. Even if it is just taking better care of yourself it is a step up!! 

When we take bold moves the best experiences come from them!! Don’t be in the same place next year on your birthday!! Get moving!! 

Vertimax Anyone?

My beloved fitness partner in crime calls this Vertimax the Death Star. She gave it the nickname when we were taking them out of the box and packaging. Her words were “that doesn’t even look like it would be fun.”  Now I absolutely love this thing!! It gives the best results in the least amount of time. All the women I put on this contraption as they call it all agree it does do its job!! These are my babies in the gym! Have you ever been on one? Ever tried it? 

Give me 30 minutes of your time, three times a week and I can help you create changes in your body. It works with your body weight and resistance. 

If we would embrace the thing then positive changes come. Isn’t that the way with everything in life? I mean I dislike exercising or I should rephrase that. I can think of 100 other things to do besides plopping my booty in front of this thing and strapping on the ankle wraps and hooking up to it. Esh and I made a pact for a year no excuses. Only if one of us had a fever could we cancel. For one year we did it. We would both think of reasons why we shouldn’t go to the gym. It’s to cold. It’s to hot. I am hungry. I mean the list goes on and on. But we came in anyway at 4pm everyday and did it. Once we got going we felt a ton better. We had more productive lives because we pushed ourselves inside that gym. 

The look when I tell people it’s Vertimax day is so funny. It’s a universal look. Our athletes hate it when it’s ab day on it. They all ask if they can pass my ab workout!! Is there something else to do besides that!! What the heck! I’m in no way at their level of fitness but come on. It is really not that bad!! 

So if you haven’t tried it go try it! I love this thing! It’s amazing!! It’s called a Vertimax and this little square can do amazing things for your body! It’s not just for athletes or models. 

Are You Enough?

Talking and Coaching many people I have come across a common theme and would like to share with you a different perspective about life.  Let me ask you this… I have watched, experienced, coached people that want more in life but often just do little to get what they want.  For example, you want to quit your job and start a business because you are unhappy with the hours, stress or want more freedom.  But your actions are exhaustion when you get off work, you don’t get up early, or on lunch you aren’t making the calls you need to do or market your new business to get it up and going.  But yet you want it so bad!

I compare it to this, if you sit on the couch all day and do nothing then that is because you really don’t feel you are enough, you are afraid and you are afraid of becoming a failure.  We can mask it any way we want to by saying to ourselves no that isn’t the reason.  Not enough time is an excuse, it really is.  We all have the same amount of time in each day.  It is how you use that time that makes the world of difference.

If you reject yourself first, then you don’t have to deal with others rejection of you.  We often manifest the very quiet beliefs in our mind.  If you are fearful of being rejected, the very outcome of doing nothing or very little manifests those results, so your proof of people will not buy my product, or they will not like me is manifesting. You have rejected yourself and your efforts before other people could have a chance to.

So how do you turn it around? You look past that momentary feeling of fear, you move towards what you feel uneasy about doing and you do it.  Everyday until you are not fearful anymore.  You work through your own negative self talk and begin to make changes. With any change you will grow into a new person. The non action has become a habit and you can learn and change into new habits.  Hire a coach, read a book, and apply the action steps.  That is the bottom line.  Get after your dreams and live life! There is no reason why you can not have something you want. There is no reason why you have to think others will reject you or you rejecting yourself!

Get after life and start to live it to the fullest! Do not let fear get in your way! Fear is a temporary feeling! Action steps feel so much better when you begin to do them and gain momentum in your goals. Go For It!

Life Is Like A Snow Globe

What happens when things don’t go your way? So you are zooming along and doing well right? Things are happening in a positive way, your head is in this game of Law of Attraction, you have your lucky rock, your mantra going and all your visualizations going everyday.  Right? Man that is a lot of work isn’t it.  You keep reminding yourself focus on what you want, what makes me mad isn’t want I want….

Then BAM, it happens, someone comes into your sphere and shakes it up like a snow globe.  Shake, shake, shake, shake… then your like what the crap? I was doing so well, what happened? Why did this happen? And that would be the test, that would be the game of life. This is where you can repeat the pattern or learn to evolve as a human being, because we are not perfect.

Now do you sit there and say to yourself no matter what victory is mine? Or do you get all wrapped up in the drama and let it consume your mind and actions? Do you quickly say to yourself, for example this person is saying mean things, do you think you know I wouldn’t want to trade places in life with him/her, so what they have to say means little to me.  Or do you do a self check and say is this really what I want to attract more of if I step into it?

For me I do the above paragraph and do a quick check of the path I see that person going on.  Do I want to join them on their path or do I continue on my path? We continue to keep having these tests not because we are being punished for something, we continue having them so we can grow into a person we want to be.  To get different results you have to be a different person, this includes different reactions to life situations.

To get something you have never had, you have to be someone you have never been.  I use to dislike this saying so much, but it is so true! It is such a fun part of the journey.  Start looking at life as though it is 100% for you.  That life supports you in every way.  IF it didn’t you wouldn’t get tested so much!!

Well honestly the last sentence of “you wouldn’t get tested so much” is more like a coping skill or a new perspective for your life.  Life can be fun, it should be fun, a change of perspective is sometimes all we need.  Go after tasks full force, full of life to keep moving forward.  Enjoy life!

~Much  love to you all

Power of Worrying

Where do you put your faith? This isn’t a blog post about religion it’s a post about where your focus is.

Do you worry? Do you stress yourself out over worrying? Do you replay your circumstance over and over in your head day after day? Careful you are starting a habit there and reinforcing it every time you do this.  You reinforce the neural pathway of going down the path of worry and that my friend leads to more worry behaviors.

Think about this.  Where do you put your faith? Is it in your worry? Or is it in the situation you want to happen? Are you thinking about the job promotion or you thinking about if someone else will take it from you ? Are you thinking about the incredible night you will have with your family or you thinking about the drama one person can bring to dinner? Where do you put your faith? It should always be focused on good outcomes not on bad what if’s.

If you do catch yourself worrying about the negative what if situation you can stop the habit and start to say “this is going to turn out better than expected.” Or “I can’t wait to see how well this turns out.” Why not have the expectation of the situation turning out better than worry?

An example of this is being a parent.  You are with your kids a lot and routines, verbiage and attitudes are usually constant.  I use to play this game all the time with our family.  First you usually have a pre-conceived notion who has what attitude, what sets them off, what they want and how they behave, right? (Can do this with a significant other too) I mean if you were put into a car and it is a long ride you can pretty much guess who will be the first one to say they have to go to the bathroom or who will start to complain 15 minutes into the ride.  You already know, right? Now to test the theory that all change starts within yourself first, we begin with a simple step.  Instead of focusing on who is going to say or do what we begin to say today is different, today is going to turn out way better than I ever expected.  You are sending out a different vibe into your space.  You are tweaking your frequency a little bit.  I believe there are different levels to this, and yes others instinctively feel this and this is what makes those around you change.  Starting out with simple steps works, we don’t have to complicate this process at all.  We are putting more faith into a better outcome than we are in the worrying about the negative.  By stating those simple words you are going to make progress for you day and be able to enjoy it.  I have done this with one of our daughters when we hit a rough patch.  Hormones, being a typical child, and finding her place in the world can lead to some unwanted outbursts or back talk.  I find when I dwell on the positive outcome of peace, understanding and being helpful not hurtful we have more peace in the house.  When I let my focus shift to irritation, the backtalk, or being difficult I find I receive a lot more of that behavior.  It is fun to watch the shift, it can be immediate or it can happen over the course of a couple of hours.  But it does shift, and it does get better. Try it out for yourself.

Worry is just our fear of the unknown outcome, all the unknowns, and people are always unpredictable.  Have you ever been proven wrong about a person? Think about it, we all have our routines, our ways of dealing with issues but sometimes, once in awhile someone will react differently and we are all surprised by it.  Maybe they reacted differently is the exact reason why we should put out the thoughts it will turn out better than expected! Maybe someone had the thought of it will turn out better than expected, and thus created a change in someone else.  ALL CHANGES START WITH YOU!  You want a different outcome then you establish different habits.

~Much love to you all

Words are Just Words After All, Right?

Words, we use them all day long, in constructive ways or in negative ways.  We were brought up with the saying “sticks and stones can break our bones but words will never hurt me.” Well that’s a lie. I think that was someone that wanted to show you that no matter what you said you could not hurt them, but on the inside they were hurt deeply.

Why would we use them to break people down? Break ourselves down? Talk ourselves out of amazing ideas? I heard an interview the other morning that made me rethink a belief I had all my life.  I heard Michael Jackson talking about channeling his music and lyrics.  He woke up at 3 am one morning, called his manager and said I have to make this track, I have to record this song that I got while sleeping.  The manager said OK, we will get to it first thing in the morning. Michael said NO, if I don’t do it now then Prince will have it.  He was talking about the Universe or God, whichever you want to call it, doesn’t discriminate.  He gives you an idea, an intuition, a passion and if you don’t act on it, then he will give it to the next person.  I was always raised with the belief if you miss it the first time around it will come back to you.  I absolutely love when new information is brought to the table and you can question your own belief, look at your own life, test out the new theory to see if it could fit into your world and change according to your own theory.

Words we say to ourselves and others are so powerful.  Not only is the spoken word powerful when we write it down it contains even more gusto.  Our words are the bridge between what our heart really wants and our God or Universe.  Our words literally turn into flesh.  Jay-Z has said many times you can speak your future into existence.  It really is not magic or unknown.  What we speak about we bring about.  What we say we want, such as peace but are angry we aren’t ready for peace.  We still want to make the other person pay and we will manifest what we are feeling because the words we speak to ourselves are far more powerful than what we say to others.  Why is that? Think about it, when we are upset, we act one way to keep a certain reputation, but on the inside a storm is brewing and explodes eventually. Have you ever done this? Is your personality the type that keeps things in that bothers you until you explode?  Do you see how keeping it in, not just letting it go brings more of the same icky energy to you? Words really do matter, words really can hold you back or push you forward.

What if you told yourself all day long, you can do it, you got this.  That the problem has a solution, just look at the situation differently.  Here is one I use when I am not sure of the situation, but I do know I want it to turn out better than those negative thoughts that creep up: My trust fund is gigantic! Only good can come from this! I can’t wait to see what good comes from this! The perfect solution is here now, and I accept it fully.  I expect only the best outcome and I receive it. For this I am extremely grateful.  Believe it, see it and you will!

Not knowing the ending is just fear, and I think fear stands for Fearing Everyone else is Always Right. We put more value on them instead of our own instincts and knowing what is right for ourselves.  Don’t let those fearful words creep up on you today or any day for that matter.  Use your words to empower yourself not lose power.

~Much love to you all

Let Go of It

One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they have to gain.  ~Rick Godwin

Have you ever gotten the message of your dream? Have you ever learned anything from a dream? Other than we wake up from it if we dont’ like it?

My dream last night had to do with change.  I have always embraced change, enjoyed the process of it and welcomed it with open arms.  It’s like opening a window on a windy day and letting the new breeze in.  I dreamt of a situation that has been on my mind for a long time now.  Something that has held me back from what I enjoy, due to the thoughts and actions of others.  I use to not care at all what others thought.  I watched myself in this dream justify, reason and come up with excuses over and over.  It was like I was talking to myself but I was talking to a loved one.  I even said “these are my manuscripts about it.” IF you read them you will understand.” UMMMMM……… NO………….

You have to move on, go on, and go forward.  Turn the page of that manuscript to realize there is so much more to your book of life than just what you have written down so far.  Get off that page you are stuck on! Stop being afraid, stop letting fear keep you on that page, keep you in that excuse.  Close that book and start a new one if you have too. Start to see what you want to do in life. If you have NO idea then start to move away or go in the opposite direction of what you have been doing.   Never, ever re-read or dwell on those past pages, let them go, have comfort that the memories are safely kept on those pages so you don’t have to keep going over them again and again.

Don’t spend you days trying to correct all the mistakes of the past, instead let go, let God or the Universe create something better for your future.  Another way to look at it and remind yourself to move on is you don’t drown by falling in the water, you drown by staying in it.  Have you ever climbed on the monkey bars? Gettting over a painful experience is much like crossing those monkey bars. You are sore, your hands hurt, you breath hard while trying to swing from one bar to the next.  You get calluses on your hands usually too.  You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.  At the end of crossing all of them you feel accomplished even with all the aches and pains.  You can look at those bars and say I did it!

Move on from those old stories that are keeping you in the same place.  Move forward in life and enjoy it.  Nothing lasts forever, we always have options.  And as one of my clients so easily put it “Drinking my big girl coffee, I put on some gangster rap and then I handled the day and situation.”  Go out there and shed the blanket that has been weighing you down, shed those excuses, and get moving toward a life that has so much more to offer.

What if I promised that your life could turn out in a completely different direction? How? Your smart enough to realize one small change can bring a mountain of change if done consistently over and over.  So try it. Pick some small things to do and consistently do them over and over and see what changes occur.  For example, drink more water, that should be an easy one, but for my little blonde brain it is a tough one and these past couple of days I have increased my intake and I feel a ton better today.  Working towards a goal, keep consistently doing the steps and what looked like a mountain is now a mole hill.  Just go for it!!!

And above all else, don’t be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others, even when they want to silence you due to their own insecurities.  Be grateful for what all you have now, who you are right now, and then expand on that.

~Much love to you all