Letting Go of Worries Easily

Letting go of worry has been one of the most challenging past times in my brain. Literally as a mom, wife and woman I am constantly planning ahead, preparing for anything that can come our way and then theirs the businesses which for me is a whole other world of worry.

Do any of these sound familiar?

I hope she has a good day at school today, that no one is mean to her (previous story of bullying for our youngest)

How about I hope i didn’t make them upset when I said ……

Or how about worry over money and bills or a trip you want to take and how will it happen?

Whether or not people like me

My numbers on social media because someone once told me that had to be high in order to get paid (they don’t by the way)

How long it’s taking me to do things for my business

Other people’s reactions or words

How I will be viewed or judged.

It’s insane how much we worry everyday, over things that haven’t happened or won’t even happy but we let it take up space in our heads. So I’m doing a challenge with myself. I was going to start March 1st but I believe you can start any day so today is as good as any.

I’m shutting down that worry monkey that sits on my shoulder and whispers in my ear. I’m shutting that monkey down when he jumps up and down on my shoulder saying oh look worry about that now!! I am giving him a vacation to see how much better my life will be once he is re-trained to look for things to be so grateful for and to see we are safe.

Things on my list I’m not worrying about. Yes I have a list. I love my list. I wrote it out before this blog post I will share it with you. Get your paper and pen out and see what you can give up worrying about.

I am no longer available to worry about

Why I’m stuck, whether or not I will be successful. The truth is success is inevitable, and I am always on the right path in my own time.

I’m no longer available for my old stories that keep me in my past, hurt and confused. Everyday in Every way I am getting better and better.

I am no longer available for the “fake” relationships. Either your on board, real, authentic and transparent or your not sitting at my dinner table with us.

I am no longer worrying about the amount of debt we owe. We will be thankful for it and tackle it as we go.

I will no longer be available for worrying over other people’s reactions. They can keep them and it my choice on how I react to it. Truthfully everything is a neutral situation and I assign meaning as I encounter it. So might as well not worry about it and assign a different meaning to it.

How you show up everyday in your life, you show up like it everywhere. If you worry about one thing you worry about a lot. So why not just give worry up for three weeks and see what transpires. It’s just a choice, you don’t have to spend 3 months learning how to do this. This is easy, change in perspective and something you can decide to do today. Like an experiment 😊💖

My intention is to inspire and be the platform to help enrich people’s lives. To help shift and teach how much better life can be in every way.

Much love



Core of Manifesting is Love

What if you began to dissolve your story? Your own sorry that no longer serves you? I know this isn’t a new concept but so many of us love to keep behind a veil of comfort that what we say and what we do, do not match.

Fun exercise. All day today write down, notice and see the words you are saying. Since the universe speaks a certain language and you keep saying the same thing let’s see how YOU are talking and not getting the results you want. It’s one thing to just let our brains go on autopilot all day. But it’s a different view when we actually pay attention, keep track and make the changes we want to see in our everyday lives. This is literally the easiest action step we can do that makes the biggest shift to our lives.

First, since Universe doesn’t speak in negatives. It is an abundant universe so it “ignores” the words “don’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t and so on”.

I don’t want this debt. Looks like I want this debt.

I hate being this tired. Is I am tired.

I don’t want to be sad anymore. I hate this feeling. Looks like I want to be sad and want to be in this feeling.

When you start to observe how much negative you put with a lacking or limiting belief you keep receiving that belief.

Now this is where I can disagree with people on manifesting in our lives. Yes you can manifest things from a complete chaotic period, during sadness, or even life/death situations. But keep in mind whenever you are creating in that space is the same space you will receive it in.

The best example I can give is you know that pattern in your relationships or love life? Different people but same type of underlying personality trait? Mine for a really long time was narcissistic men that hurt me deeply. Due to a childhood sexual abuse trauma I picked men that looked different, had different jobs, one tall, one medium height, one sporty, the other not sporty, you get the picture. I sought out different but received this trait due to me on the inside. My words I kept saying to myself to create the same scenario even though I didn’t see it right away. I kept manifesting the same type of relationship because I had not healed my inner dialog with myself.

What if we all showed our life we are serious about some change? What if we took these BS stories and learned to re-write new stories everyday? And what if it was easy? What if we filled ourselves up with so much love, from within, gave ourselves what we search for everyday that we could stand firm in our own space and know deep down we can give ourselves what we seek…. LOVE

Love is free. Loved does not cost a damn thing. It’s literally the most powerful force on this earth. We have just shifted away from what we are born with. We have shifted away from our divine right and knowing and that is love. It is the most sought after “thing”. It isn’t even a thing, it is something that naturally occurs inside of us, limitless, non judgemental, unconditional, high vibe thing out there. Get addicted to feeling love for yourself first and everything else falls into place.

Find something right now that you absolutely love. Like it is a warm, tingling feeling of love. It can be anything that brings you this at the moment. Feel it, really feel it!!! Get so vivid with it that you just feel tingly all over. Got it?? Now amplify that feeling (you do this by focusing on the feeling and feeling it even more) I do it by feeling the feeling and imagine wings inside my stomach and I swish them and stir up the feelings to make it feel stronger. Now with this feeling say I love myself this much. I truly love and accept all parts of me this much in this feeling.

What happened?? For most of my clients the feeling like disintegrates for them. It’s like it just disappears, like a light switch it has been turned off or toned down a lot!! This tells me and YOU that you have some self acceptance work to do. That love feeling you have for someone else, for something else is there and if you can feel it that strongly for them/it, you can feel it that strongly for yourself too.

Life is so much better from this view, from this feeling of love. Manifest from a place of love and gratitude because honestly it is so much of a better feeling to stay in. Practice as many times during the day, everyday to feel love and turn it inner. You will be amazed at how much you feel supported, safe, trusting and what life shifts manifest right before your eyes. This isn’t let’s do it a couple of times and see. This is blind faith here and bottom line of learning to love you for you.

Keep track of how you speak to yourself. Write down the phrases you speak about yourself and others. Because what you complain about others is a reflection about your inner world. Observe and shift. It is that easy. Well when you want it to be easy and flowing, it can be.

Much love


Words and Manifesting

Words and Manifesting

Words. They are sooo powerful. They do everything we say they will do and more. They shape shift (if you will) our reality and illusion of this thing we named life.

We all love this illusion called control. We think we know how to get more money, how to get people to do things, how to create, market, sell, exercise, eat right, drive, parent, and even load the dishwasher properly. For each thing we know for sure, I’m willing to bet we can find someone else that can see, be it or do it in a different way that is “better”. We constantly compare ourselves to others and often times we think we are better or we think they are better. We don’t think I am great just the way I am and learn why they showed up for us. It’s our words that have created every single scenario in our lives. Why words? Why does something so simple create so much?

Music is just a bunch of words strung together with beats, right? I mean have you heard some lyrics before about everyday things? I just heard a really fun song yesterday that got stuck in my head about being MarieKon-do (spark of joy, cleaning out your home) and it was so simple and fun. But I literally sang the chorus for a couple of hours!!

Our words affect our thoughts, feelings and the illusion of reality. Everyday, all day and future days.

Let’s do one simple exercise to show my point. Money. Oh everyone loves this topic. “When you decide HOW money shows up in your life the Universe/God matches it. ” okay I love this post I read this morning. But for most they won’t get the one sentence because they haven’t done the inner work to receive more and more money. For most, myself included a long time ago it was separate from me. It was like money was this thing, this unattainable thing I couldn’t receive, get to or have consistently in my life. It was always just out of my reach. I believed my job, my husbands job, odd things I did here and there and held out for miracles in large amounts that came so sporadically. My HOW I though money would show up for me was limited.

Now take today when I woke up and read that statement. I thought and said to myself “hmmmm my response on the thread was in limitless ways” because it’s not about the how. You have to let go of the 1-8 ways you believe it can only come. It can be in limitless ways. That’s the inner work. If you struggle with this and want a shift the easiest way to “prove” to myself this is true I took out a piece of paper and wrote down as many ways money could come to me. (By the way this can be done with anything, health, cure, energy levels, love of life, friends, anything you want) write out all your ways you think and then go on a hunt, watch videos, posts, search out people who have had success in this and figure out how it happened for them. Start conversations and ask people how they think it could come. You seek answers to disprove your own limits. Because really you can find money on the ground, be gifted, computer glitches, I mean it is truly limitless. But your words, and your words alone are what is creating your limits in life. You have set up some pretty thick, serious energetic boundaries and guess what they are easily dissolvable.

One last example, last night I was in a room full of people. We were at indoor trampoline park and I had heard 240 kids were there for this fund raiser. If 240 kids were there and each had one or two adults that’s a lot of people!! I sat there thinking how many adults have I talked to here tonight? I counted quickly, only 7. Wow!! Out of this huge room only 7 people I chose to engage with. Shift this to money, you have only 7 ways you believe you can only receive it. There are a whole lot of people you haven’t talked to, gotten to know, share your story with, inspire, touch or help out. If each person were a $100 bill that’s a lot of dollars you are passing up.

The point is, stop playing small, stop living in the word fear, and get your ass out there and live life. We all have a story. We all have shit in our pasts. We all have shame, guilt, fear and we all can step over it to shine. To teach others, to benefit life in all its supporting ways. Just get out there!

Much love


Unraveling the mystery behind Love

It’s February, the love month as our daughter was walking around the house this morning saying. Then asked mom does Cupid really shoot you with an arrow?

But this post is more for those of us who are tired, stressed out and wondering how in the hell can I love life? Like love it to the fullest everyday even when things are out of routine, not going our way or even a “bad” day. Let’s break down this powerful emotion that I absolutely “love”.

Every single thing we do or say in our lives is based on how we think which in turn makes us feel a certain way. Every single thing on our lives we do NOT do is based on how we feel. How many times have you said I don’t feel like doing that right now. Our feelings 100% direct our lives and decisions. We naturally want to avoid feeling bad or negative. We often shame ourselves or make ourselves wrong for feeling negatively. If we didn’t we wouldn’t seek pleasurable activities to get over that negative feeling. We seek pleasure when we feel sad, mad, confused, depressed or angry even. We over eat, drink, obsess on the circumstance, drugs, technology, sex, and even work to drown out that negative feeling.

But guess what!! Negative emotion is harmless. It’s harmless because the emotion itself isn’t the issue it’s the story we attach to that emotion is what really hurts. We create our suffering by resisting those emotions and create hurtful stories. Suffering is truly optional, we can chose to suffer and sit in story or we can chose to move past it quickly and go to something else.

We actually need the negative emotion to appreciate the positive emotions more. When you learn to allow the emotion, not resist it, you move through it faster, identify the story you are choosing to sit in and suffer. It’s always your choice and now you are equipped with being able to identify and move through it.

When your being negative start with the questions what am I feeling, where am I feeling this in my body, how do I know I am feeling it versus another emotion and what is so specific about this emotion?

As soon as I begin to observe my emotion and describe it I feel myself soften. I accept it without judgement and notice. Sometimes I chose to sit in my emotion because I’m not ready to let it go and that’s okay too. But if you want to shift then observe and notice it. Ask if it is really true? Like everyone on the planet would agree with you and agree with you having to sit in it forever. Because we all know that’s not true.

February is love month but sometimes dealing with the opposite of love is just as important.

Much love


Feng Shui What?

art classic decoration design
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I love love love the application of Feng Shui in our home and businesses.  I would say the past 20 years I have been around people who have practiced this art form, way of life and I have seen it work over and over in whatever area you want amplified in your life.  There are simple techniques to apply and then there are some that make my head spin with complication. What I have figured out, it is truly your intention behind when applying cures, colors or furniture placement that makes it work.  I will give you examples of what I have personally done for myself and my friends and tell you the results that took place.

Deep cleaning, yes you have to start, the very first step is to deep clean, de clutter the area of home you are trying to amplify.  For example your fame corner, if it is all cluttered, dust covered, and dark how in the world, energetically speaking can you shine and be known for your area of expertise? If you work mainly out of your car and it is all cluttered, damaged looking and you feel icky in the space how in the world can you have a fan base, tribe or following in your business if you are sending out the message of clutter, dirt and icky? Do you see the correlation? If not, hang with me in some of these easy examples.  When we wanted new clients, more clients, a new job, or overtime I literally looked at our home and started to clean it out.  I removed as much clutter as I could in our home, moved furniture around to make energy move easily (imagine a colored wind blowing in when you open your front door, would it get stuck anywhere or can it flow easily from room to room?) Does the furniture make a box shape for it to get stuck in? Are windows or doors blocked with furniture? I would take rock salt, crush it and put it in warm water and wash our windowsills and tile entry ways, and our doors (front and backside).  I would let it dry and then wash it with warm water again to remove the residue, this represents cleansing negative energy and recharging the space with positive energy.  I usually did this on Sundays and within two to three days we would get calls job related.  Easy peasy fix, when washing with the salt water, I would always place the intention (my focus) on a mantra such as “I wash away old negative, stale energy with new, positive, money making opportunities, overtime, new clients, whatever it is you are wanting I would always state it. I did this over and over so my mind wouldn’t be focused on the negative, it was focusing on the positive of what I wanted to happen and always, always end it with the words “this or something better.”

I hosted a feng shui party with a friend once and what it entailed was everyone would bring a rough sketch of the layout of their house. As if you took off the roof and was looking down into the house you drew a layout based on that.  When standing at your front door looking out, you had to find out which direction you are facing.  Most of my houses face North when looking out my front door and you work your bagua from that.  This is where it can get really complicated or easy.  For some they feng shui each room. like a bagua in each room, oh heck no unless a cure needs to be placed specifically for that room.  I do one bagua for the whole house.  What the heck is a bagua?


You start with one, it shows you where each corner is that you might want to work on.  If your health is not so good, then you work on the health corner, most people love to work on money, relationships, travel or fame.  Love is a very popular one too, but there are so many books on this subject. You can google it, Facebook group it, go to the bookstore and pick up a book about it. You can do easy ones and even Pintrest has great info on this subject and goes into so much detail than this blog will.  But to set you up for a successful 2019, try some of the tips and tricks. You do not have to go buy a whole bunch of new stuff. Look around your home for colors, and stick in the corners you want to amplify.  I have even gotten colored pieces of paper, wrote my intentions on them and taped them to the back of something in that corner I need assistance with.  Like I said, it is all about the energy you put into it, how easy you want to make it and basically clean up the area.

In businesses, I have seen this work over and over and over with so much success.  But let me advise, if you are building a building or moving locations please, please, please research or hire someone to help you.  This is where it can get complicated but it works. My mom hired a Feng Shui person, I called her a Supreme Master at this, this lady knew so much about the Feng Shui practice, and came up with a plan for my mom. She came up with when they needed to break down, when to not build (certain dates), what direction the building needed to be laid out, everything!! She came in and blessed the space with a ritual and the first year of business she made a big profit!! Not a loss, and considering this was back in the 1990’s, most businesses did not make a big profit the first year of  business, but she did and continued to do so until she closed the shop and moved.  I know of corporate offices that have hired Feng Shui Supreme Masters to come in and give them advice and they are all very successful.

With New Years Eve coming up, and all the traditions we have incorporated getting ready to ring in the new year, I have been busy de cluttering, shredding papers we no longer need, deep cleaning and getting planner stuff ready to write in goals for the new year.  Expand your learning, expand your mind and open up to new possibilities of what if it does work? What if this year can be completely different than all the others before? What if you could move to having miracles happen to YOU everyday!?! Miracles are not just once in awhile, they can happen everyday! I could just jump up and down for you and with you, knowing the possibilities that can unfold for you too just by being open and practicing new things in life!!

If you haven’t practiced Feng Shui I encourage you to google it, Pintrest it, find a group that gives information. There is a ton of free information out there on this subject.  It is a fun routine to get into.  It is based off of the application of energy and changing the energy you surround yourself with.

Much love



Whats With New Years Traditions?

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What are your plans for New Years Eve or New Years Day? How do you set yourself up for success? Do you make fifty million new years resolutions? All in your head? Or do you at least write them down? Do you get upset with yourself for not doing everything you wanted to last year so you roll in the new year with that energy? Or do you feel the why bother attitude taking over? Kick that to the curb!! Why bother? You bother because somewhere deep down you have a want, a deep desire and a deep knowing trying to tell you life can be different, life can be more fun than your wildest dreams and honestly it doesn’t even have to wait for New Years Day to begin.  Since my birthday is in June I usually do an inventory at the June birthday mark to restart intentions that need to come up. I can accomplish a lot IF I move out of my own way and take action every dang day.  And YOU can too!!

So let’s have fun with some New Years Eve traditions I have learned and incorporate into our evening every year.  There are alot of fun ideas but here are a few we enjoy, if you want to travel more in the new year, get your suitcase out, backpack or bag and either put it outside your door before the clock strikes midnight, or walk around the block carrying your bag with family, friends or alone.  All of these traditions are intention based with action steps.  It shows the Universe (or whomever you want to place here, God, Angels, Budda) your intention is true, heart based and what you are manifesting.

Midnight kiss symbolizes affection and closeness all year.

Pour water over your shoulder out of a window to ward off evil spirits.  It also symbolizes releasing last years sadness (tears) or problems.

Here is a fun one: go buy new panties/undies.  Yellow means positive energy and year of prosperity.  Red/Pink is a year of romance and passion.  Blue is a year of harmony and health.  Green is better luck than the previous year.  White is peace, joy and happiness.  Orange is professional success.  Purple is inspiration.  Polka dots or circles is a symbol of coins/money.  For the ladies I have fun with this one, I find colors in both my panties and my bra.

Candles in colors you can have them burn for a while on NYE or you can light them before the stroke of midnight.  Yellow is help with financial troubles.  Green is bring good health.  Purple is professional success.  Red is love.  Blue is peace, healing and forgiveness.  Orange is creativity. All white attracts good luck/peace in the new year, get rid of negativity. For me personally i get as many colors as I want and light them all at once together.

Wearing certain colors: these colors symbolize the following and they are different than the undergarment colors.  White is purification.  Red is love, strength and security.  Yellow is joy and happiness.  Orange is creativity/fertility.  Purple is success, completion of projects, wisdom.  Green is well being, calm and combat envy.  Pink is friendships, good relationships.  Blue is peace, fidelity and good health.  Magenta is harmony, emotional, mental, spiritual balance. It’s all about intention. I have seen this work with a ribbon in a pocket, an intention with green socks, get creative and it’s all in how you feel and what you want for the new year.

As for cleaning, get it all done on New years Eve!! when you take out the trash on New Years Day you are symbolizing throwing away opportunities or wealth.  Sweeping all the negative energy out. Cleaning on new years day symbolizes cleaning out all good luck.  Doing laundry on New Years Day is washing out someone out of your life.  Sidenote: unless you want to wash someone out of your life, you can intentionally say when you put a load in the washer “My intention is to wash out the drama, negativity I have with this person in 2019.”  Sometimes this intention with action is enough to resolve the issue at hand.  Make sure to have cash in your wallet ringing in the new year symbolizes bringing in more money in the new year.  Even if you write yourself a Universal check to be cashed on Dec 31, 2019 (future check to yourself) put it in your wallet.  Add a few drops of the essential oil of Bergamot on wallet or purse to bring in success and money to your wallet.  You can also decorate your home in colors on New Years day. A pretty tablecloth, bowl full of lemons, greenery or roses in different colors.  Yellow is blessing or improvement in employment.  White is decor is better health.  Red is overall improvement in lifestyle or love.  Green is better financial circumstances in coming year.

We always write out our goals for the new year on New Years Eve.  We have the kids write out their new years goals and wishes.  Anything and everything they and we want is written out.  I also write affirmations , mantras or top goal we want first on our mirrors so we look at it every morning while getting ready, and all through out the day.  I have a reminder note on the back of front door that asks “what can I do to make someone smile today?”

Then our traditional feast for New Years Day!! Greens such as cabbage, kale is what we eat symbolize rolls of money. you can also do peas, green beans, brussell sprouts anything green to symbolize money even sauerkraut.  Pork because pigs root forward so you will have progress going forward, signs of prosperity.  Cornbread symbolizes gold, i even do muffins to symbolize coins, round in shape.  And the best for breakfast donuts shaped like rings symbolize luck.  No lobster because they go in a backwards direction so it symbolizes setbacks in the year ahead.  No chicken because they scratch backwards, and their wings can mean luck can fly away.  We will be adding noodles to our menu this year for longevity in our lives and businesses.

There are so many fun traditions to learn about.  Truly you can make your own with what you have, since it is basically about the intention you are stating.  If you only have chicken and not pork then an intention can be set for health because it is healthier than pork to eat.  You can make it work however you want.  That’s the fun of these handed down traditions, you can make up your own rules and don’t let negativity or doubt creep in.  There were plenty of years I didn’t practice some of these and I still had a great year.  Just move your butt!! Get into action and start achieving what it is you want in life.  We only have one! SO go for it!!!

Much love



Fearful Energy and You

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Fearful Energy, yesterday we talked about how to feel the fear and do it anyway. But what is fearful energy consisted of? Why do we want to feel through it, allow it to run its course in us? When we just feel it without getting caught up in the story, it doesn’t last long, it kinda just visits us and we say hi, and let it go.  Let’s look at why we want to not keep fighting it.  When we resist something it persists in our field because we are busy fighting it thus giving it a ton of attention for it to keep growing.  When we acknowledge it and say hi, I’m doing it anyway, thank you for your input, and release it, we focus on what it is we want to be doing instead. That grows instead of this imaginary, negative energy.

Do you allow your thoughts to keep going and going even if the event hasn’t happened, that conversation hasn’t even taken place yet? Do you allow it to go on all day long? It is YOU, you are the only one having the conversation with yourself, you are the only one replaying a scenario in your minds eye, making your brain believe it is really going on right now. You are allowing flight/fight hormone release thus increasing chances of adrenal fatigue.  I know this all to well, I was addicted to the feelings fear gave me hormone and chemically in my body.

What is this fear energy anyway? How does it help us or hinder us? Why is it such a big deal? And can me changing my own energy really affect those around me and bring me what I want in life?

Yes! Energy is huge, energy is the life force behind everything and it takes energy to create new experiences, digest food, change weather, for things to grow.  I have a feeling in 2019 more and more people will understand the science, quantum physics behind how energy and our mind go hand and hand and start to really wake up inside.  It is so much fun once you figure out how to play with energy (alchemy).

Being fearful these symptoms are: feeling stuck, frustrated, feeling more to life than this, not living up to your potential, no passion, live life day to day. You tend to replay bad events, negative or hurtful conversations or even play out negative events in your mind with no one around.  You are actually chemically altering your body when you do this, your brain needs a chemical hit (so to speak) and you give it by thinking of these events.  Begin to ask yourself, is this really how I want this to play out? Is this really how I want this event to go? Hell no, start to tell your brain that was a crazy movie I watched about so and so on tv, that’s not me. Or I want something better to happen, that’s the lowest point I want to take place.  I want something better to happen, better than I can imaging.

Why do we go in this loop or pattern? We lack the action, maybe you like to be a victim in  some sort of way or you do not apply any action step to get yourself out of the loop.  This is a very basic skill we all can learn and do.  Through repetition comes habits thus create life changes, rewire our brains habits of how we think on autopilot and this brings new life opportunities.

Daily skill set, if we take the example of I don’t have time to start my business, make it take off, or it’s to hard to do with a family.  Whatever your excuse it, maybe it’s to hard to create, earn or make extra side money so you can do xyz on your goal list.

First write out the excuses, then next to each one in a different color you can write the exact opposite.  Such as it’s to hard. Hell no it’s not, we all have 24 hours in a day, there are other people out there doing it, so why can’t I? I can do it, and I will find someone to help me.  Get on podcasts, get a mentor, find accountability partner and when they call you out on your shit, take it and change!! Take it as serious as a job.  Change your perspective about action.

Excuse such as kids and family, I have no time. Change your perspective, change your words on how you think about this excuse.  Instead they are my reason why I will do this, why I will find the time to do this, why I will get out of bed earlier, why I will go to bed later, why I will ignore everything else that does not serve my purpose (distraction) and only focus on what I want in order to better our situation.  In the process I will become a better person because I am doing different in my life.  I love change, I embrace changes, I embrace and willing to receive all the new opportunities coming into my life now.

One lie we love to tell ourselves in some way is I can’t change, these circumstances can’t change.  Why? Why would be keep telling ourselves this? The very basic concept in science that can be proven is everything is energy, it cannot be created nor destroyed it just changes… Think about that. Nothing ever, ever, ever, ever stays the same. Things always change and that is a beautiful thing to embrace! Not going your way right now? Guess what it won’t be like that forever, things will change.  Eventually a storm runs out of rain… What I am trying to say is we don’t have to look at life the same way every day.  We can choose but when we think of what we want then next thought is oh that will never work or any other doubtful words you want to put in that picture you put a wall up. You block it!

The best example I have of this is riding in the car with the family.  I have said this so many times!!! Have you ever raced around all morning, finishing up lose ends, packing up lose ends and trying to get the family in the car by a certain time? It can be rushed, frustrating, and put you in a mood with everyone else.  So you get in the car and everyone is short and snappy.  You find yourself getting snappier and the ride isn’t very pleasant at first.  Here you are heading out to an enjoying time but everyone is snippy.  I do this exercise all the time in an enclosed space, it works when everyone is in the same enclosed space usually.  I begin to take deep breaths, not like noticeable deep breaths that people will wonder what the heck you are doing but I center myself.  I remind myself that my peace of mind, my happiness is what is most important right now.  How they are acting is not really my problem.  As I begin to relax I have been known to “pretend to have hair strands in my hand” I roll my window down and act like I am throwing the hair or letting it go out the window.  This is actually a symbol to energy that I am throwing out my negativity, clearing my section of the car.  Symbolically getting rid of negative and I keep that calm feeling as I roll my window back up.  Within minutes the car is happy or peaceful.  I find others around me are more calm, bickering is way down and it becomes a pleasant car ride.   What if you stopped resisting, what we resist persists.

Another way we block ourselves is to make us right or wrong, this is usually created out of fear, guilt or shame.  I have found laughter is the best way to break up this block big time.  Laughter alone opens up flow more and more to us.  Laughter. Dancing also opens up blocks inside our body!

When you begin to ask what did I do that’s so wrong? Why does this keep happening to me? Guess what!! By asking those simple basic questions it will keep showing up because you keep seeking to understand it.  Release the need to know why? Release the need to want to know, because I think that is what we all want I the end, for it not to keep showing up.

One of the biggest lies I had to bust through the limiting box.  We think our only options are from those around us, who we hang with, are they happy? Are you happy? This is the limited box. Often when you don’t act, do or be who someone wants you to be or behave like then you are viewed and maybe told rebellious, or unstable or unpredictable.  They want you to be part of their box, to live safely in their box and when you do not out come those labels to try to put you back on lock down.

What if we begin to ask for different, visualize it, and feel better every day?  Then bam something negative happens and this usually spirals us right back to where we were when we started.  Why the heck is this still showing up for me? Why? Let’s look at it this way, instead of responding to it in a why, let’s respond by saying ok, this is what I need to clear from my mind and body, this is the energy I need to learn to let go so I can get to what I want.  The universe or God doesn’t just give it to us without a little work.  Just like if we were in a cave and it caved in with a ton of stones blocking our way out.  God just isn’t going to blow those stones away; each stone is a symbol of a feeling we have been holding onto. A story we need to let go of, a life time of stories sometimes and one by one we just need to let go.  When we let go of a big story like ten of those stones symbolically clear from our path out.  That is what is amazing, the more we can let go of then the more we receive, the more stones are removed to get to where we want to go.

Clearing does not have to be complicated, difficult, or filled with excuses.  We can make it as simple or as difficult as we want it to be.  We as humans tend to complicate things just because being simple means it won’t work.   There are number of ways to clear blocks but my favorites are mixtures of what I have learned, each situation is different for me.  Each situation I go into my toolbox of solutions and pick one or two.  For example the car ride is one of my favorite and easiest clearing of energy there is.  It is all internal, all inside of myself and it works every time.

For big ones, like the ones I don’t know exactly why I am upset, or pissed off I usually use a mantra as I am cleaning.  I will busy myself to keep my focus off what has upset me, I will usually clean and repeat these words to myself “I release all the negative feelings I have at this moment, I delete whatever it is that is upsetting me and my intention is to feel happy and peaceful.” After I am done cleaning and I have been focused on clearing, and just me feeling happy and better I usually do.  There is really nothing more important than you feeling better, and if you change the perspective to yourself and feeling better, you usually will.

When a person has upset me I will usually focus on a picture of that person in my mind and say over and over “I am sorry (name) you are not the person I thought you would be, I forgive you and I love you anyway.” This transfer the expectation you had of them that they did not fulfill and let’s go the anger or resentment towards them.  You are forgiving them for not being who you wanted them to be.  Which really they are who they are, you can expect certain things but in the end that person is who they are and you should love them for them, not for who you think they should be.  That’s putting them inside of your box, you know the box others try to put you in that makes you mad.

Don’t hate, you don’t have time to sit in the energy of hate.   Your very own being wants love and happiness.  I know you have heard that before and I have been known to role my eyes there are days when I just don’t feel all lovey dovey.  But when you don’t shrink into the hate, anger, guilt, depressed feeling you grow in confidence, you grow in your power, you grow in love.  Do not bend to others reality of yourself.  Be willing to see yourself and others stuff it isn’t about blaming or fighting all the time.

Change your energy to make changes in your outer world. It is that simple.  It is as easy as changing your perspective about a person, place, event, or circumstance.  When you get over the feeling of wanting to be a victim, wanting to be angry and you shift, things will open up.

Much love


Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

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Fear, why do we stop doing what we want to do because of this little feeling.  IT’S little until we focus on it and make it so big we can’t “think” we can get around it.  We literally stop doing everything that leads us to what we want, accomplishing our goals and dreams.  Good Lordt, why do we do it?

This is literally my favorite subject to talk, write and blog about.  It’s so amazing how pleasure driven we are as human beings that we will do whatever we can, make up whatever excuse we can to stop the uncomfortableness fear brings to us.  It is literally a gift. If you want to move towards your goals and accomplish them in 2019 you have to see fear as a gift.  When we feel fear think of it like feeling the burn when exercising.  You make gains when you work through both.  If you stop your body and your life look the same and you get all frustrated at yourself and start the negative self-talk all over again.  It is a crazy ass cycle but we all do it.

The psychology behind it is our brain is geared to making us feel safe, so it actually will create chemically induced hits to make us happy or comfortable. When we get out of that comfort zone it has to bring us back in by convincing us with chemicals released in our brain to say get back here, this is uncomfortable and we shouldn’t do it….  Keep in mind when you hear the excuses start such as I don’t have time, it’s to hard, I shouldn’t be doing this right now, or I will do it later, kick that talk to the curb and say “oh hell no, we are doing this, it will get me closer to my goals and i am safe.” Thanks for sharing brain but we are doing it my way today. Let’s see what happens when we go outside of the box.

If you really want 2019 to be different, you want to progress towards some major goals, you HAVE to different.  You have to learn a new mindset, apply it and do it every single day until your brain gets use to the new way.  I know, it took me a year of studying and applying to really figure this out, but once you do, hold onto to your pants because it is an amazing ride!!! Feel into the FEAR and do it anyway! Reassure yourself, that at your core level you are safe and loved and do the action steps.  One of my top tips I give my clients to move out of a fear based thought is to start applying as much gratitude towards the situation.  Like a gratitude rampage, I have even said to say the word “LOVE” over and over again until you can replace the fear with the feeling of love.  Shifting is key to our brain learning not to stay in a comfort zone that no longer serves you.

Fear halts progress, Faith catapults over that fear wall and into the space you want to be in!!!

Much love



Money, Money, Money Games

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Money Games

Oh how I love games especially when it comes to making money fun. Money loves to have a purpose, it loves to feel wanted and loved and like a human being, money is neutral in feeling but when you throw negativity, scarcity or lack to it then it doesn’t belong in your life in abundant ways.  When we throw positivity, appreciation, love and fun around it then we tend to attract it like bees to honey.  Which is a favorite mantra of mine. I attract money like bees to honey.

So why do I play games with money? Well I was introduced to many games over the years to help my mind ease into a money mindset consciousness. Meaning what did I think about money, how did I feel about or around money and when I finally gained perspective that I was the one, I was solely responsible for repelling money to me I was like what the hell.  Yes, I can write a book on all the ways to repel money but this short guide isn’t about that. I am going to give you ideas on how to establish a baseline, a foundation for your money mindset.

First, let’s see how you react to money before we can play a game.  When you see someone with a wad of cash, let’s say $20 bills and they fan it out and kiss it and say oh I love money and money loves me. What is your first reaction? Is it what the hell are they doing? Are they weird? That is horrible I would never do that in public or private.  Well then we need to start here with your mindset. Although it looks weird to you they have that stash of cash for a reason, and they are showing gratitude and love for having it.  If they showed you the same cash but with $50 or $100 dollar bills would your reaction be worse due to higher amounts being shown. Like they are flaunting it in front of you, how dare they. Well if you can catch your reaction in that moment and think about why you have it then you can be aware of why you don’t have that same wad of cash.  Sorry, you came to me and uploaded this short freebie about how to get more money into your account, not the other way around. I can guarantee you for the longest time I lived paycheck to paycheck, often negative in my account before the next check and I had to figure out bills, feeding my family and me going without for a very long period in my life. Until I fixed my money mindset.  I have been there countless times so angry at myself, the world and money. The lack of money and at times my whole check was gone on the first day and I had 6 more days to live with bare minimum.  I get it…. I know it… and I also know it does not have to be like that forever!! I am mom with 5 kids, in a blended family, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree recently, owned my own business and helped my husband work our family business and do all the daily mom and wife duties. I am a servant at heart, and often found myself feeling stuck a good portion of my life.  I get it….

So back to YOUR money mindset, does it need improvement? How should you have reacted to that person fanning out that amount of cash? With love and gratitude towards them. Not a wish that was me, that wish is repelling the money. Your reaction could have been sheer happiness for them, saying how wonderful, can I share in the excitement too? And feel his/her gratitude for the money, after all that money will cycle in the world and it could come to you down the road.  Deep gratitude and stating I have this amount too (money games we will dive into next) it is mine also. If you want more information stay tuned, we will be having videos, talks, blogs and courses around this fun part of money mindset.

Let the games begin. I will be sharing my most 5 favorite games I play with money all the time.


  1. Clean out your wallet. You have to clean out the clutter to attract what it is you want more of. Go through your wallet, do you have a ton of receipts? Scribbled paper, to do lists, old gift cards that do not have anything on them, coins loose, disorganized cards meaning not all facing the same way, in an order of being able to find them easily, credit cards you shouldn’t be carrying on a daily basis (you can put them in a file for later use or shred them). Bank ATM receipts that aren’t serving you. Get all that shit out of your wallet! Dump your wallet all out on the table, get it all out, clean every little corner and crevice. Take a cloth if you have to and get in there and get the lint out of it. Or hell go buy a new wallet.  In feng shui red wallets are a good color to attract money. When I couldn’t afford a new red wallet, I put a pretty piece of red ribbon in the money holder of my wallet.  After you dump and clean it out start by taking a deep breath and make an intention for this new space.  I take deep breaths to clear out old stagnate energy, I say out loud or in my head, I remove any old negative energies and now replace it with new positive, flowing vibes of abundance to me.  Now this is where I have really gotten creative in the past. I have found pictures of fake $20, $50 and a hundred dollar bills, I printed them off and put them in my wallet so when I opened it I would feel as though I had money in there.  Clients of mine have done symbols of wealth as far as cutting a piece of felt the size of a dollar bill and sticking it in there, when she saw the color it made her feel safe and rich.  Crystals are in my wallet, citrine, for the energy of money.  You can get creative, what the purpose of this game is to clear out the clutter, to play a game with your mind of creating a sense of feeling safe, happy and you already enjoy the money in your account and wallet.  The fake pictures I would tell myself that I am so grateful for that amount multiplied in my bank account every day.


  1. I love trees and tell them regularly this message. I send a heart feeling to the ones I pass and say thank you, I love you and I appreciate you. Why? Because paper comes from trees and guess what money is printed on!! Paper!! Exactly, so thank the source of the paper money you want so badly to have. So theoretically money does grow on trees!! Our parents were wrong and that is what is fun about this game.  Busting through old bullshit stories that we hold true inside our minds.


  1. I love to do this with myself and my clients. How many times do you go to the store and see something on sale and you think well I really want this other brand but since this is on sale I will get it.  You settle, you know it doesn’t taste the same, you know you don’t like it as much but you get it anyway. HA!!! Freaking got ya! You just gave into a scarcity, lack mindset!
    So guess what you will keep attracting, settling for less.  Now here is the difference. If you are playing a bigger game such as let’s see how much money I can save for a trip, or pay off something so I can free up my money to use in a better way, then buying something on sale isn’t bad.  If you are buying it on sale because you feel you can’t afford another couple of dollars for full price you are coming from a low vibration point of lack and not worthy.  Do you see the difference? Always deal with money from a place of thankfulness, show it love by enjoying what you are buying and buy full price if you want it.  Know that money can always be replenished, when you are coming from the high vibe place.


  1. Another game I love to play that really took the fear out of lack mindset was I sat down with a notebook, bank statements, bills and a calendar. It took me all weekend to do this, it may not take you that long when you first set this up. But money loves to have a purpose and it would rather us not be fearful of it.  Think of it this way, every time you pull up to the ATM or gas pump or purchase something how fearful are you? I lived in a dark place for about 5 years, I had a lack mindset because at the time I didn’t know if I had enough money in my account that day to buy gas, to purchase groceries for our hungry family. I told you, I get it, I know that feeling and guess what. Because I lived that way for so long, I put that groove in my brain, and sometimes I still wake up in the night panicking over a bill coming up or gas. Especially when the computers have a glitch at checkout and I know I have enough in the account but the machine kicks back my card!! I get that feeling sometimes still.  But this exercise has helped me a lot these past years to really change my fear of money into a love of it. This one alone can be the game changer to start the ball rolling on any money game you come up with.

I bought a planner, a calendar, got a notebook, a binder and different color pens.  I sat down with music on in the background and opened up every bill, put in a pile.  I took my calendar and wrote down every due date each bill would be due. So now I know when things are due. I then took a pretty color and penned in when paychecks would come in.  These are known factors in my money mindset.

On my notebook paper I wrote down line by line debts I owed from credit cards, people I owed money to, car loans, every single thing including medical debts. Man this was scary because holy crap that can add up fast!! I wrote the debt and how much total I owed on the debt in a nice neat column. Some people do this on the computer on a spreadsheet but I love writing stuff down. I took that piece of paper and opened up the binder and put it front page. I had tabs already in this binder for each bill I owed on, labeled already. To help keep me organized and for the year set me up with success on knowing every day how much I had, how much I owed and whether or not it was paid. I tracked my money, because money loves a purpose, and I also found out so many times when I organize my money and bills I always got unexpected money to come to me out of the blue to help me pay some of them off!! I have had over $12,000 written off on bills before in a single year!

After I write it all out instead of freaking out over that amount think okay, I’m okay, I will figure this out but be so thankful that you got that debt. It means you got to purchase things you needed or wanted, you received things off credit and guess what the people that gave you that credit believed in you. They trust you and you can pay it back with a plan.  Promise, miracles are in store for you when you play this game. It takes all fear out of you when you trust that now that you know, truthfully know, it will NOW all work out for you.

Because here is the mind hack. All that debt was there before; it was there sitting in nice unopened piles on your desk. You knew you had it, just maybe didn’t know the amount exactly but you knew. Deep down you knew, you were having a hard time getting by but now you can make a plan. Now you have knowledge and with knowledge that takes the fear out of it.

I pick a day out of each week, sit down and look at the amounts decrease every time I pay a bill. I put my calendar on top of the binder so I can see what is coming up to pay. I start to ask the universe specific questions such as “what can I do today to make this a zero balance?” sometimes I have to ask that a couple of days in a row but inspired action, freaking take whatever crazy idea comes to you! Do not hesitate, it can be a call, selling something, a random text message, an email, anything that comes to you DO IT!! I have seen crazy shit happen, my $12,000 written off, home loans go through with no jobs, mysterious credits show up in accounts, find money on the ground in the exact amount needed, it is un-limitless on how the universe can deliver. You are the only one putting a limit on how it can come to you with your words and beliefs about it.   If you keep saying it will never happen then it will take longer for it to come to you. The universe does like to prove us wrong when it can, but that route takes a lot of time to get to us. Believe it can happen, if you are in the debt then you can get out of it.  It was not given to you for you to keep forever, it was given to you so you know you can pay it back!! Change your perspective and feeling about it.


  1. Freaking happy dance for every cent that comes your way! Every penny I find, every quarter that I find I thank it from the bottom of my heart and soul. I literally do a dance when clients pay me or us, I say thank you over and over and over. When I am making out the deposit slips I put smiley faces on them while I am thanking the money going into the bank.  On my big deposit slips I have been known to put them in my money holding place in my wallet and know that if I did that amount once I can do it again and again, over and over.  There is no reason why I can’t.  when you move out of the place of trying to trick money, and I mean by saying thank you for the sole purpose of receiving more of it (that’s trying to trick it and guess what it knows!) and you move into the place of truly feeling abundant for everything in the present moment you will begin to move those mountains and walls you have placed in front of you. Find the feeling you think money will bring you. Will it bring you a feeling of safety? Love? And practice feeling that every day in every moment.  Regardless if the amount you need or want is there.


These are some of the games I play. There are so many more out there, but this is a free, quick guide to jump start you for an amazing 2019.  Follow me on social media and I am sure we will be talking a lot about this subject and so much more! I want for you to have an amazing relationship with money in 2019, for all your dreams to come true too!!

Much love


Meal Prepping Easy Peasy


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Meal prepping and healthy eating.

My favorite top 5 tips on feeding you and your family cheaply and on a budget that can save time and money.

Welcome to planning for 2019!! I am so excited to talk about this topic today. One of my all-time favorite topics, I love to save money and I love to shop for groceries and make amazing meals.  I have been doing this for over 7 years, and simplified my system over and over to where it is so stinking easy now anyone can do this.

Funny story first off. One summer I decided to teach one of our teenagers about budgeting, income and expenses (because she wasn’t getting this lesson in school). She was given access to paycheck amounts, bills and savings plan, plus unexpected expenses the kids were always wanting us to purchase.  Her goal was to get clever and figure out how to make ends meet every month (for just the summer months) and cut expenses where she saw we could.  Yes, I did oversee weekly her plan of action, guide her and explain why we do things the way we do so when she moves out she will be prepared.  She did good, but quickly realized our food bill was high, so she asked the right questions, went to the store with me and paid more attention and cut down on things to do her part.  But the best was after the first month she came in with a “plan” she said I have cut our monthly food expense by $300.  Okay, now I am all ears, that is a huge cut and other than not eating what was her plan? She proudly announced if we ate off the dollar menus at fast food places we could essentially save $300 a month.  Ummm NO! But good try!

I started to meal prep in order to save myself time during the week. At first I made preplanned menus of what I would cook each night of the week, I saw I wasn’t buying as much extra stuff at the store with pre planned menu’s each week.  Then I saw that left overs meant I didn’t have to cook for the next night and it just snowballed into what now everyone calls meal prepping.  Here are my favorite easy meal prepping tips and tricks.


  1. Planning a menu before the store is where you need to begin. I pull up grocery ads and look at what meat, veggies and fruit is all on sale that week.  Sometimes I go to Sams/Costco to get the fruit or veggies in bulk.  I come home wash them, slice them and put them into baggies for the freezer if I get a good deal on these items.  Based on what deals I can get I plan my menu and grocery list.


I won’t go into how I prep my food and all of that because you are looking to save time and money on this freebie. But I do have a meal prep cookbook available on this same site to purchase that goes into a lot more detail about more tips, tricks, recipes, spices, and so much more!!!


  1. When looking at meat, chicken is the most versatile meat I can do a number of different recipes with. I buy a whole chicken, cook it in the crock pot and with that I can season it many different ways. Shredded chicken tacos, burritos, on top of rice, on top of noodles, or even season it to go on top of a salad. I love cooking with chicken and can do just about any dish with it so I never get bored with it.   A whole chicken can feed my family all week by shredding it and doing appropriate servings, not overeating or indulging in it at each meal.  I put a lot of veggies with my meals to offset the amount of meat in each serving.  Jasmine rice tastes better than white or brown rice and quinoa if you can make that instead is healthier option.


  1. Going to the store with a list is truly the only way you will save money in the long run. Stores are so clever at putting things at eye level or on the end caps that make us think we want more than what we really need.  I try to keep my meal preps down to 5 ingredients or less for each meal.  I use sauces, rubs, and seasonings to keep flavors moving and my interest in it at its peak.  I actually look forward to eating meal prep instead of dreading the same things all the time.  Get crazy and learn different flavors, try cooking with different types of oils. Coconut or flavored olive oils are my favorite instead of butter or cooking spray.  I have done small changes over the years to correct our taste pallet, so it no longer craves the chemicals and wants the real, natural foods. Transform processed foods to the kind you prep each week, and you will see changes not only to your pocketbook but to your body as well.  Meal prepping has saved us so much on our budget a year we have gone on unexpected vacations and paid off debts with the money we saved.  I have known people to spend $330 a month for a family of 7 with meal prepping, it can be done with practice and creativity.


  1. Containers, what kind of containers work and do not work? Personally if I buy big bags of chips, pretzels or crackers I get the snack size bags and put those items in snack size bags. I can usually get 12 snack size bags of chips that are perfect portion sizes. I can throw those in a snack bin in the closet, or in a small cooler for the car to go to and from kids activities.  Salads I have found that mason jar or small glass jars keep salads the freshest.  Sometimes squeezing all the air out of the plastic Ziploc bag helped keep salads in the refrigerator all week long without turning brown.  I buy BPA free plastic containers that can be reused over and over for our meals. We always take the food out of the plastic containers and put it on a plate before heating the food up.    Chili or soups work better in mason or glass jars too.



  1. Never underestimate the power of a burrito when feeding growing kids. I can get a can of refried beans, tater tots, a bag of cheese, eggs, bacon or ham or sausage and tortillas.  This makes one of the best breakfast burritos out there for cheap! I can usually make about 24 burritos with those ingredients, freezer them individually and wa-la breakfast in the morning! Burritos are easy to make, throw ingredients in, wrap up and freeze for future meals to grab quickly.  I have a lot of burrito base recipes in my meal prep cookbook available on my website.


Meal prepping actually started way back when, it was called leftovers and sometimes leftovers stayed in the refrigerator way to long and acquired mold on it.  I prep on Sundays to last until Thursday or Friday. I do all three meals and the kids lunches for school.  It takes me about three hours on Sunday morning to do it all but it is so worth it. I don’t have to think about what is for lunch or dinner any day of the week, I have saved time after work to not have to be in the kitchen cooking and yes I still cook once in a while on a week day if we are craving something that sounds really good.  I adjust and only cook for three days that week and use leftovers from the meal I cooked that night.  It is what works best for you, but if you are wanting to save money and eat healthier planning ahead is a game changer.  Either by planning your menu and shop for what’s on your list or meal prep and shop for those ingredients.  You save time not going to and from the store all week, everything is there for you to pick from and planning is setting you up for success. It cuts the stress of always asking “What should we eat for dinner?” and getting the blank stares, now you know ahead of time and its made a lot of the time.

Happy meal planning or prepping