What’s your WHY?

What is your WHY? I have heard this over and over so many times. First time I heard this line was when I was in multi-level marketing company. Listen up MLM leaders or want to be leaders of your team. Let’s take a step back and see what meaning this sentence has in the context of motivating someone to get results they want. We will use MLM companies as the example because I hear it all the time in my clients and on leadership calls. Your Why is suppose to be your motivating factor to get your booty up out of bed and the front door to get you the results you want to see. For most the Why is explained as the driving force to get you out of your comfort zone. If you don’t see results then your Why isn’t big enough. OK, this is where I get a testy with the whole Why thing.

When I first started out on my journey with self-improvement I was in a MLM company, I actually did really well with that company and moved through the ranks as a first timer pretty fast. Then like all MLM companies your team falls apart and it being my first time in I didn’t understand what they teach now. I took it personal, I took it as why can’t I keep my team going? What is wrong with me? Instead of learning about the cycles in nature that is applied in business and digging in to attract more of a team I stopped. My momentum stopped and therefore my journey on MLM rollercoaster I see so many people on got off track. My up line said what began to hit a nerve with me with that sentence “Your Why must not be big enough.” Excuse my bluntness but I felt this way so many other I speak to feel like this too.

Ok, who are you to tell me why isn’t big enough? My why was huge at that time, my why was bigger than me and had me move mountains at first. My why could have moved the most experienced MLM higher up people to tears. I could hear them saying my why on stage as I walked up there to receive awards. It was personal, motivating and important but according to my higher ups it wasn’t big enough.

Now fast forward to last week, I was having this Why conversation again with a good friend. Her text to me was, my why is huge but why do I stop my momentum. I had to catch myself because It triggered my old feelings all over again. I began to ask questions such as, “what do you think of first thing in the morning?”  What are you doing right before bed? What is your daily goal and what are you letting get in the way of that goal everyday? Busy work? Avoidance? Excuses? Tired? Burn out? All of these are fixable to get you back on tract it is just identifying the issue and changing the perspective about it. It has nothing to do with that huge WHY!!

I started to laugh when I was texting back stating what the heck? You are doubting your why when all you have to do is tweak your perspective about your excuse. You have let your excuse become bigger than your why and let’s change that. So we ended up making a game out of prospecting, I offered up the idea of A,B,C game since she loves to have fun. She needed 15 signups so we decided for every letter of alphabet she needed a business name. If she couldn’t find an X then she would double up a different letter such as an R. She was more pumped up when we got off the phone she went out and did half the alphabet that day. We will come up with a new game when this wears off because we are evolving human beings. We never stay the same, nor do our circumstances or feelings. She has a goal she wants to achieve and I will be there to help her achieve it through the bumps in the road.

Honestly I think our why should be renamed. I say this because when a person is told their why isn’t big enough that is a let down for them. You don’t know how they feel, you have just invalidated and deflated them as a leader. You have now told them that something is wrong with their why or with them personally because they can’t hit that goal. Instead of looking or stating about their why, start asking questions to see what is getting in the way of their achievement. Strengthen their drive through busting those excuses and good old fashioned work ethic and you will empower their why and thus empower them.

This literally goes across the board in any company, family or even your own personal goals. To live with just getting by everyday, doing all the small things over and over and never leaving that comfort zone you will never grow to your goals. Your goals are right outside that comfort zone, you grow to them, they don’t come to you, that’s why you reach or stretch for them. That’s what makes the journey fun, you learn and grow as a person. To get different results you have to do differently and most importantly think differently!!

Love to you all

Happiness is Simple

Can you hear it? Can you feel it? For some of us the holiday season stress starts when holiday decorations begin to roll out in the stores. With the countdowns on Facebook until Christmas morning I can tell some of my close friends and clients are already beginning to stress a little. Why? The underlying theme of how can I afford the holidays this year? So much has happened this year and I just can’t get the success I want in my business, or I am not making enough money to get ahead and buy anything extra.

Knowing the brain is activated in many areas due to our stress levels and emotions let’s look at how to activate more of the good chemical release during these times. First our brains release chemicals when we begin to “think” about thoughts. Our ideas will either activate good chemicals going out or chemicals that make us more upset. Our brains are such a mystery but what we do know just asking the basic question about gratitude is enough to send the good feeling chemicals through our body. Just asking yourself “what am I grateful for right now?” Even if you can’t come up with anything to be grateful for, the thought of practicing the act of gratitude will get the good juices flowing in your body, release some of that stress and uplift you. Why? We can’t focus on two things at the same time. Well the two opposites at the same time, we can think Oh I will be ok, then go back to no I won’t and then back to yes I will. You can have that ping pong ball match in your mind if you want to, but to focus, really focus it can only be on one thought. Chose Yes, I will be ok, I will figure this out.

Second, success does not come first, it comes second. Did you read that correctly? Think about it this way, when we accomplish a goal we have, what do we do? Enjoy it but look for the next goal to accomplish. This is a good thing, not a bad thing but the goal itself does not make us happy. It might for the moment, to achieve and celebrate but that happiness goes away with time and we look to the next thing to get. If we can be happy daily we are open to more opportunities therefore increasing our bucket list experiences and that my friend is what life is truly about. Living in the present moment and enjoying life. Success comes with what you love, it may be a struggle at the beginning but your happiness will see you through it. When you love what you do the action steps seems effortless, easy and not time consuming.

SO how can you get through this holiday season less stressed? Let’s look at the problem as a challenge. The earlier you look for solutions the better. Not everything has to be gloom and doom, especially during the holiday season. The season is known for miracles, it is known for magical feelings and they do happen everyday. Not just during the holiday season, that is not a rule for miracles. One start your list now and begin to look for sales. I know many moms that are almost done with their holiday shopping already and it’s not even October yet! Why? They find that is one thing to get out of the way to make the holidays less stressful. If that isn’t in your budget or belief system right now then begin a list so you know what to be on the lookout for. If you already know you will be cooking start your grocery list, put it in your planner, begin to pencil in things you want done. Such as a day Christmas cards go out, meals, parties, kids events, if you are going to host a get together, the more you plan you take stress off your brain. Procrastination is a killer to productivity and thinking clearly. Procrastinating will double your stress levels to new highs and it just isn’t worth it.

When you want to create more money in your life, happiness helps more than anything. You will create more in life when you are happy!! Happiness doesn’t come from a thing, person or food, it comes from within you. That optimism outlook, the problem with most people is that they look outside for happiness instead of a spiritual side. We put so much on things or people to make us happy. We can’t always depend on those people to act right, so we get upset over their behavior. When we depend upon ourselves to make us happy first the others in our life are bonuses. Does that make sense? In any spiritual teaching it says something along the lines of “you are not alone, God or Universe is everything and everywhere” So this means if we are lonely or feel like no one supports us, that is so not true. We are surrounded all the time by love, we just have to be open to it. Want proof? Ask someone for a good long hug. That is a feeling of love in our brain. Those that hug 5 times or more a day are a lot happier in life! A good hug, one that you pause and savor and enjoy the moment. GO ahead and try it.


Action Steps Creates Our Goals

Goals are achievable, they really are no matter what you have written down.  If your mind or heart believes you can obtain the goal then it is something you are very capable of doing.  Read that last sentence about seven times and let it really sink in!

What stands in the way of this achievement is our excuses. I whole heartedly believe this bottom line without a doubt. Excuses are nothing but our fears, doubts and hurt in any way, shape or form that we let run wild In our minds.  This defeats us every time.  Excuses are clever and tricky no less they like to appear real but are really fake. They give us a million reasons why we should stay safe in our comfort zone and not venture out.  We have to hunt for them to extinguish them and then go forward with our goal.  To achieve what we want we have to do things differently or we will end up going around in a circle. Our circle usually starts with a goal, we move forward a couple of baby steps or one giant leap, our excuses kick in (to keep us safe) and we get frustrated and depressed and give up. Then we start all over again, sometimes we end up a little further than the last attempt but none the less those pesky excuses stop us in our progress. Keep going, bust through those excuses one step at a time and no matter what listen to your heart!  Keep your eyes on the prize and go for it!

I’m telling ya, if your heart and mind can think of you achieving it, if you can see yourself having it, do the work it takes to get it. The work is usually simple, get off your butt, make the calls or go see people, network and talk, learn the skills to be a better listener. What you are really doing is making yourself a better version of you. While in the process meeting some incredible people out there that can touch your life or you touch theirs in powerful ways. Simple steps that we fill up with excuses as to why we don’t talk to one another. Or we have so much more to do than do the action steps it takes to fulfill our dreams.


Secret to Change

The Secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new ~Socrates

I think there were a lot of unwritten laws the people in the past knew about and just lived their life to. So many fascinating yet true quotes and stories came from our past. This one is one of the most simple, clear cut ways of thinking that truly work in our everyday life currently. How many of us wake up to our problems from yesterday? We re-hash what was said, done or not done. We talk negatively about it and still get ourselves all upset over it? Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it habit? Does it make us feel better?  Is it something we need to do all day long until the problem is resolved?

NOPE! We do not need to put ourselves through this anymore. If we already know our thoughts bring life to what we are thinking then why in the world would we want to bring more of the situation to life? Why would we wake up fresh on a new day and drag yesterday into a new day? Can you ignore the problem? Well we have been conditioned not to ignore, so that may not work if it is something that has to be done right now. Can we think clearly if we are mad or upset, no. Our thoughts are hindered chemically in our body and mind when we are distressed or upset. So that doesn’t really work either, so what are we suppose to do?

Change the perspective of the situation. For example, a family member of mine has about 25 life changing moments to deal with in what feels like each day. It does not look good nor does it look like it will get better in the next week. So what can she do? Well one thing is to get a notebook, on each page make a heading and then under that heading make a to do list. To not get personal I will use another example for headings here. Take fall/spring cleaning a house, one heading would be living room and put all the things you would like to do or repairs to make before weather starts to get bad in this column. You would do a page for each room with each room as your heading. Now getting back to the family member story, I made her 7 columns via text message that I knew needed to be completed and items I knew about in each column. I sat and thought wow, that is A LOT to try to get done, who can she trust to help her, and reassured it would not get all done today but try your best to knock out as much as possible each day. When you go to bed tonight instead of thinking of this massive list, instead celebrate what you did do today. You are so much further along than you were yesterday when you didn’t even have a definite plan. You can’t do a years worth of stuff in one day, let’s be realistic and we don’t beat ourselves up for getting this behind either. That does no good for anyone. I am a believer in problem solving, if there is a major problem, the answers lie within it and just keep going. You will see A LOT of progress in a short amount of time. The focus is not in the past it is on the present moment and ending result. If she keeps thinking about the past, how she got into the situation, you begin to feel very defeated. When you begin to get that feeling set in you tend to want to take the easy way out and that isn’t always the best way to resolve the issue. My grandma use to tell me if it is easy, really easy then it is probably not meant to have. Roll up your sleeves and get to work!! Focus on that future you want and live in that, keep your eye on the prize and work towards it. Even when things look really bad, there is always someone, somewhere else that is far worse if you need perspective on the situation.  That is one of the Universal laws, and these laws always apply to our lives whether we realize it or not.

So get your paper out, make some headings and separate them into columns and get to work. Here are some other examples, in work and you need more clients or sales start brainstorming. Of course most clients begin with a column of “get more people” ok that is a good start but let’s expand on this statement. How…. What are some ways you personally could get more people? How many more people do you need? Do you have a number? Is it 5 more people to get a bonus? Is it 15 every month to make your income you want to make? Being very specific is really helpful with you are playing with numbers. Then put down how many you are willing to approach daily to get this number of 15. Then how will you go about reaching out? Busy work, paper work will not help you make those contacts. You need to open up that beautiful mouth and start to talk to people. Put under that column to listen to a self help person that can help you with approach, verbiage, techniques. They all have webinars or YouTube channels that you can listen to as you are networking.  Have you created a blog for you business? How are you going about selling your product? Have you educated yourself on the power of social media? Really learned the game to increase your numbers in popularity to get the hits and interest sparked in you and your product?   You can do this with health, weight loss, toning your body, eating healthy, kids and their schedules, school and any other projects. Get that goal down on paper and start getting to work on it! YOU can do it! When we want change in our lives, we come up with a plan and go forward. Living in the past will not propel us forward in the way we want. Let go of yesterdays problems or upsets and move on today.  Today is a beautiful day and so much to live for!

Clear the Clutter Out

If you want to improve your life immediately, clean out a closet. Often it’s what we hold onto that holds us back. ~ Cheryl Richardson

I love that quote, it symbolizes so much in one sentence. If your perspective is not a deep as some you would literally take it as closet is cluttered so let’s go clean one out and you will see accomplishment that you did something (action step) and then you can go sit back down and wait for your dreams outside of that closet, outside of the room, outside of the house to manifest or come to you easier. Why? Because you did something, you did an action step today and saw results so therefore you are working with the law of attraction and something is bound to change and go your way. Right?

I remember thinking this early on in my learning, I was cleaning out each room, repainting walls, buying new stuff to go into my office area. Surely all this work in my newly painted amazing office will help me attract more clients, more money and new people in my life. As I sat taking a break in my new squishy office chair that reclined a little patting myself on the back because I only had one wall left, I had a thought. This thought came at the most perfect time, I sat there and told myself changing the wall colors, rearranging my space and adding new life in here isn’t going to really bring me what I want. The change in energy will help but the action steps of me getting out there in the world, in the sunshine, talking and asking questions is what is going to help me get to where I want to be and really help me do what I love and that is to help people. I sat and thought will this beautiful taupe wall with white trim help me attract the type of clients I would like to work with? Will it help me attract the relationships I seek? While Fung Shui does state to clear your energy in your space and raise its Chi, the actual action step isn’t in me changing the outside. It starts with me changing what’s on the inside of me.  Now I love change, I embrace it and look forward to new things and ways. I am not one to hide or run from change I think it adds so much to our lives. But for the changes and hard work I am doing on the outside to my space should have that much focus and action steps to change my beliefs on the inside too. If you are able to love someone so much then you are able to love yourself that way too. If you are able to problem solve for others on the outside then you are smart enough to problem solve on the inside of you too.

Symbolically clearing out the clutter in your closets really means, you are holding on to so much in your mind and body. If your outside area is cramped, dirty and cluttered than you have some area of your life that is that way too. So tackling that closet, clearing out clutter, reorganizing it, buying shelves or baskets for shoes to help make the area better looking and feel better when you look at it. You are starting the process of clearing out the clutter in your mind. After you do a closet sit down with a notebook and begin to write. Write about how you feel, you know the subject or area you are avoiding, begin to write about it. You may not have much at first but all those negative words or self talk you say to yourself that is exactly where you need to start. When you catch yourself saying those words to yourself, write them down. Keep a journal all day long. Then once you see what is going on inside your brain we can reword that negative self talk. When you catch your negative saying rephrase it into a positive and say it over and over 7 times to yourself. For example you catch yourself saying I’m no good at …… Catch yourself and say Thank you for sharing but I chose to believe that I am good at ….. and say I am good at….. over and over 7 times. Express gratitude for catching yourself and correcting yourself nicely. Gratitude that you now have peace with what has been bothering you.

Then go tackle another cluttered space and know that sometimes we have to clean and clear our outside space before we are ready to tackle the inside. Just make sure you do the inside your mind work too. Guilt, sadness, anger, fear and self doubt are huge clutter collectors. When I see someone with a ton of clutter in their cars or homes I know what questions to start to ask to help them.  We all do this, it’s an indicator that something much deeper is going on.


What’s Growing In Your Soil?

You can not live a creative life unless you are willing to deal with your fear.

A friend of mine and I were talking the other day and what she said really hit home with so many people I know. The conversation went something like this

I have hit a new low, a spiritual bottom that I didn’t think was possible. It is not like a rock bottom some people hit when they have done drugs or drink. It’s in my bones kind of bottom. Like the breathes I take now are shallow, dark, dirty, there isn’t any hope that a new will come around. I just feel hopeless that everything in my past, all the work I have done up until this moment was for nothing. Nothing is changing, nothing feels different and nothing on the outside (circumstances) are going in a new direction. I just really don’t know what to do. I have turned to God many times and prayed, I have asked for signs, new opportunities and nothing. It’s like nothing is being answered. So I have thrown down my crown and magic wand to the Universe, I have surrendered in a way I have never before. I am on my knees desperate for a change and I don’t know if it will.  I began to really feel her pain, I could identify with where she was coming from. She was not only comparing her life to mine and everyone else she looked up to she was losing hope that anything good could come to her. She asked for no free advice, she just wanted to vent and the only thing I said is now that you are at a rock bottom, now that you are ready to give up, know that this is when the miracle comes. In your darkest hour, when you lose all hope that things will not work out and you want to give up, hold on for a few more minutes. Usually this is when the magic starts. She sighed deeply and said thank you, and hung up. I could have said so much more but that is the most simply and best message I could get in before she had to go to her meeting.

While at her meeting, her gift came in the most unusual way. An associate of hers was talking about gratitude and how it made a huge difference in her life. Simple little things everyday brought about huge changes. Now my friend could have easily ignored her and walked on but she stayed and listened half heartedly. This other lady was explaining gratitude is like fertile soil. The kind of soil that we sink our feet into and it feeds our bones and soul. She knew her soil was depleted of many things good, instead it was full of sadness, fear and anger and it was zapping her energy everyday.

She knew in her heart this was the beginning of something new. She called me back after her meeting and asked me to help her think of creative ways to live with a grateful heart everyday. She wanted to wake up in the morning feeling alive and happy. So we came up with a game plan for the first week. Exercises she was to do every morning when her eyes opened. Instead of thinking of all the pressing things she had to wake up to she began to retrain her brain and immediately correct herself with thank you’s for waking up, being here in a home, how comfortable her bed is, how still the morning is and how much she was looking forward to the good in the day. Her intentions for the day were to be set before her feet hit the floor. Then we did some other things during the day to not lose the momentum of her new found exercise. Reminders, signs she would look for, we had to make it fun to retrain that brain and get new energy flowing to her. In 13 short weeks I have seen transformation and big miracles in her life and that is always the best thing to share with someone.

Do you feel this way? Or have you felt like this before? For the majority of us I feel we have in one way or another. Some bounce back faster than others and some need to refresh their skills in this area. It is so much better to live a life of happiness, or joy than it is to live in darkness.

Possibilities of Action Steps

I live and dwell in the totality of possibilities. Where I am there is all good around me.  Not just a little bit good but all of it is good. Think about this for a second, when we believe anything is possible we open up ourselves to every area in our lives to have good come into. Everyday in everyway we have a choice. Usually it is to do or not to do something. Such as do I send out those 10 emails to prospective clients? Do I make those follow up call right now? Do I get down on the floor and play with my kids? Snuggle up to my loved one and enjoy the moment. We are faced with decisions all the time. It’s what we choose on a continuous basis, over and over that creates whether we have a good life or a life filled with I wish things were different.

Well, then start choosing the option you usually don’t chose. If you chose to watch tv instead of writing or calling or answering emails then you will get more of wishing things were different. It’s all in the action baby. Those action steps that seem like they never end but once the momentum starts and begins to gain speed it is an amazing ride to be on. New doors, new opportunities begin to show up. You may begin to feel frustrated you are “making” yourself do some of these new routines but that’s a clue to really be kind to yourself. Begin to ask why am I irritated? What have I been conditioned to think I’m suppose to do with my life? Or about this circumstance? What do I really think I am suppose to do with my life? What do I feel I am suppose to do with my life? Is there a tiny voice inside of you saying yes this is the right thing to do but habit keeps you from doing different? Let’s use the example you want to be a well known author, but you haven’t picked up a pen and paper consistently this past week. From my perspective I would be asking why not? This is a goal you want and you hired me to help you get it so why aren’t you doing it? (Insert the many excuses I have heard and I too have given to my coach). But what really has you blocked from achieving your dream? What has you not wanting to pick up the pen and journal if you must. Or waking up earlier than the household to get it in during the day?

Our daily habits and routines are laced with so many excuses of why we can’t get things done. We actually create enough of them during our day to keep us off track. We hide in the excuses of the day, and it is fascinating to see and it’s even more fun when a client realizes “oh crap, I have been hiding behind the kids, my spouse, my volunteer duties…. instead of chasing after my dream”. You are doing action steps during the day, I hate when people argue with me that I don’t do anything during the day. But it took me a while to see my “action steps” weren’t the ones that helped me achieve my dreams. An example of this is in Multi Level Marketing, doing flyers, creating email campaigns (busy work) could fill up your entire day. But the action steps the real action steps that would land you your clients was in the follow up calls, new contacts you make everyday. Those action steps were the ones that would bring you closer to your dreams. See the difference??


The Universal Law of Momentum

I absolutely love learning about Universal Laws and how to apply to them to our lives. The whole science behind it is amazing and truly needs to be learned by everyone so we all can collectively achieve success in our lives. Grab a cup of coffee or a mocha and let’s dive into todays teaching.

The whole basis or foundation behind the Universal Laws of the Universe is so we as human beings can achieve success. We are programmed to do so. Think about it, we are born we grow (so we are moving forward) constantly towards success of being an adult. Nature has no problem with their place in this world. It to grows and sustains success in its job here. So what happens to block our success?

This is actually 2 laws that combine and each has its own very unique effect on us. But first think about the Law of Gravity. Everyone knows this one, we teach it to our children to not fear it but to prevent injury. We are pulled toward the center of the earth. There is no exceptions when it comes to this law. It doesn’t pick one person out and say oh you don’t apply to this law. No, it is universal so therefor everyone abides by it. So each of these laws applies to everyone.

Laws cause life to move in a specific direction. If we push against them, not understanding, based on circumstances (our stories and fables we tell ourselves and everyone else) then we are subject to consequence, misery, broke and stuck. We can’t get ourselves to do what we need to do every day to be successful. If we begin to learn laws then our lives will change.  It’s when we really work with the laws and it makes life easy.

When we state we are stuck in our lives we have now impeded the flow of anything coming to us that we want. Instead we have now started the momentum of what we do not want. This is the law of nonresistance. IF we resist more of what we resist persists. Now enter the Law of momentum (this is the cause and effect method) Short version is if we are sitting there saying we are stuck in any area of our life then we are impeding the flow of momentum in the direction we want to go. Instead we have started a momentum rolling in the opposite direction we want to go. We usually place momentum in a positive way but it can go either way in our lives. Once we decide enough is enough we start going in the way we want to go, we have to move the big boulder we have made over the years and begin to make it go in the other direction.  It is possible and the law states either way we move it will gain speed and clarity. SO make it go the other way and if you understand this law you will know with time, action steps and the new opportunities it guarantees in the new path you will gain a lot of momentum in the direction you desire.

This lesson is to open your eyes, spark a desire to want to learn more so you can live abundantly in this life time. Life is set up for us to have fun, love and success. Start your momentum going in the opposite direction your are going in. Know in your heart that you are not alone, that so much in this world wants you to achieve success. Just start going for it, do NOT stop once you start! If you stop even for a day, you stop the momentum you have built up so far. That’s why people begin to think just doing nothing is easier. Well doing nothing is a momentum in itself. Which way is your ball rolling today?


Clearing Out the Clutter

I have been enjoying the tradition of changing seasons. Impatiently waiting for fall weather, so I can enjoy the crisp, cooler mornings, leaving the house in my leggings and sweatshirts and cooking. I love to cook, bake and decorate the house. It’s amazing how memories from our past, can full our feelings during a season. I have left a mark on many peoples lives for holiday celebrating and I still enjoy it as much as I did 20 years ago. But todays post also ties in with new season means new cleaning out your house, car and mind to get ready to end the year 2015 with a bang. This holiday weekend if you are home is a perfect time to tackle this big chore.

Let’s talk about clutter, in your mind, you know those pesky memories that you keep thinking about, you keep dragging back up to the surface and feel sad or bad all over again? It tends to replay and have a life of it’s own in your head. No good pesky memories, they can ruin a mood in a second. Or maybe you have some things to get off your chest you have been holding onto and you keep having this conversation with yourself while you do dishes or fold laundry. It’s time to get these out. Mental decluttering is one of the best things you can do for yourself. How do you do it? Well there is a number of ways, I will talk about a couple today. First question to be honest with yourself here is take a long look at your surroundings.  Do you have clutter, trash build up (junk mail, purse overflowing, car needs to be cleaned out) or a mess in just about every room in your space? If it is around you and you just don’t know what to do then yes it is in your mind too. It has started in your mind and your surroundings is reflecting this. This is one of the best lessons to actually see, to have proof to your mind that what we feel inside is reflective on the outside. Yes I know we all have the same 24 hours in our day and we are all busy. The overachiever in me would want to clear out everything in one day. Maybe if I didn’t have kids I would be able to do this huge chore a lot easier and quicker. But it is time to get started.

If you want to achieve the success and relationships you want in life you need to declutter your home and car. Decluttering in our physical environments can remove blocks energetically that impede our flow of abundance and get in the way on our path to success. Mentally we hold onto unforgiveness and resentment of things in the past start to get that out by doing writing, painting or cleaning to start getting it out of our heads. If you can’t begin with writing then start with that old towel that has holes in it, clothes you haven’t worn in 2 years is that supporting your vision of you living in abundance?

Go through every room in the house, every drawer and cabinet, organize and clean out.  Begin to evaluate what you see if meets your standards of the improved vision of the life you are working towards.  How many spices have you used in your spice cabinet? Why are you holding onto them if you haven’t even opened them before? How about the containers that don’t have lids? Throw out what doesn’t have a lid so you don’t keep searching for it. How about all the socks that are eaten by the washer? The mismatched sock pile taking over your laundry room? It all is clutter and doesn’t have to stay there. Clear the space so new energy can come in. When you physically begin to remove things this creates a new space for improved items (the vacuum law). Recently I spent a lot of time decluttering my stockpile of hair products and lotions (discarding ones that were half used but saving in case I ran out of my favorite products) the next day I received a gift of new bottles of my favorite scents. Clear your space so abundance can come into your home and bless you! Clutter sneaks up on all of us, it’s like dust it just keeps piling up if we don’t clean it off.

Decluttering your relationships is a little unnatural to talk about but you are who you hang out with the most. The top 5 people you surround yourself with on a daily basis is a huge influence. I don’t care if you are the strongest personality, if you have one or more negative nellys that you hang out with on a consistent basis daily their energy will creep into your pores and bring you down. To declutter you need to be around those that love and support you, even if you need to watch inspirational vidoes on youtube a couple of times a day to get the added dose in your life. Find a favorite youtube channel and start to like pages so it is easier to pull up. When you are looking to attract abundance and gratitude it is very important to surround yourself with others who are already abundant. Practice forgiveness, not for the other person but for yourself. It is about getting rid of those negative emotions inside of your head. Look it is plain and simple, no one is perfect, not any of us. We all make mistakes and do things to others. If the other party is unable to forgive you, then forgive yourself for the wrong. What you can do is know in your heart you are sorry and to honor this mistake don’t do it again. Move on, move past the situation and live your life in a completely different way. Work on improving yourself, we are all growing beings here. Do NOT be so hard on yourself, remake yourself and move upward. Living and dwelling in this dark negative place won’t do anyone any good. Punishing yourself for some horrible mistake won’t make the situation better, improving yourself and moving forward will.

Stop procrastinating and prioritize your to-do list. Get to it, it’s a 3 day weekend, an extra day to use and get it done. Why is it important to release this emotional clutter? So it is easier for you to see opportunities that are right in front of you. When you can release this great transformation is possible within you, and your outside area will be easier to declutter.

What do I do exactly when I declutter? I first know it will take me more than a  day to complete this. Especially with kids that live in the house, a toddler will remind you real quick even if you have this idea of a clean house, they have other ideas. :) I usually start with a list, I am a list girl, it gets me motivated and for example lets tackle the living room. I write out living room at top of page I then list touch up paint baseboards, ceiling spots (water damage this past year), clean out baby A books, movies (any that are scratched and don’t work toss), toys, clean couches, curtains take down and launder, blinds and windows with inside the windows. Fall is coming and I love my windows open, but I also like to see white instead of dirt when I have my windows open.   I do this for each room, making a note to myself If I want to look at new pillows, curtains, theme of colors or live plants.  To mark things off a list is a visual cue to the brain you are accomplishing things and that releases new feelings and a boost you can get things done. Once all my fall cleaning is done then I can decorate for fall too. Makes the house feel different due to new things being out in the open to look at. Your overall feel is to feel good about your hard work, your space having different energy and if you want to add a boost to your space.

Emotion are Messy and Tricky

The more I learn about our beautiful little brains the more I can see patterns, emotions and us as human beings more clearly every day. Did you know our beautiful messy brains occupy only 2% of our body weight but consumes almost 25% of our energy!! All of us need to learn to feed our brains the correct way to harness the power it is capable of! Have you ever done a 3 day challenge? It is just 3 little days and you can turn it into a week then go from there. Essentially you eat more veggies, fruits and tons of water. The idea is to fuel your mitochondria in your cells (the powerhouses of your cells) the more greens like kale and spinach (organic of course) the more you are fueling your mitochondria. When you get those kinds of changes on a cellular level the effects are felt in the entire body! Good, positive changes start to occur and you get amazing intuition, feelings, energy and clarity. Sugar actually damages our cells think of it as it turning your cell black and syrup running through your body, you are down in energy, your thinking is muddy and you just crave more sugar to get more mud to flow through your system, eventually you are tired all the time, your output into the world is slower and you are no longer on your game anymore.

Here is a fun fact that we all get looped into. What we see with our eyes is not the entire truth. Scientists state we see in 2 dimensions but our world is really 3 dimensions. Therefore leaving our brain to take its best guess on how to read what it is seeing. This is where all of our underlying emotional patterns, stories of the past  trick us into believing what is not real to be real. Our most powerful sense trumps other senses into believing what it thinks is going on. Have you ever been told “but I didn’t mean it to come across this way” or “you misunderstood the situation.”

Pain, we all have felt it in one way or another. What if we give it more meaning than we realize? I can remember as a child I ate kool-aid with all the sugar in the pitcher and only a little bit of water, with a spoon. Needless to say I got one cavity in a molar when I was about 5 years old. When my mom took me to the dentist I refused to have a shot in my mouth. My thought process was that shot would hurt more than them drilling on my tooth. I literally refused having that shot, I told them to drill and somehow I convinced them into this situation. Talk about power of the mind here. I laid still in that dentists chair, didn’t move a muscle the whole time he drilled on my tooth and I even fell asleep. I turned off the pain receptors in my body at that young of an age, I had developed coping skills naturally and instinctually.
Have you ever seen athletes? The most dedicated ones? They work through the pain to achieve their goals. Pain is just a process of communication between the body and brain for a means of survival. When the brain begins to realize there is no threat it begins to shut down pain receptors. You can in fact begin to condition your mind to believe everything is normal or ok and survive a great amount of pain. This goes for heart breaking pain too, that is probably why they say time heals everything. When I am treating a sick or injured child to divert the attention to something more positive, talking about something else you can see the body begin to relax the pain isn’t as bad or scary.

Feelings are wired deep in our brains. Not just the good feelings but the messy, sweaty, crazy and fierce ones that can either propel us to change or keep us stuck where we are. These feelings drive us in our relationships, aliveness  and decisions everyday. IT’s how we connect, love, who is right or wrong, and what we should go for and steer clear of.  Feelings are our clue that that something isn’t right and need to be dealt with.  They direct us to find balance and give us the most important life lessons usually.  Anger is an emotion that is as strong as love. But here is the trick with anger, it always has an underlying emotion attached to it. Think of anger as an umbrella, its at the top, then underneath that umbrella is what is really going on. It is usually fear, guilt, sadness, misunderstanding. Anger releases chemicals in our brains to fuel our body to give us energy to do something about the problem we are facing. It releases oxygen, adrenalin and hormones to propel us forward. But anger does NOT make us think more clearly, in fact when we are angry and act we have actually dropped our intelligence by 30% so we are not thinking we are going and acting only. We have some incredible speed and strength but not clear thoughts. It is a dangerous combo and that is why so often we should not speak when we are angry, we can do a lot of damage with words. There is nothing wrong with feeling angry but a hero is a thinker and doesn’t hurt people when they are angry.

How can any of this help you today? It is education, when we can learn and begin to change our perceptions of situations, apply new knowledge that is simple we can make huge changes in our lives. Maybe by going to the store today and getting fresh veggies and taking the 3 day challenge this weekend you will begin to feel the effects of change on a cellular level, and therefore you will begin to see new benefits, you decide to do it for 3 more days and eventually turn the tables and form a new habit. We are so programmed into thinking and routines everyday, change is a good thing. If you want different in your life then you will have to do different things. Change is amazing for the brain, it creates new neural pathways and thus creates new manifestations into your life. Sometimes change is forced upon us in circumstances, but other times we can create it for ourselves. I am here to help you change your situation and safely move you in the right direction.

Eleanor Roosevelt said “All the water in the world can not drown you unless it gets inside of you.” NO matter what the problem, financial situation, history or whatever difficulty is around you– let it be around you, not in you. It’s a circumstance. It’s around you but is not meant to control or determine your internal thoughts. Our state of mind is our state of heart. If we keep our mind on gratitude and appreciation our vibrations will be in line with higher states. We can float on top of that water that is all around us. WE can learn to float when things around us are difficult. We can eventually learn to let go of all those negative things and float on abundance and have it support us instead of darkness consuming us. This is what I enjoy so much. We all have our darkness that surrounds us, it is learning how to overcome through trial and error and teaching others new ways to do it.