Miracles are for You Too

Be willing to take the first step, no matter how small it is. Concentrate on the fact that you are willing to learn and apply the knowledge through action steps each and every day. That is when absolute miracles happen. They happen for everyone, miracles are not just for the fortunate few in the world. If you are open to them for yourself they to will happen for you. You deserve the good things in life too. You deserve to live out the dreams you are daydreaming about too. When I say this to people I hear “But how do it get it?” The how in this formula isn’t for us to know. The how is the mystery, the beautiful mystery of life and if you allow it to unfold the way God or the Universe wants to make it happen you will be amazed. You will begin to say the words, it is a miracle this happened. The miracle Is truly in the allowing and being open to receiving what you want in any way it is coming.

If we begin to force a situation it won’t be as fantastic as it could have been. When we force the way we think we should get it and close down any other possible ways to receive it bogs up the system. It creates walls for our wants to get to us. Forcing a situation isn’t a natural law of nature. You are lowering your vibration to your wants, this is where trust the best possible outcome will result. The unknown is the breeding ground for doubt and fear. The unknown to me is the place where all the negative what if’s begin to grow and they grow quickly in there. We begin to limit ourselves, our possibilities and our minds. We need to trust our power within, be present in the moment more and know that these two things are far greater than we could ever imagine. If fear or doubt creeps up begin to affirm to yourself “all is well and everything is working out for my highest good right now.” Trust those words, go forward on blind faith and know it is yours that you are seeking.

Miracles begin to take shape when we open ourselves up to the possibilities. Take the steps even when fear pops up and go forward, I promise once you work through the fear and do it anyway changes happen and most often they are incredible changes for the better.  Personally speaking I have done the impossible many times in my life and helped others do the same too. What comes easily for one person may not come easily for another. If you would like to learn more email me or schedule a consultation.


Those Thoughts, Do They Really Matter

You do it, I do it, we all do it at one time or another. We have thoughts of “he/she really gets on my nerves”, “Why can’t he/she just do it?” “He/She is slow, needy, stupid, looks funny.. (insert any put down or belittling adjective)”.  Not only is this not very nice, but you should stop and think for a second why in the world am I thinking this way? And this is why it is especially important, to stop you in your tracks and really think about this statement……

Our subconscious minds do NOT distinguish between you and the other person or persons you are speaking about. It thinks you are talking about yourself!! Think about it this way, do a little experiment, when you talk badly about someone does it make you feel really good inside? Do you walk away from the conversation with an elevated feeling? No, usually we walk away, determined we are correct in our assessment, and the feelings so strongly in a negative or low vibration. Why? Because our mind believes we are speaking about ourselves in such a low vibration and we feel low in that vibration so it must be true. We have to switch this and think about why we feel that way about ourselves. You may stop and tell me, no that isn’t how I feel about myself. Oh really? You may not feel about yourself that way right now but I can tell what tapes you have programed in your mind that replay in a time of stress or crisis that you are very fearful or depressed in.

Here is an example I see in many of my clients. I had a lady tell me her day was horrible, her and her husband had gotten into it. He was using control techniques to get what he wanted, he has increasingly become more abusive in the way he was talking to her but what I am known for is I back up the story. I start with questions such as “Well what happened before that?” “What did you say or do?” (I do this with the kids all the time when they are having a bad day at school). With this lady even though in this moment she had not yelled at him, or tried to control the situation in this moment she had in the past. She was so furious he was doing what she had done in the past that is enraged her. I let her begin to see that she was just as guilty in doing these behaviors too and he might have learned them from her and she began to see what she hated the most and made her so angry she was guilty of it too. This is just the beginning of the change to a better life. You begin to see patterns and you have the choice to change them. Another lady that steals information from people at her place of employment, credit card numbers, had someone steal a lot of items from her. She was so furious that someone actually had enough nerve to steal from her. I too struggle with this talking out loud, because my comment to her was “it’s funny how you can steal from people and not have any remorse, but when it happens to you how dare they.” No one is perfect, what fun would life be if we were all perfect every single day of our lives. But instead of criticizing others on a continuous basis, praise them and within in a short month you will see enormous change within you. How you feel, your vibration will go up and you will increase the good things happening to you on a consistent basis.

The same with joking. A long time ago I had someone close to me always say “I was just joking”. It was only when I would get upset over the put downs I was always receiving from this person and I would speak up and get mad about it would I hear the excuse “I’m just joking.” I found out when people that are always putting down and stating that phrase when they see they upset you in reality they believe 95% of what they are saying about you. How do you counteract that those thoughts they think of you? You don’t take them to heart, when you hear a put down about yourself you immediately think “Bless their heart, I hope they begin to feel better about themselves.” One you are not absorbing what they think of you, you are not making their words a belief about yourself and two you are not returning a put down or anger, you are stating to your subconscious a new way of thinking about yourself. By stating I hope they begin to feel better about themselves you are raising your own vibration. Is this easy? NO, absolutely not, it is easier to go off and tell them what you think of them. Trust me I know, I have people in my life constantly trying to  put me down, letting me know what they think of me and really it had to sink into my brain those are thoughts about themselves. And oh my goodness, they have an extremely low vibration. The words I hear no longer affect me because honestly after hearing them for the 1,000 time, it is the same saying, same put downs, same everything I can not make them change their mind about me. The only thing I can do is be opposite of what they think. Will this change anything? No probably not in their minds. Do I really care what they think, NO, I rarely have to talk to them and they never say it to my face so what do I have to be fearful about? I began to see it wasn’t me personally, they didn’t think like me so therefore they wanted or felt they needed to change me to their low vibration. So this is my thinking about that…..”I have felt pain, the kind that rips into the deepest depths of my soul and makes you feel like you can’t breath.  I have been lied to, I’ve been cheated, I’ve lost many people I’ve loved, and I’ve had to remove many knives from my back that people I trusted. I’ve had to learn many lessons the hard way, but her I still stand. I refuse to let anyone break me.  I promise that I will always pick myself back up when I fall, steady myself when I stumble, and love myself when I am hurting. I refuse to ever be changed by someone else forcefully.” No one has the right to try to change you into someone they think you should be. Their thoughts coming out of their mouths are about themselves and they can’t see it yet. You get to chose whether to believe what they think of you or believe in yourself more. But the same goes for what comes out of your mouth. Whether you are a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, teacher, wife, husband or “Friend” your words do have more power than you think. Words stay with you a lot longer, words shape your future. We remember words more than the event itself. Take note to the words you use on a continuous basis, are you building yourself up or tearing yourself down with what you think and what comes out of your mouth?

Set yourself up for success, do you wake up in a great mood? What do you think about first thing in the morning? Say seven, 7, thank you’s when you wake up. Feel thankful, because the Good Lord let you wake up today, there are people that didn’t get another day. Be thankful for the present moment, don’t wake up stressed and upset as soon as your eyes open. Life is enjoyable, our minds are a beautiful mess up there and sometimes the fun is the journey of de-cluttering our brains. :)

Looking Good Today

I braved the drop off line again this morning at the high school. I say brave because it is a HUGE new school with over 2000 students and all of them come in the same way and we all leave the same way. One way in and one way out. As I was leaving this morning I was driving about 5 mph and as I passed each car I looked at everyone’s facial expressions. It truly amazed me how miserable they all looked. I know it is 7:05 in the morning, I know school is just a place you have to be but come on! Over 90% looked like they had no enjoyment in life. It got me thinking though, I can remember when I went to high school (yes it was a long time ago) and it wasn’t cool or a positive image to uphold if you went in classes as happy and bouncing off the walls. It was actually encouraged to be tired, quiet and look like you are not having fun. I’m still hear from people saying  “she is just to happy” “does she not have a bad day ever?” Well yes I do but it is a choice to have a bad day. Do I wake up tired? Heck ya. Do I get upset? Yes. But I truly believe a quote I read from Jay-Z and Louis Hay. You can speak things into existence.

There is tremendous power in our spoken words. If you knew and realized and figured out how much power is in our words you might begin to be careful how you use words. Think about the words you use today is a foundation of what you continually create in your life. If you are continuously choosing positive words over and over then you have built a strong, positive foundation for a  world manifesting greatness in your life. If you are babbling away, seldom thinking about what you are truly saying or how you are saying it negative words tend to spew out of us easily. Think of it as what you give out in the form of words would return to you as experiences.  The best quote relating to this is “Do unto others as you would do unto yourself” this was never intended to give you guilt for acting a certain way. It is to remind us, what you give out comes back to you. So if you give out good, then good comes back.

BUT, as I said yesterday I struggled with my beliefs for awhile. I am still diving into this aspect of this law of the universe. I not only ask myself why do things happen to me but I look past me and think why are kids sick with cancer? They surely couldn’t have attracted that to themselves. I would probably go into a full rage if I was one of those parents and some self righteous a** came up to me and said you know your kid brought this illness upon themselves. So that part I do not understand at all. They haven’t had the lifetime of programming and now deprogramming themselves to cure the illness. But I do know one thing those children have the most amazing outlook on life. Have you ever spent time with children in a hospital? Multiple chemo treatments and they still smile the biggest smile. They are truly amazing beings, and blessed to have visited with the ones I have already. If you can ever support St. Jude’s Hospital or something like that you are making a HUGE difference in people’s lives. So now that I have gotten off track, let me come back around.

This game of life is fun to play, you can study it and get good at it. Really good to manifest not only what you want but for other people. I have this gift of manifesting things for other people in their lives. I have laughed because I think to myself sometimes what about me? But I have learned the beauty of life is creating miracles for others and seeing them enjoy life. Our words and talk either out loud or to our selves is the foundation to what we will create on the outside. If we belittle ourselves, life is going to give us very little. If we lay the foundation of loving and appreciating ourselves then we will experience a life full wonderful and joyous gifts. I personally love to be in a great mood, full of energy and wondering what miracles are going to happen today for me, my loved ones and clients. The world is a ton better when we are happy and loving. Do you honestly want to look like all those people in line waiting to get into school this am? Or would you rather be that one person at the stop light smiling and infecting others with your cheer? I am a holiday cheer miser. It is beginning to be my season (Halloween to New Years Eve), to me this is the most magical time of the year.

There are so many pieces to the puzzle of life, each one of us has a different journey, but it is starting with the mess in our minds. We should take time every day to clean up our minds. Take at least 30 minutes a day to center ourselves, work on that love feeling inside of ourselves and hold on to it for as long as we can. The past is in the past for a reason, no reason to dwell on it over and over and make yourself and others pay for it. Concentrate on you and your love vibration to make YOUR life better. You do it for you, not for anyone else.

Our Brains Are this Beautiful Mess

If science hasn’t fully discovered the power of our brains and so many of us are on a self help journey then I have come to believe our brains are a beautiful mess inside of a hard shell. We store so many memories that we realize and don’t realize. Our sensory input is going on all day without us even being aware of it. To watch our 3 year old in a new atmosphere and see how she can have sensory overload is incredible to view. When she overwhelmed, taking her out to a quiet place to decompress and allow her senses to return to normal is amazing. That is just one piece of what all our brains do.

So then why it is so hard to just fix what is bothering us. Why can’t someone come up with the formula to fix it now? If we just fixed it now then we wouldn’t have this incredible journey called life. For those that want it fixed, it does take some time, clearing the road blocks we created in our mind and hearts. For example you got your heart broken when you were younger. Now that you are older and you want a stable, dependable, trust worthy and loving relationship you find resistance in your heart and mind. You are so use to putting up walls around yourself, you are guarded and it has been like this for a really long time. You find the one person you want to be with but you just can’t let those walls down just yet. You keep them at an arms distance, or you just can’t put your heart fully into this relationship. The other person feels the vibe of you holding back and assumes you just aren’t into him/her. What now? Well those pesky little road blocks are what you want to dissolve right now, right? Where is that formula when you need it the most? Why can’t you just let that guard down? Because your mind remembers that heart break, you have made a vow a long time ago that you will never ever get hurt again and you have been running on that blindly for years. When you challenge the long held belief that you have had for so long you run into resistance. And what is that old saying? What you resist, persists. It just keeps on going and going until you no longer resist it anymore. So what do you do now?

You begin to reform your core belief. Instead of saying, believing and feeling I will never have my heart broken again, you begin to trust yourself. You begin to believe in yourself and your choices again. You got away from trusting your own judgment, instead if you don’t get into another serious relationship ever again then you won’t have to trust yourself again. Now that you do want that relationship it is up to you to begin to trust. Begin to feel that love you have in your heart, to say it might of been true back then but this belief no longer serves me. Love is truly the most powerful feeling there is. Begin to affirm you do have the most loving, harmonious relationships with everyone and yourself, there is mutual love and respect and that no matter the outcome you are safe. You trust in yourself.

Because the reality is with the love the opposite is pain. Everyone has encountered having their heart broken by death, breakups or mental illness such as dementia or disease. Those experiences as painful as they are should help you realize that you are amazing. That you can love someone that deeply and in turn you are capable of loving yourself that deeply too. We can not control what others do or don’t do, we can’t control if someone has a disease or illness but we can just chose to love. If they don’t want your love anymore that is ok. There is someone out there that does and loves you back. Love deeply and fully and your life will be so much better.

Here is an example I can give from my own life. I fully love each one of my children and step children. They are my heart and soul and I love them deeply. I know my ex reads this post and at this point in my life there isn’t a lot more that can be done to hurt me as deeply as they have. But I have come full circle and have began to trust myself again and not so much their hurtful words anymore. When I was so focused on buying a new home, moving, kids stuff, and paperwork I was truly in one of the best feeling states of my life. I was positive, I had a successful blog, I was moving our family into the best situation possible. I was truly in a great place in my heart and mind. Then guess what? During this time I was oblivious to him cheating and pills. His injury hide the pills for a long time but I had no clue about the cheating at first. Then the day came and he got caught with many things that I no longer could ignore or put up with. That moment shattered my whole belief system. I mean how in the world could I have been in such a great place, manifesting many impossible things to people on the outside, making our lives better, making my feeling place of love so high and all this was going on around me. It broke me down a lot, I made me question years of self help studies, action steps and guides. It made me question the core of my being and what I know is right. Could I have made a declaration that day that this would never ever happen again? Have a hardened heart? Yes I could have but I chose to see this situation in a whole other light. I infused light on it and understanding. I understood why he did what he did. Did I like it no, did I have to put up with it no, and did I? No. I chose to move on and find what I knew was true for me in my heart. I still operate with a full open heart, I am working on some of the blocks I have, because no one is perfect but I chose not to shut down completely. Was I devastated? Yes, was what yet to come even more devastating? Yes, I had my heart ripped out, stomped on and left to die. But still inside of me, a flame of hope, love and I am going to make it burned even brighter. The old saying of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, well a beast was unleashed inside of me. A beast that declared no matter what I will figure this out, make it and live my life happily and lovingly. Everyone has their pain in their lives, everyone has a choice to stop their life flow or keep it going. If you can remember nothing ever stays the same, it just changes with time, it makes the difficult times a little easier. So this to will pass, this difficult time will pass and if you keep an open mind and heart, new positive possibilities and changes are on the way.


Fear an Uncontrolled Imagination

Your fear is just uncontrolled imagination, this place is a fertile ground for fear and anxiety. Our imagination has taken root in a darker place and begins to make you fearful of going forward. Why? Why can’t new ideas, thoughts, beginnings, events or ventures be fun, exciting, happy, joyful, and automatically expected to bring amazing life experiences? Why are we stressed and fearful of new of change in our daily lives. The unknown should be fun and exciting, not automatically thought of with anxiety or resistance. Why do we say “Oh I can’t do that” that is our mind limiting us, depriving us of a good time potentially.

Well stay tuned I have a new ebook coming out that will help diffuse this and so much more. Proven steps that have worked for so many others and it can help you too.

Fears and Put Them to Rest

Ok now back to what I love the most, talking about that little fear monkey we have on our shoulders. Have you ever heard that at the zoo a monkey will throw its own feces at you? We do this to ourselves all the time metaphorically speaking.  We have those monkeys jump up and down on our shoulders, keeping us from our wishes and dreams, and why? Because fear is what is worrying them, fear of will they like me if I do this? Fear of do I look ok? Fear of belonging? Fear of new experiences. Fear is the one thing in life that holds you back.  It is the source of our worries, insecurities, burdens, guilt, and resentments. Stresses and any feelings of lack you may experience. Lack of love, lack of money, lack of joy, lack of success and lack of inspiration. Fear is THE barrier to the ultimate realization of your true potential and power.

Remember If you trust your dreams half as much as you doubt them, you would get everything you want. You should always try for something you think may not work. If you give up easily you may never get the chance to know what may have become. Come on get out there and quiet that monkey. Start small and prove to yourself you can do it, will do it and want to do it. It just takes a little momentum to get the ball rolling to prove to that monkey he is wrong!

We have said it a thousand times and you have heard this a thousand times from all the self help masters out there. Get crystal clear on what you want to attract or have or obtain. Just don’t say I want a million dollars, that could land you a job at the bank where you are counting millions of dollars, they just are your dollars. Drop all your excuses on why you can’t have it yet. It is NOT to hard or you wouldn’t want it or see yourself have it. If the desire and knowing you can have it is inside of you then you can have the dream. It may not go in the exact steps you think it should to achieve it but you will get that end result. (I’m speaking of materialistic items of course, sometimes when we apply this to people or relationships and force the situation it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to) we shouldn’t manipulate people. If you are trying to do that then keep in mind when you are so focused on one person you might be missing the great one, your soul mate because your focus is somewhere else. Step into your passion full time, obsess over it and find all the ways you can make it come true. List every possible way you think it can come about, brainstorm, think positive about it. What does it look like now that you achieved it? Write it, feel it and love it. The how it will come along doesn’t really matter because at the end of the brainstorming session always say “any one of these ways or a way that is beyond my imagination to making this come true” By saying this you are letting the universe do its magic because you trust in the magic to make it happen.

For the longest time I wasn’t sure why I was even here on this earth. I would get upset inside when I would hear others that I admired state I know what my purpose is now. I would be like what the heck, why can’t I figure out mine? Now I know and I have stepped into the journey. It will lead to many unopened doors, is it scary? Sure but it is worth the journey and learning to quiet my own monkeys on my shoulders. This is why removing old thoughts and feelings is the first and best step then fill your mind up with positive, uplifting, new thoughts about yourself and your dreams. Keep a journal and write out all those fears so the monkey is on the paper and not your shoulders.


Day 23 of 23 Gratitude Challenge

Ok Ok, I know it is really day 24 but I got side tracked with life yesterday, back to school for the kids and the adults and all the fun things that go along with that.

What did you learn from the 23 day challenge? Do you feel different? I mean did you feel like everything would fall into your lap if you stuck with the 23 days? That now manifesting whatever your heart desires will now happen? Well you are on the right track, you are one step closer in manifesting, but as I have found there is no one formula that works for everyone. To each their own way is what I think. You have to educate yourself, experiment and apply your knowledge in your own life. Kind of like you are doing a science experiment to see what works the best for you. When I was younger, (ages 5 to 27) it was really easy for me to get what I wanted. I literally had LOA (Law of Attraction) down to what worked for me. I would always be amazed at what I went after, focused on (obsessed with), and desired I got it 99% of the time. Then I had life happen to me, married, kids, divorce, more kids and move and somewhere in between all that I lost what came so naturally to me. It is going back and remembering how I was before life and applying that action I use to take. It is usually the simplest route that gets the best results.

So my best advice is being grateful will make you feel a lot better each day. It does make life more cheerful and more positive things do enter into it. Not everyone has the “Best day ever” every single day. Be gentle on yourself on those days of waking up late, rainy days or it’s just an off day. The positive flow will come back when you raise your vibration. Sometimes those off days are great because you can find new things to be grateful for, making it a game and it opens up new doors. New perspective’s are wonderful in this game called Life. Do you remember that board game? I would play it for hours with my grandma, and I use to love to land on the space of a mansion, 3 cars and 40 kids!! What the heck was I thinking when I was younger? To clean the mansion, maintaining 3 cars and 40 kids!! No wonder my grandma use to tell me be careful what you wish for my dear. :) I think I am going to have to go buy that board game and play it with the kids and see what all they think is cool and fun.



Day 22 of 23 Gratitude Challenge

Awe, almost done with our gratitude challenge.

“Do not waste a moment in regret, for to thing feelingly of the mistakes of the past is to re-infect yourself.” ~Neville Goddard (1905-1972) Goodness there is so much wisdom way back when. They had a new feeling of freedom and so much change going on around them. Maybe the simplest message is if your life is not filled with everything that you love, it doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough to have it. It just means for each of us has our own journey and to overcome the negativity we chose to surround ourselves with by actively choosing love in our life instead.  Most people do chose love but then stop that loving feeling hundreds of times a day. One minute we give love through a hug then we stop love because we get annoyed or upset by an action of another person. Or we can’t find our keys or we sit in traffic and we need to be somewhere else. We don’t give that love and thankful feeling enough to really infuse our lives. We play tug of war in our minds and feelings and then we are all over the board with things we attract.

For example one of the kids decided to test out the law of motion in our car this morning. She didn’t want to hold the chocolate milk container anymore and put it up on the middle console of the car without saying a word. I turned at the stop light and of course it slid and landed upside down in the back floor board. I sat there and thought wow, if I wanted to blame this on something it was on my past thoughts and feelings playing back for me in this moment. What do I want to chose now? Be upset over spilled chocolate milk or explain you either hold containers until we get to a trash can and throw them away for this exact reason. Which  I did and then cleaned up the mess and we went on with our day happily.  Kept thinking what do I want to attract more of? Good situations or bad ones?

“Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned.” ~Buddha

We are either giving love and expressing  it or repealing it.  When we give an excuse as to why we couldn’t love at that moment, we are feeling the same negativity again so we are ultimately giving out more of it to come back to us. With A LOT of practice we can get the hang of this. Maybe if we lived on a small island, no people that irritate us, no work problems or school problems we could do this a lot easier?? Well then we would probably complain about the bugs, heat, sunburns :) Even when we remove our immediate distractions we can still find things to fill our minds up with negative. We just have to create the habit to replace as much as we can with gratitude. When the momentum gets going of positive, happy, thankful thoughts when something does annoy us we just say “oh well” and move on with our day.


Day 21 of 23 Gratitude Challenge

Ok today marks the 21st day and offically, scientifically speaking a new habit has been hardwired into our brains IF you have been consciously thinking about all the things that you feel grateful for during the day. The last thing on your mind as you go to sleep are positive images instead of worries or negative thoughts. How did you do?

On Day 21 the law of synchronicity I swear works and I got a wonderful message about something I should check out. To lay groundwork for the gift I was given today I will tell you a little bit about our bodies and minds. We know we are all different, if we weren’t the world would be a boring place. If we know we are all different then why would we expect or even compare ourselves to one another? Have you ever felt well my friend read this book or took this class and changed their lives!!! You do it and you don’t have same result. It goes for everything in our lives, what works well for you may not for someone else and vice versa. On my Facebook page was an article regarding meditation. How this new wave of research is finding out new things about our brains.  If you don’t know much about the benefits of beta or theta brainwaves do some research. The One Command book is a great sours to begin to learn about it. But this new company is hooking up people to learn what types of meditation works for each person by measuring their brainwaves. Genius right? The conclusion of all the people they brought in was what forgiveness does to our brain and our success rates.  Going in and pulling up whatever had made us angry, the specific situation and feeling it for just that moment (you don’t want to stay in anger for to long) then forgiving the person and situation is what we do. Really going in and looking at it. For example when I was a kid and neighborhood kid was really mean to me, called me names and I got hurt and angry. I went back and relived it, saw us standing outside arguing. I said I forgive you and I forgive myself. I began to think maybe she had those words said to her as a child and was just saying them outloud to me. Usually when people lash out they are in pain too. I got to rewrite that moment and start to let go of anger. Doing this in the experiment allowed your brain waves to rise and thus your creativity flows better, intuition flows better and opens up new doors for you. With each instance you can forgive the higher your own vibration rises. When you vibrate or flow at a higher level then negativity can’t touch you as much. You don’t react negatively anymore. You can brush it off easier.

Forgiveness doesn’t give the other person anything. You are doing yourself and body a favor by releasing the blocks that anger and grief produce. Think of each act of forgiveness and release you do, each time you are throwing a stone out of your mind. Those blocks you want to bust through you ate actively doing it. You keep doing it until you feel better. You will feel lighter with each one. A big heavy burden might take a couple of times to do in your mind but keep going. :)

Day 17 of 23 Gratitude Challenge

The things that come most quickly into your life are the things that you BELIEVE in the most. You can only bring to you what you BELIEVE, so you must BELIEVE to receive what you want.

What if we want something opposite so badly and we just don’t see it manifesting? What if we begin to doubt all this Law of Attraction stuff and get angry and upset and down in the dumps? Is it ok? Does that mean we will get let down even more? Are we stuck where we are? Up until this point we have been talking solely about being and staying positive. Living in that little world we often think so many “other” people that have perfect lives live in. What makes their lives so perfect anyway? One word, perception. To me perception is like assuming and we are 99% wrong every time we assume things. How many times have you assumed someone is thinking one thing and guess what when you finally ask, that thought didn’t enter their mind. Same way with perception, that perfect little couple could have some deep dark secrets that no one knows. Our perceptions are just a way we chose to look at life and others lives.

What do you believe strongly about most? Is it a certain area in your life that you have always had a constant struggle with? Well maybe it is time to change your perception about this area. Begin fooling your monkey on your shoulder with a new vision. That monkey might throw a fit at first but with practice you can have new beliefs about yourself and your life.  You can have new beliefs to create a new life. It’s not as simple as waving a wand but with effort and work, it is possible to change anything you want changed. People will argue this point but it really is this simple. It is a shift in energy, a shift in your belief and feeling. It is one day at a time, in becoming a habit, and when you slip up you learn to catch yourself faster each time and refocus on what it is you want.

Writing down goals every morning is a great reminder to keep your focus in check. Look over them before bed, dwell on the good before bed.  A good reminder of why thinking good things before bed is you manifest more of thoughts and feelings in your sleep. Make your best thoughts and dreams come about in your mind right before you drift off to dream land.