What’s inside your box?

I received a message this morning that stated: Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too was a gift.

I though how freaking true is that!! I immediately thought of my “dark period” in my own life and all the lessons I received. I reflected over the law of polarity and how well I got schooled in that class and how thankful I am for that class.

My mom once told me her own experience with this box of darkness. She physically brought in a beautiful box that had perfect creases, two sided tape so you didn’t see the tape marks and a bow that was also perfect. She then stated “everything in that box is bullshit” she went as far as to gather a pile of cow shit to put in the box. Her life as she knew it, on the outside, was perfect in every way. The outside persona that everyone viewed saw it as a great life, fun, adventurous and filled with laughter. On the inside it was filled with lies, hurt and pain. Her picking a box and wrapping it beautiful symbolized all that it was supposed to be. The cow shit on the inside was the ugly truth, the betrayal, the pain. She stayed you can wrap it in any color, make the box as big or small as you want and put whatever color bow on it you want. In the end on the inside is the truth, and that will always come out.

To me now, after the law of polarity, and some other universal laws, I see it a little more clearly. To me what’s inside that box is our dreams, our goals, our desires. It’s no longer darkness for me in my life. It’s my own wants that I haven’t achieved yet. Placed safely, nice and neat inside that box. The box itself holding my dreams are the excuses, the lies and limits I Place upon myself everyday. What I chose to do each day either opens that box or keeps it shut and wrapped up in pretty paper. Our excuses can wrap up our desires and goals and if they are good enough they are pretty in our mind (justified) and we don’t want to tear pretty wrapping paper. So we put it on a shelf to look at each day. Admiring how beautiful the paper is, how it goes with our decor in our office or home. But then we get that urge again to want our desire more than the pretty box sitting there untouched. Our desire to achieve our goals!!

So I ask you. Will you open up your box or leave it sitting there? Will you clear out your bullshit and tear off that wrapping paper or will you leave it there to sit another day?

Freaking tear that paper up!! Tear up all the excuses, the lies, the fears, tear it all up then look at it in pieces all around your box!! Now you are left with the brown or white box, open it up and farce what’s inside. Process it, work through the goals or steps to achieve what it is you want!! Want happiness? Feel it. Want a healthier version of you? Do it!! Want more money? Increase your wealth consciousness. Just freaking do it!! It’s only ever dark when you continue to allow darkness. You can’t have light and dark at the same time. (Polarity) shine some light into that box, thank it for all the reasons it has been sealed for so long and go for it!! Love your life!! Live it, you only have one so go for those dreams, joy and love!! You deserve it and no one has the power or right to try to make you live life the way they want you too!! It’s your life, they have their own 😊

Open your box, stop waiting and go for it 💖


Most powerful manifesting tool

Is it just me or have we changed again as a whole human being??

I’ve noticed a slow change in how vocal we are (And that’s a good thing) but a change really in how we use our words!

Remember the saying “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”. That is such an untrue statements. Our words hurt far worse than any stick or stone.

Other people’s words do not have to take root in our mind. But if we let their words take root it can cause havoc in so many of our self beliefs. For example when someone is upset and starts to talk badly about you or someone you love. Their only motive is to hurt you. You have the choice to listen and absorb their words and take them as truth. Or you can think to yourself. That’s their opinion, their views and I do not have to make it my own. I can chose to believe what they think or I can stand in my own truth and continue to see they are only talking about themselves and what they dislike about themselves.

If you only knew the power of your words you would be more mindful of them!! Self-talk and expressing words in conversation is like a boomerang. It comes back to you every time. Speak good things and be non judgemental that is what you get in return most of the time. Speak ill words to yourself and others and be judgemental then you will continue to feel stuck and low vibe.

Listening to what our youngest listens to now on YouTube channels, TV and even older siblings (their friends too) it’s crazy how they talk to one another and what is acceptable.

When did the tables turn and it become acceptable to disrespect and put down others so much? What happened to empowering one another and building each other up?

Words are our language. We either use them for good or we use them to break each other down. Which do you use on a regular basis?? I choose good so I can enjoy life and uplift others to live their lives to the fullest. I love high vibing words and teaching others how powerful their words really are in creating life.

If your not living the life you want right now. Let’s start with what kind of self talk or conversations are you having with others daily?? Encouraging or low vibe?

Much love

How Big Is Your Desire?

I love talking to people about their desires. Getting right to the heart of them is often what spawns them into the massive action or the next level of success.

What is desire? Basic definition is it is the starting point of all human achievement. At the very heart of this word desire lies a certain stimuli that fans the flame of desire into a fire of action.

Let me quote one of my favorite books, The Magic Ladder of Success by Napoleon Hill. “Anyone who is capable of stimulating his or her mind to an intense state of desire is also capable of more than average achievement in the pursuit of that desire. Wishing is not the same as desiring.” “Only out of intense desire will impelling forces of action grow, driving one to build plans and put those plans to work.”

I have seen desire move mountains when people said it was impossible. I have seen desire create some of the best products, build the most solid teams because the person became an incredible leader. When we fuel our desire we grow or uplevel ourselves as a person. We have to acquire new skills, new people, or new networks!! We have to grow as a person and that is an amazing sight to watch.

I am not the same person I was 10 years ago or even last year. I have changed a lot in this past year and that is one of the reasons I have been away from this blog. I have learned so much from my mentors I met and hired this past year. Looking back desire has changed a lot for my family and I. We live in a new home, new opportunities, new growth in our businesses and most of all new outlooks to help others grow too.

How many of you are in MLM? Own your own business or just want to make a difference in the world? Start with how you feed your desire? Is the desire there but fear has made your flame go down a little bit? Fan the flame by keeping your desire out in the front. Where your attention goes or is kept that is what will grow. If fear creeps in again start asking questions to side rail or such as what or how can I move closer to my goal. Who can I talk to today? If the feeling of failure creeps in find a podcast to listen to about success. Build up your desire by feeding it possibility!! If the desire is within you then it is yours to take!! If your self talk is no one likes me or what if they won’t like me. Find a way to boost that confidence. Confidence will fan that flame of desire. Your self-talk and your belief system is the ONLY thing standing in your way!!!

Your energy every dang day is a deal breaker for who enters your world. If your energy or vibe is low then you will not get anywhere close to your desire. An example would be say you kept seeing someone on social media that complained all the time on posts, was negative OR just posted solely about their product they want you to buy. Will you be drawn to join their team? But from them? Heck no!! People love high vibing people. People want what you have, joy, happiness, and excitement and energy. Not some blah, negative, wishy-washy person!! They want to be a part of fun, they want to be around people that make them feel good. Plus the positive energy fans both of your flames of desire.

Today fan your flame of desire. Know that deep down it will work, develop new skills to take you to the next level. Stop saying things are difficult or hard, that is a story! A story you keep repeating to block yourself. Figure out a way to get your goal! Start asking what is the next step. Start putting one foot in front of the other to get you there!!

Much love



Oh such a fun, keyword. What does that bring to your mind first? When you hear that one word? Manifesting…. manifesting

For some it says riches, all the things you want in the world, spouse, MONEY, health, friends, the list goes on and on.

But what does it truly mean? The actual word is a verb. According to the dictionary it means: display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance, demonstrate. See that word demonstrate is in the actions we take.

Be evidence or prove.

(Through an ailment) become apparent through the evidence of symptoms. We have to see it through our own eyes or understand the knowing of being able to have symptoms disappear and change come about.

For some manifesting is about doing rituals (routines all day that have brought success in past (lucky socks or underwear), moon rituals, sun rituals, through pattern rituals. Basically anything you tried a couple of times and it has brought you success you keep doing to see and feel the success again. Seems easy right??

Then why is it so hard to get what you want?? 😊 ok lets break this down to simple because we so often love to make it complicated. Bottom line to this manifesting stuff is if you aren’t getting the results you are either doubting you can have it in the first place, trying way to hard on the how it comes or distractions. Distractions being not acting on your inspired thoughts, not doing the action steps instead you just sit there in a chair and wish it to and expect it to knock on your door. Truly this is the part that trips up most people. It is tied into the how.

Say for example you want more money. I see a lot of people asking for this. There is plenty to go around in this world so let’s work on this one first.

Did you set a specific amount? Or just broad with more money? If you found a penny on the ground the universe will say there I delivered you more money. It does have a sense of humor. Or it will give you a job at a bank and say delivered you more money but your were not specific enough on it being yours or someone else’s. Get the picture? Be specific. So specific you write down I manifested $10,000. Then under that amount you list all the ways or what you will spend it on. Pay off debt, pay bills, new clothes, get specific on this so the universe can deliver you all that’s on that list!! (This is part of the how that you don’t need to know!!) let’s say you put clothes from Justice for your child that she really wants or an outfit you really want at let’s say Target. You go about your day and work on the inspiration you receive inside of you and BAM you could receive a gift card to that store. Or you could receive extra cash in the amount you need in a form of a refund, change collected on the ground or unexpected places, it is a limitless universe you don’t have to know the HOW just know you are expecting it.

You have the amount written down and why you want that amount. Always, always, always end the note to the universe with these words. It is Done. And all of this and more, for the highest good of us all, better than I could ever dream of. This gives the universe the message you want it safely. Important here!! 😊😊

Now what? Well for some they sit all day long, distracted and don’t work on the other part of manifesting. Yes there is another part. This is what the movie the Secret didn’t really go into. Visualizing you have it, journaling all the things your grateful for and thinking the best all day long is really great to aspire to. But in the end, what truly matters are the inspirational ideas you come up with, get introduced to that you should act upon.

Example: someone pops up out of the blue introduces you to a new product. Of course most people have doubts at first. But for someone that just asked the universe for a lot of money your brain should be ringing a bell inside of your head!! Instead of fear it should be oh heck ya!! Let’s hear it. Let’s hear about what they have to offer. Push the fear and doubt aside and see if it really resonates with you. Puts a fire in your belly. If it does it is valuable to your goal. Pay attention!! Open mind and open eyes and open ears!!

My theory is if it comes right away what you want or need then it was to easy and it is routine for you. You know the ones that get what they ask for all the time. Can be multiple small things you see them receiving. They need to expand and go after a big one!!

For the ones having difficulty receiving a small thing it just means you need to grow some. You have a block. And that’s really a great thing!! Your block can be doubt or fear or self worth. Hear me when I say anyone can manifest. Anyone can receive a miracle. It is NOT just for the select few!! Miracles happen all day long for anyone and everyone!!

Pay attention after asking for what you want. The HOW is the mystery and do not try to control the how it will come. Work on yourself in clearing your doubts. If you can think or it or want it then it is possible if you are willing to do the work!!

Have a wonderful day!! Manifest some miracles in not only your life but for others too!! Feel good as often as you can. Be in a higher vibration 💖💖🎁

Thank you?

How often do you really say thank you for the little things? Here lately our routine has been changing a lot. With new school schedules, new clothes, new supplies, I mean a whole lot of “new” items. Now I got the occasional thank you now and then when I got something the kids really really wanted but today our 5 year old taught me a lesson. Yes absolutely love when the kids give you some valuable insight. A little background on how this came about. Preschool can sometimes be scary, overwhelming and down right make you face some fears when you are young. Sometimes I have little surprises in the car when I pick A up from preschool. Her first day of school I loaded her stuffed animals up (a few) and made them have a tea party with her cup and saucer in her seat. When she got in I said they couldn’t wait to have a tea party with you. Other days we have picked up a special lunch and had it waiting for her and of course grab bags (her absolute favorite item). Ok, today was like any other morning. Drop off went well, I was happy to see her when she got into the car and BAM attitude came out. Lol I had bought her a couple grab bags of my little pony and sat them in her car seat with her Minnie Mouse lunchbox filled with food. She looked at it, tossed the grab bags aside and said but I wanted a frappachino.

Haha!! I have learned to not take things personal and to know there is always an underlying cause for these little tantrums. So I did ask what’s wrong. We got to the bottom of it but it made think “is this the way some of us adults act towards God or the Universe when given small presents everyday?”

I mean I really thought about dang how many times when I get a free mocha or door opened for me or a penny on the ground. Do I really feel thankful or do I do what my child just did??!! Goes back to what we focus on we get more of. What do you focus on when you receive gifts in any form? Do you toss it aside and think but I wanted this instead of that. Do you pause and say thank you so much for this gift and just be in that moment for a minute. I have been really practicing just being there when I get a hug or kiss unexpectedly and say thank you I would love more of these. Or a nice text or compliment. By just stating thank you I would love more of that it changes your focus on having enough now and makes it grow even more so you can receive more of it. So pause and say thank you!! A heart felt thank you when it makes you feel good!!

Fear and Crazy 

I really did laugh when I read this quote on Flicker. It’s so true and so many people are in denial about it. 

These past six weeks has been hetic and stress filled. I pulled every life coaching exercise, quote, conversation and tactic I have ever learned, read and taught. Our house was over come with brown recluse spiders. It was an all of a sudden freak of nature thing. Not once have we ever seen a web, egg sac, or spider of this nature in our home. It was like all of a sudden they had been in hiding all these years and their dinner bells went off in their mind and they all appeared. My husband got bit on morning and that set off a chain reaction in our once calm am routine world. I hadn’t slept since he got bit, I was living in a fear (hell) and I had no way of winning this if we stayed in the situation. My breaking point came a week after He left the hospital and we got 7 brown recluses on one sticky trap in the closet over night. Plus a few on others in the closet on other sticky traps. 

Tellin ya I educated myself of everything I could. I know more about those spiders than most exterminators and most of our friends and neighbors. I thought if knowledge is key to this then I need to know. I did go in waves of not being so jumpy and panicky to full blown anxiety attacks with tears and heart rate up to 113 beats per minute (thanks to my pebble watch). I thought we had them contained to our closet and I literally put three rows deep across threshold and lined the door frame. (I figured my husband would have gotten sticky trapped too going into closet). I stopped going into closet and I also started to vacuum out our shoes and store in plastic bins. (Insert part of this is where people thought I was crazy). I felt I was protecting my family doing these steps IF I had to withstand for the moment living in this environment. 

Sometimes circumstances are thrown at us. And I honestly do not have to know why. Nor do I care why. But I will always face them head on and yes that can come across as crazy ideas but guess what. I get through them. I pull everyone else through the situation and we make it. 

And so far that is what has happened. We got out of that house with help from family and friends. We safely got out. My husband got bit a second time five weeks to the day after the first bite. We moved out that night,  and declared positive changes from that moment forward. So I want to take a moment and say thank you. Whether you know me personally or on this blog. Thank you for being in this crazy world with me. Thank you for being you and you do bring a ton of value to everyone you meet and cross paths with. 

Above else never let your fear bring you down. Face it head on and get through it. It truly is freeing when you do this. 

Grandmothers words 

It’s crazy how much wisdom and simplistic my grandmother was. So wise and so loving. I came across one of her lessons from my childhood in a book and it was so close to her own words. I thought I would share. We make things so complicated when really they are simple principles to live by. 

Respect yourself

Face the truth, even if it hurts

Identify your feelings

Express them to the person who inspired them

Be prompt. Do not wait for ideal conditions (this is how great opportunities are missed, love of your life and fun times)

Be simple. Long explanations are unnecessary. (Oh goodness, how many of us want to explain something to death to get our point of view across). 

If the other person hears you, you have succeeded. (And leave it at that) 

If he/she refuses to hear you, understand whom you’re dealing with. (They may not be in the same place as you. Just say to yourself I forgive —– for not being the person I wanted her/him to be). 

Be willing to accept the situation as it is. (No over exaggerating, no blame, no more anger, let it go)

Let go of your hurt and forgive. (Forgive your self for being a part of it, let it go and then try to make statements in a positive light about it) 


Everyone is looking and in a business to getting over hurts and learning to live life in a productive, enjoyable, loving, happy way!! First steps are being honest and keeping it simple 

Circle of Same

Have you ever noticed your very own patterns? I mean same behaviors, same outcomes and same results. One after another and the cycle just seems to keep on going. Like it’s on autopilot and one day you wake up and think why does this keep happening to me? Why can’t it be different this time? 

Well….. our minds are absolutely amazing. Comfort zone equals love no matter how good  or bad the situation is it is love to your mind. It’s acceptance at one point in your past you said ok I feel love. Now we can awaken and decide NO this is not good and move out of that comfort zone but the underlying emotion is still there. Our underlying needs and wants are still there and this creates turmoil. But because we are tricky about making the simple things complicated we don’t see what’s really going on. 

Take for example a friend that was in a bad marriage. Her husband was very controlling, narcisstic, and abusive. He would cheat on her constantly and although she knew it wasn’t fun, enjoyable or even life filling she stuck with it until her kids found out about the other women. She had to do something. She got out of her comfort zone and left but guess what. The next relationship was a little bit different but same shade of what she had been use to. Her mind was protecting her, attracting her to what she was use to. The underlying fear of having something different was not what her mind could comprehend. 

This is a lot like when your dog uses the bathroom. Have you ever watched? Not trying to be weird here but a dog will smell and smell and smell. Then find a spot and will still sit and spin to poop. I’m like what the crap!! Literally! We all search for love, acceptance and joy but where we keep squatting to find it are the same places, same circumstances. Until we can go outside our zone and tell our minds to be quiet and we know what we are doing we will keep going in circles. We will keep getting the same results and the best part. 

We can all change our lives. We have the power to do it. We can all achieve different results and a better life. 

Fearful Living 

To live in fear is to live in the hell of my own illustrations of what’s going on around me and In my mind. Do you think and think and think about a person or conversation or situation that hasn’t even happened? Do you worry about it? That is bringing up fear or living in fear and it is a habit. Once we begin to explain to our mind that it is fake, false and it doesn’t have to be that way. We can begin to release the false illustration we are putting out there in our world. 

Often our ego mind is what is the cause. Our own self hatred masquerading as self love, or our way is the best way (judgement) usually leads us down the path of fear, guilt of being on the defensive. Our ego makes our own suffering mean more than to live in joy each day. 

How do you get out of the illusion? First step is realizing it is all just a story we tell ourselves. The story is an illusion that we make up in our head. We can change our story at any time we wish. That’s what is so fun!! To change the outside of your little world you must first change your mindset. Living in fear will not bring you the results you want. Letting go of the fear will open so many new doors. Explore forgiveness, explore tools on letting go of past hurts, situations, and anger. Explore changing your self talk this is literally where it all starts. You tell yourself you can do something then you can and will. You tell yourself no one will buy from me, no one likes me, I’m broke, this is useless then guess what all that plus more will be your reality. 

Get your life back! Get on the path you want to be on. If you say I don’t know what to do next then you will be stuck. Get rid of the I don’t know how statements. Stuck = fear and limits. Just doing something means you are going down a different path and it starts the momentum to new things. Only way to do this wrongly is giving up or never starting. 

Today take action steps towards your dreams and goals. Action steps are talking to others, making those calls or seeing people. You know the ideas you had but never acted on them. Embrace each idea and apply action and follow through to those ideas. It is fun and the doors that open are endless. 

Much love to you

I’m possible 

Why not dream for the Impossible?! It’s really a trickery of words and eyesight. Impossible is really I am possible (minus the a) but you get it. It means anything you want to do, be or have is possible and worth going after!!! 

So stop, stopping yourself. Stop getting in your own way. Stop thinking it’s to hard or you can’t do it. Develop your faith and ambition and get after those goals. 

The only reason why you haven’t is because you limit yourself. It’s not about it being impossible it is about the limit or belief in yourself. For one day take that limit off temporarily, see how much you can get accomplished. Whether you brainstorm about ALL the possibilities, make a list, set your clock for 15 minute intervals and work as hard as you can for 15 minutes doing all the things you thought were difficult. Making those calls, emails, prospecting doing actual action steps not just writing down the steps. Doing the work. Pretty soon you will see the impossible IS very much possible once you decide to stop limiting yourself. 

Much love