Fear is an emotional based belief that can be used to propel you to your goal or away from it. Fear does not have to stop you in your tracks. Fear is your imagination running wild with future thoughts that haven’t even happened yet. You can get a hold of your fears, you can knock them down and you can get past them.  You can achieve your goals and have a better life.  Fear busting practices are fun, exhilarating and most of all empowering. I call fear a monkey that sits on our shoulders and jumps up and down screaming in our ear. It usually tells us all the reasons we can not do something, move forward or why we can not try something new. We need to learn to train that monkey on our shoulders and let our inner lion out! When we roar, the earth shakes and we can jump over mountains and move them.

No longer allow fear to rule over your life. Get out of that comfort zone and live! With every ending there is a new beginning. When one door closes a new one always opens, we are guaranteed this.



R: Release your attachment to the outcome

I: Invest fully in your intention

S: Stand for the truth

K: Keep kindness a priority

Nothing is impossible for any of us.  It is when we let our minds and thoughts over run us and get our negative thinking going that we stop ourselves from achieving our highest good.  “You can not add any time to your life by worrying about it” ~Matthew 6:27 or worrying is over rated. It is something we are thinking about in the future and it hasn’t even happened yet. We are not living for us, instead we are allowing life to happen to us. Worry is a feeling that needs to be replaced with a more productive feeling such as courage. It is truly a matter of just changing your perspective on the subject.

How many times have you said I wish I could do that? Or I just don’t have time to do it all? Or I am so tired with everything I am doing all ready I just can’t do it? Well how many excuses are you going to keep around day to day, feeding your fear monkey, so you are in the same place a year from now?  If you can dream yourself doing it then you can do it! I always heard my mom say “Give the job you want done to the busiest person you know and she/he will find a way to get it done.” Why? Maybe it is because they are already so busy tackling one more thing won’t be that extra of a chore. Or maybe they are good with challenges, or time management.  I would watch her and have found out by experience she is correct.  When it comes to our hopes and dreams why do we fall short on achieving them all? We allow excuses to get in the way. Often those excuses are just all of our fears covered up.

If you can answer Yes to “Is this what I really want or want to do? Then take the step and do it! Take the risk and begin to have fun in life.  Life isn’t made to just stay in a routine everyday.  Get out and experience new things and really enjoy life.  Jump in it, go for it, because you can do it if you want to.  Focus on what it is you want, hold onto to it, think about only ways in which It will work out and move forward towards it.  You will get it! Everytime!



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