Thank you?

How often do you really say thank you for the little things? Here lately our routine has been changing a lot. With new school schedules, new clothes, new supplies, I mean a whole lot of “new” items. Now I got the occasional thank you now and then when I got something the kids really really wanted but today our 5 year old taught me a lesson. Yes absolutely love when the kids give you some valuable insight. A little background on how this came about. Preschool can sometimes be scary, overwhelming and down right make you face some fears when you are young. Sometimes I have little surprises in the car when I pick A up from preschool. Her first day of school I loaded her stuffed animals up (a few) and made them have a tea party with her cup and saucer in her seat. When she got in I said they couldn’t wait to have a tea party with you. Other days we have picked up a special lunch and had it waiting for her and of course grab bags (her absolute favorite item). Ok, today was like any other morning. Drop off went well, I was happy to see her when she got into the car and BAM attitude came out. Lol I had bought her a couple grab bags of my little pony and sat them in her car seat with her Minnie Mouse lunchbox filled with food. She looked at it, tossed the grab bags aside and said but I wanted a frappachino.

Haha!! I have learned to not take things personal and to know there is always an underlying cause for these little tantrums. So I did ask what’s wrong. We got to the bottom of it but it made think “is this the way some of us adults act towards God or the Universe when given small presents everyday?”

I mean I really thought about dang how many times when I get a free mocha or door opened for me or a penny on the ground. Do I really feel thankful or do I do what my child just did??!! Goes back to what we focus on we get more of. What do you focus on when you receive gifts in any form? Do you toss it aside and think but I wanted this instead of that. Do you pause and say thank you so much for this gift and just be in that moment for a minute. I have been really practicing just being there when I get a hug or kiss unexpectedly and say thank you I would love more of these. Or a nice text or compliment. By just stating thank you I would love more of that it changes your focus on having enough now and makes it grow even more so you can receive more of it. So pause and say thank you!! A heart felt thank you when it makes you feel good!!


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