Fear and Crazy 

I really did laugh when I read this quote on Flicker. It’s so true and so many people are in denial about it. 

These past six weeks has been hetic and stress filled. I pulled every life coaching exercise, quote, conversation and tactic I have ever learned, read and taught. Our house was over come with brown recluse spiders. It was an all of a sudden freak of nature thing. Not once have we ever seen a web, egg sac, or spider of this nature in our home. It was like all of a sudden they had been in hiding all these years and their dinner bells went off in their mind and they all appeared. My husband got bit on morning and that set off a chain reaction in our once calm am routine world. I hadn’t slept since he got bit, I was living in a fear (hell) and I had no way of winning this if we stayed in the situation. My breaking point came a week after He left the hospital and we got 7 brown recluses on one sticky trap in the closet over night. Plus a few on others in the closet on other sticky traps. 

Tellin ya I educated myself of everything I could. I know more about those spiders than most exterminators and most of our friends and neighbors. I thought if knowledge is key to this then I need to know. I did go in waves of not being so jumpy and panicky to full blown anxiety attacks with tears and heart rate up to 113 beats per minute (thanks to my pebble watch). I thought we had them contained to our closet and I literally put three rows deep across threshold and lined the door frame. (I figured my husband would have gotten sticky trapped too going into closet). I stopped going into closet and I also started to vacuum out our shoes and store in plastic bins. (Insert part of this is where people thought I was crazy). I felt I was protecting my family doing these steps IF I had to withstand for the moment living in this environment. 

Sometimes circumstances are thrown at us. And I honestly do not have to know why. Nor do I care why. But I will always face them head on and yes that can come across as crazy ideas but guess what. I get through them. I pull everyone else through the situation and we make it. 

And so far that is what has happened. We got out of that house with help from family and friends. We safely got out. My husband got bit a second time five weeks to the day after the first bite. We moved out that night,  and declared positive changes from that moment forward. So I want to take a moment and say thank you. Whether you know me personally or on this blog. Thank you for being in this crazy world with me. Thank you for being you and you do bring a ton of value to everyone you meet and cross paths with. 

Above else never let your fear bring you down. Face it head on and get through it. It truly is freeing when you do this. 


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