Grandmothers words 

It’s crazy how much wisdom and simplistic my grandmother was. So wise and so loving. I came across one of her lessons from my childhood in a book and it was so close to her own words. I thought I would share. We make things so complicated when really they are simple principles to live by. 

Respect yourself

Face the truth, even if it hurts

Identify your feelings

Express them to the person who inspired them

Be prompt. Do not wait for ideal conditions (this is how great opportunities are missed, love of your life and fun times)

Be simple. Long explanations are unnecessary. (Oh goodness, how many of us want to explain something to death to get our point of view across). 

If the other person hears you, you have succeeded. (And leave it at that) 

If he/she refuses to hear you, understand whom you’re dealing with. (They may not be in the same place as you. Just say to yourself I forgive —– for not being the person I wanted her/him to be). 

Be willing to accept the situation as it is. (No over exaggerating, no blame, no more anger, let it go)

Let go of your hurt and forgive. (Forgive your self for being a part of it, let it go and then try to make statements in a positive light about it) 


Everyone is looking and in a business to getting over hurts and learning to live life in a productive, enjoyable, loving, happy way!! First steps are being honest and keeping it simple 


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