Circle of Same

Have you ever noticed your very own patterns? I mean same behaviors, same outcomes and same results. One after another and the cycle just seems to keep on going. Like it’s on autopilot and one day you wake up and think why does this keep happening to me? Why can’t it be different this time? 

Well….. our minds are absolutely amazing. Comfort zone equals love no matter how good  or bad the situation is it is love to your mind. It’s acceptance at one point in your past you said ok I feel love. Now we can awaken and decide NO this is not good and move out of that comfort zone but the underlying emotion is still there. Our underlying needs and wants are still there and this creates turmoil. But because we are tricky about making the simple things complicated we don’t see what’s really going on. 

Take for example a friend that was in a bad marriage. Her husband was very controlling, narcisstic, and abusive. He would cheat on her constantly and although she knew it wasn’t fun, enjoyable or even life filling she stuck with it until her kids found out about the other women. She had to do something. She got out of her comfort zone and left but guess what. The next relationship was a little bit different but same shade of what she had been use to. Her mind was protecting her, attracting her to what she was use to. The underlying fear of having something different was not what her mind could comprehend. 

This is a lot like when your dog uses the bathroom. Have you ever watched? Not trying to be weird here but a dog will smell and smell and smell. Then find a spot and will still sit and spin to poop. I’m like what the crap!! Literally! We all search for love, acceptance and joy but where we keep squatting to find it are the same places, same circumstances. Until we can go outside our zone and tell our minds to be quiet and we know what we are doing we will keep going in circles. We will keep getting the same results and the best part. 

We can all change our lives. We have the power to do it. We can all achieve different results and a better life. 


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