Fearful Living 

To live in fear is to live in the hell of my own illustrations of what’s going on around me and In my mind. Do you think and think and think about a person or conversation or situation that hasn’t even happened? Do you worry about it? That is bringing up fear or living in fear and it is a habit. Once we begin to explain to our mind that it is fake, false and it doesn’t have to be that way. We can begin to release the false illustration we are putting out there in our world. 

Often our ego mind is what is the cause. Our own self hatred masquerading as self love, or our way is the best way (judgement) usually leads us down the path of fear, guilt of being on the defensive. Our ego makes our own suffering mean more than to live in joy each day. 

How do you get out of the illusion? First step is realizing it is all just a story we tell ourselves. The story is an illusion that we make up in our head. We can change our story at any time we wish. That’s what is so fun!! To change the outside of your little world you must first change your mindset. Living in fear will not bring you the results you want. Letting go of the fear will open so many new doors. Explore forgiveness, explore tools on letting go of past hurts, situations, and anger. Explore changing your self talk this is literally where it all starts. You tell yourself you can do something then you can and will. You tell yourself no one will buy from me, no one likes me, I’m broke, this is useless then guess what all that plus more will be your reality. 

Get your life back! Get on the path you want to be on. If you say I don’t know what to do next then you will be stuck. Get rid of the I don’t know how statements. Stuck = fear and limits. Just doing something means you are going down a different path and it starts the momentum to new things. Only way to do this wrongly is giving up or never starting. 

Today take action steps towards your dreams and goals. Action steps are talking to others, making those calls or seeing people. You know the ideas you had but never acted on them. Embrace each idea and apply action and follow through to those ideas. It is fun and the doors that open are endless. 

Much love to you


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