I’m possible 

Why not dream for the Impossible?! It’s really a trickery of words and eyesight. Impossible is really I am possible (minus the a) but you get it. It means anything you want to do, be or have is possible and worth going after!!! 

So stop, stopping yourself. Stop getting in your own way. Stop thinking it’s to hard or you can’t do it. Develop your faith and ambition and get after those goals. 

The only reason why you haven’t is because you limit yourself. It’s not about it being impossible it is about the limit or belief in yourself. For one day take that limit off temporarily, see how much you can get accomplished. Whether you brainstorm about ALL the possibilities, make a list, set your clock for 15 minute intervals and work as hard as you can for 15 minutes doing all the things you thought were difficult. Making those calls, emails, prospecting doing actual action steps not just writing down the steps. Doing the work. Pretty soon you will see the impossible IS very much possible once you decide to stop limiting yourself. 

Much love



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