Inside equals outside everytime 

January is the kickoff month for health and fitness traditionally. So many people begin this month off with the best intentions to take care of their bodies, wrote out goals and make menus. What I see so often they forget one key element to the success of sticking with this intention. 

Repeat after me: it all starts inside me. What’s going on inside me reflects or IS my world outside of me. 

Let that sink in for a moment. Let that process while I give you some examples. 

With this theory and statement I looked around me this morning. Usually you can see this in other people before seeing it in yourself. I thought about a family member this morning. He has piles of unfinished stuff everywhere. Piles of broken limbs in the yard, multiple places, piles inside the house and garage and really has a lot of unfinished projects and business in his life. 

Then I looked at myself, unorganized from the holidays, gifts waiting to be put away. My planner has been started but not finished. I feel behind and my surroundings of disorganization is showing it again. Although my projects are getting done each day I’m still putting myself and health on back burner. But everytime I put myself first I get so much more done. 

What is going on in your mind, self talk and self belief will make or break your goals and achieving them. Put your goals first, even if you have to make yourself do it, get up extra early (I dislike the 4:30am club but I get results on my goal list). That is how you will achieve your greatness. That is how you will make 2017 an epic year!! 

Go for it! 

Much love 


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