Make This Your Year. No Fear

I wish you the best in 2017.  May it be your best year ever! The most epic wins, the year you take chances that turn out amazing. The year you decide to make yourself first and learn to love you for you! Learn to love your flaws, perfectness and forgive yourself for the past. None of us are perfect human beings and learning the art of forgiving is what frees us. Live in the today, the moment not the past. 

Start the healthy lifestyle you know you should start. If your unhappy may this be the day, week, month and year you begin anew!!! 

If you want changes then change yourself so your surroundings change. Everything starts from within! Yes I use to really dislike that saying but it is so true. Find a mantra, make a declaration, hire a coach and learn new things!!! Raise your vibration and frequency. Read one good book a month, start a new routine. 

My new routine will be more water, more exercise, more meditation because honestly I am a zero in all three of these everyday. So I will start today (a little early) to begin my new habits. 

I made a new chart and uploaded an app to track my water and give me reminders. To help me hold myself accountable, so I can make these part of a daily routine without even thinking about it. So I can move to my next new set of habits. 

I dare you to crush new goals in 2017. Do not let another year pass you by. I don’t want you to sit there in December 2017 wondering what the crap. Why didn’t I go for it this past year. Where would I be if I did go for my goals. 

Pick goals that will push you. I love to pick goals that have multiple benefits. Such as a new exercise routine. One choice, one habit with multiple benefits!! Of course a new, healthy body, increase energy, pushing yourself Hardin exercise carries over into breaking barriers in life and goals. You see the results, you start crushing and achieving other goals on your list. 

Look at it this way. To change you have to start with your mindset, your head. You know those beliefs that like to hold you back. Change on the inside will bring about results on outside!!! I promise it does. 

Stop procrastinating and get after those goals!!! 


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