Minds Need A Break Too

The elf has returned to our house this holiday season. This was the day after Black Friday shopping. I had the elf sleep all day while others took gifts to santas workshop. 

Have you ever felt you needed a break? Sometimes we get so busy working, working out, running a ton of errands, doing for everyone else, school or maybe even owning your own business you wake up just tired and unmotivated. Ever felt this way? Ever looked around and everything around you is cluttered? Your car is cluttered and dirty. Your house has stuff everywhere. Your yard is overflowing with leaves. Just stuff is surrounding you every where you look. Know what time it is?? Time to de-clutter your Brain!! 

I suggest first is not going back to sleep. Instead get a pen and paper out and write out what is on your mind. Get it out of there to open up more space. Holding onto to-do lists, things we have to remember, worries just get it out on paper and you will begin to feel a little better. Then I say roll up your sleeves and start on a room or car. Clean out the clutter!! Get your surrounding organized and clean. Your surrounding are the best indicator of how your thoughts are running in your head. 

Than you can nap all day like Minnie the Elf 😊 

Much love to you all 


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