Changes on the Outside so You Feel Better

I gave the Elves some wallpaper this morning to help spruce up their livig space. 

I love this subject. Changing on the outside so you feel better on the inside… temporarily. 

How many time have you changed your hair color, makeup, clothes, moved furniture around, repainted rooms, bought new things? Changes bring more changes right? Yes it does and the universe is always changing that part is true. But how many times after you reprint, color your hair or new outfit do things go back to the way they were? 

This ephinamy or ah-ha moment came at a time in my life that I was just feeling lost. I felt deflated, like I was just floating through each day doing my normal everyday mom and wife duties. We had just moved into a new house. I repainted almost every room in our new beautiful home and I was in my new office. Removing the pretty blue color from my walls to a softer vanilla yellowish color. A stark contrast that was taking more than three coats of paint. As I was rolling on a new coat of paint I thought, it doesn’t matter how many things we change on the outside it’s inside that has to change first. It doesn’t matter how many coats of yellow paint I put on this wall, it’s still blue underneath until I put that primer coat one first. Primer coat would seal that color and not let it bleed through anymore. I thought that’s it!! That’s exactly what happens in our own lives. 

Our primer coat is our coat of change. Which happens on the inside not the outside!! So did that “fix” me that day. No, but it helped me explain it to many people I cared about going through things. 

Start on the inside. Start to clear and delete some of your old habits and stories. Begin to be aware of those nagging, pestering self talk tones you speak to yourself about and begin to think the opposite. My theory is be all in or don’t do it. If I lock myself on wanting a situation to change I better give it my all to really bring about what it is I want. No half assing it or you get half ass results. There is no perfect journey or perfect way of doing it. Just go for it. Start to ask what would it take for —- (this to appear in my life now)? For example, what would it take for me to feel more peaceful today? What would it take for me to have 3 new clients today? The answers sometimes come right away and sometimes you get clues on tv, radio or friends. The answer truly is action. When you get an idea or possible solution to your question act on it!! Sometimes those answers sound crazy but do it. Sometimes I get feelings or ideas to call someone or shoot them a text or message when I do I usually get the response I’m so happy your contacted me! Yes I want…. 

the point is if you want changes, lasting changes you have to change your inside way of thinking and habits before outside can truly change over a period of time. Sure it’s fun to have new hair color, clothes and things like that. That is all temporary, lasting is on the inside 😊

Much love


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