Pre Holiday Joy 

Our little Elves are starting to leave hints of their arrival soon. I will start early at our house to give you guys some ideas for this year. I put our Elf door out a couple weeks ago when I cleared off the bookshelf. I found it at Michael’s Craft Store. I added the felt Christmas tree the girls did last year and today I put up two Elf ornaments with each girls picture in it. 

What does this have to do with mindset? Positive lifestyle? Love? Lol it has everything to do with it. The magic of the season is upon us. This is absolutely my most favorite time of the year. It’s everything every self help person teaches to live in a gratitude state. To love even more and sometimes this season is easy to be able to get into this mindset. Then once season is over people kind of go back into their habits. Why? Why doesn’t it stick in that brain of ours? 

When we make a conscious effort to change. When we are aware we want to change our habits or our thoughts and beliefs we are more aware of the old habits we want to reprogram. An example, have you ever just winged something, you didn’t know what you were doing but you just kind of started it, felt it out and eventually you figured it out? Took a little longer didn’t it? Well think about you have been given instructions, step by step, you go after the end result and not as many mistakes are made. Focus, gratitude, love and hope can change lives, it can rock your world if you let it. 

For me doing Elf on the Shelf for the kids I am not only showing by example but I’m creating those neural pathways of hope, love, and teaching moments of gratitude for the little gifts. It’s all in how you look at it. I am a very busy mom, friend and successful businesswoman. I fit a lot in during my day and night. Did I fail with the Elf at first. Heck ya, I would wake up thinking crap I forgot to move that stinkin thing. But now I have reminders in my planner. Kids excitement to keep me going and above else the holiday feelings to want to make a positive impact on others around me. 

If you do have kids and do not have an elf you can do it with a stuffed animal or anything else that you want. The posssibilities are endless. Use my ideas or post your own in the comments. If you do not have kids take the nuggets out of the message of the blog and apply it each day. 

Start your gratitude journal today. Grateful November starts today. Name 5 things you are thankful for today. 

Much love 


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