You Can Change!

I have studied and applied many self help techniques over my life.  I have studied this field since I was in high school (over 26 years) I can’t even think about that number right now.  But what I have been introduced to recently and I have dived into it not only for myself but for everyone around me is amazing…

See I truly believe God or the Universe will present to you information when you are ready for it.  For the next step because there is always a next step.  I am an expert on many different ways you can help yourself but there is always room for growth. Combine this expertness with science and I am one very happy little blonde.  So what happened? What have I been up to? I have been reading again, I have been applying new information (because that is truly the key step to anything) and I have been seeing changes.

What happened? I had a friend recommend a site to me on facebook, I checked it out, it was the John Assaraf page, if you haven’t checked it out please do so. He offers some great content and advice!! Then I went to the bookstore and a book literally jumped out at me. It is called Change Your Brain Change Your Life by Daniel Amen. While both of these people talk about your brain is absolutely able to change I love the science I learned about how and why this is possible because old school information is wrong. Let me take a story from the book real quick.  Daniel Amen talks about a 9 year old boy whose personality changed for the worse.  His personality changed in about a year and a half time period, from a sweet, loving kid to one that was suicidal and homicidal thoughts everyday.   I mean what the crap! He is 9 years old and so many people are quick to judge or dismiss and put someone on medication, which can make the problem much worse.  Up until this point there was no reason really why he was drawing pictures of himself hanging from a tree or shooting other kids. This doctor did not give up on him, he knew if he could take an image of his brain it would tell so much more as to what was going on with this child.  An MRI was ordered and performed on him and to everyone’s surprise his left temporal lobe was gone! What the crap! Left temporal lobe problems in the past studies have shown this part does have something to do with aggression in people.But why? There was a cyst about the size of a golf ball occupying the space where his lobe use to be.  If they wouldn’t have found the cyst it would have eaten its way into the bone and in six months he would have been deceased. At nine years old!

Ok so why does this book and Assaraf site make me happy? They both state you are not stuck with the brain you have. Science has proven we can change our brains and therefore change our lives for the better.  By providing new insights on how the brain works you can begin to see it differently and take the personal feelings out of your situation.  IF you can retrain your brain then you can make changes faster and simpler than before.  Each day I will blog about new information on how to do this and examples and proof it works with stories from other people who have tried it and had success.  Everyone is different, each body is a unique special operating system.  What works for one person may not work for the other one but applying a simple system into your thinking you can see changes.  This does not have to be complicated but it is work.  We will be challenging what is already wired in your brain but that can be a fun science experiment you do on yourself.

Education is still the best asset in the world. I highly recommend you research it for yourself and let me supplement your knowledge and training.

Much love to you all



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