Challenges Are Positive Changes 

Today I started day 1 of my 21 day Fix journey. I am the first to admit I do not like to watch what I eat or drink nor am I always excited to workout. But today on say 1 I decided to wake up make a protein shake, added a little peanut butter protein mix to it too and a fat burner in the mix. I thought why not?? Haha!! I always heard my husband talk about being hot when he added fat burners to his shakes and boy he wasn’t kidding!! I don’t sweat. I don’t like to sweat so to just sit still in our bedroom while picking out my shoes for the day and breaking a sweat I was like what the crap!! What have I done? It’s 90 degrees today and I have to make the morning at the gym then family time after that!! Being hot and sweaty doesn’t mix with this!! 

But I got through my workout and my shake today and boy 20 more days might be the ultimate test with my lack of fitness. But self love and feeling a lot better is my intention and priority. 

And a side note my FAVORITE little drink completely increased my calorie intake so I will be cutting back on those!! Results!! Going for it! Can’t just half ass it so I’m all in!! Anyone can do anything full force for 21 days!! And yes I took before and will take after pics. Can’t wait!! 


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