How Do You Create Your Day?

How does your energy shape your day to day activities? I mean every one can figure out when your tired you are low on energy.  Have you ever sat down long enough and fell asleep? Or have you ever had more energy inside of you, you didn’t know what to do with yourself? Our daughter was at the gym last night with us and she kept pushing everyone to do more and more.  I just kept hearing I wish I had her energy, she is four.  Kids are like little sticks of dynamite at times, they just explode with energy and I would rather have that much energy than just flowing through the day.  Why? Here are some reasons why we should have a ton of energy each and every day…

Our emotions or what we hold most dear to us hold a ton of energy for us. Go ahead try it, think of something that is pleasant, you love, that means the world to you.  It feels good doesn’t it? The opposite of this makes us in the negative emotion range and that pulls our energy downward, like putting a blanket over the top of us that is heavy.  It doesn’t feel to light and flowing.  Thinking of positive things or people, or keeping our energy in check all day helps us increase our energy every day.  Thus producing our goals easier, our life experiences better and just having many good days versus bad days.

This goes with the above paragraph, how you live in your mind is directly reflected in your outside world.  This doesn’t hold true for anyone else except for you.  You are the only one responsible for you and your experiences.  Think about that one for a minute.  I use to resist this statement by saying but not every day is a good one, people do stupid things to mess up my day.  Oh they can, but the key here is how you react to them.  You have a choice every day to pick which feeling you want in your heart and mind.  Just because someone does something upsetting, you have more than enough willpower, determination, and sense to state, there is nothing more important than me feeling good about this situation right now.  Saying that statement over and over not only release those negative feelings welling up, but it focuses your mind on the bigger picture.  Honestly there isn’t anything more important than you feeling good at every moment during the day.  If your inner world is going well then the hiccups in life won’t bring you down for that long anymore.  Perfect example for me was a couple months ago, I was feeling all positive, every day I woke up with energy, I was getting things done, then I received some upsetting news.  Sure it set me back for about an hour, it made me upset, I dwelled on it.  I even asked why in the heck is this happening? I was doing so well inside of my head, I was in the flow of positive, why does this keep happening? UGH! Then I remembered what I teach, not every circumstance in our life will be positive, regardless how much you are in the positive zone.  Why? Because people make mistakes, people are human, and life is about teaching us things.  This was a teaching moment for me in not only my reaction to something but as a reminder of communication is so important in life.  Nothing is resolved faster than communicating in a correct way. It resolves so much conflict!

What we dwell on the most inside our head, our thoughts, is where our energy goes.  Alot of force goes where our thoughts go.  Start to ask yourself, do an energy check throughout the day.  Begin to take inventory on those thoughts, begin to check in with your mind, pay attention to what you are talking to yourself about. When you catch your mind wandering down a past, negative memory, state is this what I want to spend my energy on? Is this what I want to keep in my life? If not replace it with an outcome you do want.  The best example I can give is this.  A client one time was having marriage problems, they were arguing all the time now, not clicking like they use to.  She began to take inventory of her thoughts all day, she began to check in with her mind and see what was going on.  She found that during the day when she wasn’t around her husband she was arguing with him in her head.  She was making him wrong even when he wasn’t around.  After a good laugh about how crazy it sounded she began to see her thoughts and these arguments she was having by herself were all day long.  Her energy was going to fighting with an imaginary friend in her head.  She began to ask herself is this really what I want more of? Is this really the type of marriage I want or do I want it to be like it was? She began to replace these arguments in her head with pleasant images, pleasant, happy thoughts.  Such as when they were dating, where they went, how they felt, holding hands and laughing.  She began to think of them when they were happier, dinners and breakfasts together.  Car rides talking and sharing about life and trips to the lake.  She didn’t think oh if I do this then it will all go back to the way it was because he changed.  She just gently began replacing the arguing in her head with these thoughts.  She visualized and felt the warmth of her husbands arms around her while in bed, just gentle positive real life results that she held dear at one time in her mind and heart.  She did this for about 60 days, I tracked her results in my binder and her life did change for the better, her marriage did get back on track and it got stronger.  She relaxed, she enjoyed life again, and most of all she fell back in love with herself, life and her husband.  You can apply significant energy to any area of your life, you just have to begin to pay attention to where you are sending the energy.

Your energy rolls through you and out of you.  Pay attention to where you are flowing and what you are flowing to.  This goes for what you are lacking, if you are lacking money, but want to stay home and work, are you telling yourself everyday over and over again I don’t know how to make this work.  I haven’t made any money yet.  Or do you check in with yourself saying I’m still not making any money, nothing has changed is your feeling.  Change the words and feelings you have to change the outcome.  If you build yourself up each day you will gain.  If you keep tearing yourself down each day, you won’t gain as much or at all.  Think of it as a child, would you inspire your child to do great, or would you tell them they can’t do it everyday? Put yourself in that space and inspire yourself, learn new ways, be open to life.

~much love to you all


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