Consequences, What’s that? 

Consequences, karma, bad juju be, responsibility, whatever you want to call it I think a lot of people both young and old have put this concept or words aside. And believe it doesn’t pertain to them. 

In the past couple of months I have come across some pretty big slap in your face situations and when the universe or God keeps delivering the same set of words in different circumstances it is trying to tell you something!! 

For example my husband and I own a strength and conditioning gym. We train a lot of different type of athletes both young and old. When we hear the kids talking about what this one adult said to her individually or as a team I couldn’t believe it. One head coach has a history of taking favorites and playing them all season whether they are good or bad. It’s about the parents and money and status in community basically. The pattern is there for this coach. Now his specific player he has chosen as a favorite, is out above the whole team. The rest of the kids are a great group of kids all with their unique and special qualities. But none of it matters, so this team is divided. Instead of seeing this issue he creates more division and says to the team “we are having a meeting to find out why you don’t like (favorite player name). It is mandatory because she is upset. Now as a group it’s not the favorite player they have a problem with. It’s the behavior of coach yelling at them in practice for the exact same stuff favorite does. This is an adult that puts down kids. This is a coach position that doesn’t win many tournaments because he has divided his team instead of bringing it together. 

There are so many circumstances here lately makes me wonder what the heck am I not taking responsibility for? What’s the message here?? I learn so much from just looking at what’s going on around me. Do you do this too? 

Kids are the best teachers in the world. With five of them in our family I learn a lot on a daily basis. I am constantly reminded of patience, love, being a kid, understanding and of course being tested. But in between the bickering, loving moments, naps and laughter there are teaching moments for adults. If we can listen and understand the message. What irritates us is what we should observe and think about. It’s not another reason to beat ourselves up over. It’s a way to grow into a better person. See that coaches message to me is to keep thinking of unity not division. To see how much that division is hurting everyone as a whole. There is no reason for it other than to simply observe and take the message and apply it to different areas of my life. To teach my kids to not exclude, not judge and how to cope when others do it to them. To teach them the tools to help them get through it and to think of other ways to help others. 

Changing the words and perspective is sometimes all you need to do to make it better for yourself. It opens up new doors and opportunities. What messages have been coming up for you? Are you stuck in the same story and need a new look at it? If so comment or email me and I can help you. 

~much love to you 


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