Hiccups in your plan 

What do you think of when you run into obstacles? We have been in two airports for six hours today and still counting and we are still in the same state!! 

Sure we can get upset, protest and get mad but really how is that helping us or anyone else around us? We have seen plenty of people very upset and rightly so when they have waited six hours for one flight. 

But today we made the conscious decision to be pleasant no matter what. Even when our four year old is wiping her Doritos fingers across our shirts with a smile. 

There is nothing like a big group of us sitting up against the wall in the airport taking bets on departure time. So far the lady in green is correct 🙂  

A great reminder of how much time we waste getting upset over circumstances we can’t control (airline is short staffed today) so we learn to go with the flow. We have met some really great people. Shared stories and networked. It was funny to listen to the whole terminals phone ding when airline updates were texted. The song of the text was in unison. 

Truly not worth spending extra energy getting upset. Breathe and live in the moment. It’s amazing how much you can enjoy in unexpected circumstances. 


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