Another year, another ….

It’s my birthday today! Yay!! 

Usually on birthdays I was always encouraged to do a little self check in. So we will do it together today 🙂 

Each year the theory goes on your birthday you are re-born in a sense. Like your own little New Years party on your birthday. It is a day to reflect and make new goals for the next birthday. Landmarks you want to be at, new bars in your life raised (not the partying kind here) but think of it as a ladder. An unending ladder of life. What’s the next level you want to go to? 

For me this next year will entail fitness and business. To be bold in my adventures. Waking up each day asking myself what will it take for me to get to —- level today? What can I do to build upon what I have been doing? Meditation, visualization and even some crystals could play in the mix. 

Do you have a tradition you do on your birthday? Or do you just let it be a special day that passes? Take action on your birthday and renew your New Years goals. Dust off those goals you have pushed out of the way due to life getting busy and get back to it. Even if it is just taking better care of yourself it is a step up!! 

When we take bold moves the best experiences come from them!! Don’t be in the same place next year on your birthday!! Get moving!! 


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