Vertimax Anyone?

My beloved fitness partner in crime calls this Vertimax the Death Star. She gave it the nickname when we were taking them out of the box and packaging. Her words were “that doesn’t even look like it would be fun.”  Now I absolutely love this thing!! It gives the best results in the least amount of time. All the women I put on this contraption as they call it all agree it does do its job!! These are my babies in the gym! Have you ever been on one? Ever tried it? 

Give me 30 minutes of your time, three times a week and I can help you create changes in your body. It works with your body weight and resistance. 

If we would embrace the thing then positive changes come. Isn’t that the way with everything in life? I mean I dislike exercising or I should rephrase that. I can think of 100 other things to do besides plopping my booty in front of this thing and strapping on the ankle wraps and hooking up to it. Esh and I made a pact for a year no excuses. Only if one of us had a fever could we cancel. For one year we did it. We would both think of reasons why we shouldn’t go to the gym. It’s to cold. It’s to hot. I am hungry. I mean the list goes on and on. But we came in anyway at 4pm everyday and did it. Once we got going we felt a ton better. We had more productive lives because we pushed ourselves inside that gym. 

The look when I tell people it’s Vertimax day is so funny. It’s a universal look. Our athletes hate it when it’s ab day on it. They all ask if they can pass my ab workout!! Is there something else to do besides that!! What the heck! I’m in no way at their level of fitness but come on. It is really not that bad!! 

So if you haven’t tried it go try it! I love this thing! It’s amazing!! It’s called a Vertimax and this little square can do amazing things for your body! It’s not just for athletes or models. 


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