Are You Enough?

Talking and Coaching many people I have come across a common theme and would like to share with you a different perspective about life.  Let me ask you this… I have watched, experienced, coached people that want more in life but often just do little to get what they want.  For example, you want to quit your job and start a business because you are unhappy with the hours, stress or want more freedom.  But your actions are exhaustion when you get off work, you don’t get up early, or on lunch you aren’t making the calls you need to do or market your new business to get it up and going.  But yet you want it so bad!

I compare it to this, if you sit on the couch all day and do nothing then that is because you really don’t feel you are enough, you are afraid and you are afraid of becoming a failure.  We can mask it any way we want to by saying to ourselves no that isn’t the reason.  Not enough time is an excuse, it really is.  We all have the same amount of time in each day.  It is how you use that time that makes the world of difference.

If you reject yourself first, then you don’t have to deal with others rejection of you.  We often manifest the very quiet beliefs in our mind.  If you are fearful of being rejected, the very outcome of doing nothing or very little manifests those results, so your proof of people will not buy my product, or they will not like me is manifesting. You have rejected yourself and your efforts before other people could have a chance to.

So how do you turn it around? You look past that momentary feeling of fear, you move towards what you feel uneasy about doing and you do it.  Everyday until you are not fearful anymore.  You work through your own negative self talk and begin to make changes. With any change you will grow into a new person. The non action has become a habit and you can learn and change into new habits.  Hire a coach, read a book, and apply the action steps.  That is the bottom line.  Get after your dreams and live life! There is no reason why you can not have something you want. There is no reason why you have to think others will reject you or you rejecting yourself!

Get after life and start to live it to the fullest! Do not let fear get in your way! Fear is a temporary feeling! Action steps feel so much better when you begin to do them and gain momentum in your goals. Go For It!


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