Life Is Like A Snow Globe

What happens when things don’t go your way? So you are zooming along and doing well right? Things are happening in a positive way, your head is in this game of Law of Attraction, you have your lucky rock, your mantra going and all your visualizations going everyday.  Right? Man that is a lot of work isn’t it.  You keep reminding yourself focus on what you want, what makes me mad isn’t want I want….

Then BAM, it happens, someone comes into your sphere and shakes it up like a snow globe.  Shake, shake, shake, shake… then your like what the crap? I was doing so well, what happened? Why did this happen? And that would be the test, that would be the game of life. This is where you can repeat the pattern or learn to evolve as a human being, because we are not perfect.

Now do you sit there and say to yourself no matter what victory is mine? Or do you get all wrapped up in the drama and let it consume your mind and actions? Do you quickly say to yourself, for example this person is saying mean things, do you think you know I wouldn’t want to trade places in life with him/her, so what they have to say means little to me.  Or do you do a self check and say is this really what I want to attract more of if I step into it?

For me I do the above paragraph and do a quick check of the path I see that person going on.  Do I want to join them on their path or do I continue on my path? We continue to keep having these tests not because we are being punished for something, we continue having them so we can grow into a person we want to be.  To get different results you have to be a different person, this includes different reactions to life situations.

To get something you have never had, you have to be someone you have never been.  I use to dislike this saying so much, but it is so true! It is such a fun part of the journey.  Start looking at life as though it is 100% for you.  That life supports you in every way.  IF it didn’t you wouldn’t get tested so much!!

Well honestly the last sentence of “you wouldn’t get tested so much” is more like a coping skill or a new perspective for your life.  Life can be fun, it should be fun, a change of perspective is sometimes all we need.  Go after tasks full force, full of life to keep moving forward.  Enjoy life!

~Much  love to you all


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