Power of Worrying

Where do you put your faith? This isn’t a blog post about religion it’s a post about where your focus is.

Do you worry? Do you stress yourself out over worrying? Do you replay your circumstance over and over in your head day after day? Careful you are starting a habit there and reinforcing it every time you do this.  You reinforce the neural pathway of going down the path of worry and that my friend leads to more worry behaviors.

Think about this.  Where do you put your faith? Is it in your worry? Or is it in the situation you want to happen? Are you thinking about the job promotion or you thinking about if someone else will take it from you ? Are you thinking about the incredible night you will have with your family or you thinking about the drama one person can bring to dinner? Where do you put your faith? It should always be focused on good outcomes not on bad what if’s.

If you do catch yourself worrying about the negative what if situation you can stop the habit and start to say “this is going to turn out better than expected.” Or “I can’t wait to see how well this turns out.” Why not have the expectation of the situation turning out better than worry?

An example of this is being a parent.  You are with your kids a lot and routines, verbiage and attitudes are usually constant.  I use to play this game all the time with our family.  First you usually have a pre-conceived notion who has what attitude, what sets them off, what they want and how they behave, right? (Can do this with a significant other too) I mean if you were put into a car and it is a long ride you can pretty much guess who will be the first one to say they have to go to the bathroom or who will start to complain 15 minutes into the ride.  You already know, right? Now to test the theory that all change starts within yourself first, we begin with a simple step.  Instead of focusing on who is going to say or do what we begin to say today is different, today is going to turn out way better than I ever expected.  You are sending out a different vibe into your space.  You are tweaking your frequency a little bit.  I believe there are different levels to this, and yes others instinctively feel this and this is what makes those around you change.  Starting out with simple steps works, we don’t have to complicate this process at all.  We are putting more faith into a better outcome than we are in the worrying about the negative.  By stating those simple words you are going to make progress for you day and be able to enjoy it.  I have done this with one of our daughters when we hit a rough patch.  Hormones, being a typical child, and finding her place in the world can lead to some unwanted outbursts or back talk.  I find when I dwell on the positive outcome of peace, understanding and being helpful not hurtful we have more peace in the house.  When I let my focus shift to irritation, the backtalk, or being difficult I find I receive a lot more of that behavior.  It is fun to watch the shift, it can be immediate or it can happen over the course of a couple of hours.  But it does shift, and it does get better. Try it out for yourself.

Worry is just our fear of the unknown outcome, all the unknowns, and people are always unpredictable.  Have you ever been proven wrong about a person? Think about it, we all have our routines, our ways of dealing with issues but sometimes, once in awhile someone will react differently and we are all surprised by it.  Maybe they reacted differently is the exact reason why we should put out the thoughts it will turn out better than expected! Maybe someone had the thought of it will turn out better than expected, and thus created a change in someone else.  ALL CHANGES START WITH YOU!  You want a different outcome then you establish different habits.

~Much love to you all


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