Words are Just Words After All, Right?

Words, we use them all day long, in constructive ways or in negative ways.  We were brought up with the saying “sticks and stones can break our bones but words will never hurt me.” Well that’s a lie. I think that was someone that wanted to show you that no matter what you said you could not hurt them, but on the inside they were hurt deeply.

Why would we use them to break people down? Break ourselves down? Talk ourselves out of amazing ideas? I heard an interview the other morning that made me rethink a belief I had all my life.  I heard Michael Jackson talking about channeling his music and lyrics.  He woke up at 3 am one morning, called his manager and said I have to make this track, I have to record this song that I got while sleeping.  The manager said OK, we will get to it first thing in the morning. Michael said NO, if I don’t do it now then Prince will have it.  He was talking about the Universe or God, whichever you want to call it, doesn’t discriminate.  He gives you an idea, an intuition, a passion and if you don’t act on it, then he will give it to the next person.  I was always raised with the belief if you miss it the first time around it will come back to you.  I absolutely love when new information is brought to the table and you can question your own belief, look at your own life, test out the new theory to see if it could fit into your world and change according to your own theory.

Words we say to ourselves and others are so powerful.  Not only is the spoken word powerful when we write it down it contains even more gusto.  Our words are the bridge between what our heart really wants and our God or Universe.  Our words literally turn into flesh.  Jay-Z has said many times you can speak your future into existence.  It really is not magic or unknown.  What we speak about we bring about.  What we say we want, such as peace but are angry we aren’t ready for peace.  We still want to make the other person pay and we will manifest what we are feeling because the words we speak to ourselves are far more powerful than what we say to others.  Why is that? Think about it, when we are upset, we act one way to keep a certain reputation, but on the inside a storm is brewing and explodes eventually. Have you ever done this? Is your personality the type that keeps things in that bothers you until you explode?  Do you see how keeping it in, not just letting it go brings more of the same icky energy to you? Words really do matter, words really can hold you back or push you forward.

What if you told yourself all day long, you can do it, you got this.  That the problem has a solution, just look at the situation differently.  Here is one I use when I am not sure of the situation, but I do know I want it to turn out better than those negative thoughts that creep up: My trust fund is gigantic! Only good can come from this! I can’t wait to see what good comes from this! The perfect solution is here now, and I accept it fully.  I expect only the best outcome and I receive it. For this I am extremely grateful.  Believe it, see it and you will!

Not knowing the ending is just fear, and I think fear stands for Fearing Everyone else is Always Right. We put more value on them instead of our own instincts and knowing what is right for ourselves.  Don’t let those fearful words creep up on you today or any day for that matter.  Use your words to empower yourself not lose power.

~Much love to you all


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