So often I share, inspire and lead with what I have experienced with myself or my clients with you. These past couple of months I have debated in sharing my own story or journey in one area of my life wth you all. To see how a coach handles things for herself. To peak into what an”expert” goes through on a daily basis and struggles of her own. 

I have been ignoring health area for a long time. I just go on my merry way day in and day out. Coaching others not to ignore the white elephant in the room and tackle the issue head on. Well today is my day to finally tackle my white elephant in the room and once and for all get a handle on it. 

Waking up and going to bed with chest pain is not fun. It is mainly due to hormones out of control and I was told this with my last pregnancy, that hormones mess with my heart big time. When the time came and my estrogen levels would begin to be all over the place I would HAVE to do something about it. So laying awake with this achy feeling in my back next to my spine, achy feeling going down my left arm and into my face it can put things in perspective real quick!!!  Questions went through my mind as is this it? Have I done everything I wanted to do in life? Have I served enough? Been a good enough person? What about my kids? My husband and my family and friends. It is an awaking that just sucks when it gets to this point. 

I have always empathisized with my friends and clients when they go through these questions. Tackled each question, answered it through my heart and game plan for action steps for each one. Now it’s my turn. No I haven’t done everything I want yet. No I’m not ready to have these issues. And NO I’m not ready to live in fear of what’s going on with my heart. So I’m taking action steps starting today. A rebirth of myself in so many ways that will make positive changes not only with me but those around me. 

So for a couple of months I will be writing about struggles, how I am working through them by example. Busting through my own excuses and looking at each excuse for what it is. A  big lie, a fear and there is no reason why I should be fearful. The alternative I don’t want and it’s pushing past limits and going for life. 

In the next couple of months I will conquer exercise, eating right, drinking more water and most of all fear busting. Because really why would I be fearful of being healthy? Being the best me I can be. When you think about it that’s just silly. So why do I fight myself? Why wouldn’t I put myself first and my health? Heck it can’t be that hard to make a protein shake, exercise 30 minutes three times a week, drink a heck of a lot more water and eat better. It shouldn’t be that hard to even take a daily vitamin. But for some reason I have made it impossible to get those things done everyday. My excuses I tell myself are comical at times and I’m sure I will share those with you all. 

My husband and I own a gym. So gym membership is not a problem. My healthy cooking is not a problem. I come up with the nose creative heathy dishes that others seem to healthy for them. I mean I don’t go outside and get tree bark and blend it in a blender but the looks I get I might as well. This is a lifestyle change not only for me but us as a family. Lead by example and I have a feeling changing this part of me will only lead to bigger and better changes. 

Much love to you all 

You can share with me any suggestions, support or your struggles 🙂 


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