What is Fear?

What is fear? What does it do for us and what does it not do?

Fear and intimidation is only a smokescreen!! It blinds us, wraps us into a made up automatic story that we have on instant replay in our brain when we come up against something.  If we are faced with a situation that we say “oh crap, I can’t do that”, or “that is just to hard to do” then our automatic story laced with fear that confirms it is to difficult of a task to do comes playing in our head.  A smokescreen to verify our fear is what we do to ourselves.  When just on the other side of that smokescreen is the exhilaration, the fun, the love, the surprise and the accomplishment of the task! Get past the smokescreen, convince your brain you are safe and you are going to go for it and see what the outcome is.  The effort is well worth it, rather than staying still or stuck where you are.  We are meant to be in constant motion, we are meant to go forward rather than in reverse.  The joy you feel after going through that smokescreen is powerful and amazing.  It gives you the feeling and proof life is worth everyday we get here.

Let’s apply this to daily life.  Because I absolutely love the action work of applying what we learn.  This is where so many of my clients and myself slip up. We wait patiently on the couch or in the house for things to change without doing any steps to improve it.  In any company you work for, you are essentially selling a product or yourself to get people to like you or buy from you. Right? Take multi-level marketing. When we buy into this company we automatically think our up line is going to help us make the big bucks.  Whether we like the product or not we are in it for the dream of residual income.  Now in my experience working with MLM clients that want to make it to the top, if you don’t have some sales or “wins” in the first 30 days then the momentum slows down. Excuses pop up like my up line won’t help me like they promised, or no one wants to buy from me, I can’t find anyone that wants to join my team.  Ok, while these can be valid points, I also see the up lines view.  A great, incredible up line is not here to hold your hand. That is the smokescreen you have to get through.  A great up line teaches you to be your own leader. You are essentially joining a company to become the next great leader. You don’t want to build a team of followers, you want to build a team of leaders that will in turn teach others to lead.  This really should be included in the sales pitch.  IF you are open to learning and doing the self improvement you will make strides in MLM. That is why so many love the industry, it is life changing IF you can get past the smoke screen, do the inner work and outside results show up.

The best example I can come up with is when I was working with an MLM company our up line was accessible to us. She lead us, she didn’t babysit us. If you produced numbers then you got attention. I didn’t understand until she shared her story with us all. When she first started with the company she was young.  I believe she was in college and to make extra money she sold bibles.  She was relatable because she was so shy, she had an accent, exchange student, and what I loved is she would literally hide under the table at shows to not have to talk to anyone.  She avoided what she had to do to make money.  She went through the motions everyday, she read the bible, so she could answer questions, she did the ordering, she did all the work to be prepared to sell her bibles door to door or at shows.  The only thing she didn’t do was the actual work to make the money, she hide behind the smokescreen. She was prepared, she knew what to say, who to say it to, how long it could take to sell a bible, but she just couldn’t open her mouth to sell it.  I laughed because I was shy too at one time. I would turn bright red if someone talked to me that I didn’t know. How many times have you done all the paperwork, read all the materials, did all the busy work but when it was time to open that mouth to speak you froze? Then you wondered why it isn’t working?

You are being to hard on yourself, this is simple A to B movements.  A can be all the busy work but B is the actual action that comes from your words, thoughts and beliefs.  Throw those shoulders back and look up and go for it! Walk through that smoke screen everyday, sometimes over and over in one day, to get what you want in life! We have to complicate the most simple things, we are all leaders, we are all very capable of success.

I am often asked to join this team or that team because I would be so good at MLM. I was good at it, I got what you had to do to be a success, but I found I can inspire, teach and help others more.  I enjoyed that process more than doing it myself.  We all have our own specific talents, we all have a gift.  For example, I had a friend that did nothing but mow lawns and landscape.  We would say hey do you want to go out for dinner tonight and he would say no he wanted to go to landscape appointments. We would think he was crazy back then. Before to long he began to get awards for best looking yards for his customers, he was getting recognized for what he loved to do.  It came naturally for him, that was his gift. Take what you truly love to do and do it to the fullest, help others with what you enjoy doing and before long a new path in life will come about.  If those that doubted you needed proof, use that to lift them up and show them how you did it too. Go for you dreams, I can not say it enough. It is never to late, it is not just meant for some people, it is meant for everyone.

~much love to you all


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