Shedding Your Skin

Today I shed my skin, I live my life the way I want no longer by what I think others want me to! My pre-sent is all my thoughts in my past letting me know its time to embrace and live! Just breathe through the unknown and go for it! That was a post of mine 6 years ago on a blog I once had. It’s interesting and fun to see where I was six years ago and I can actually track my progress from that moment. I literally took those words to heart and I changed. I no longer put up with what was going on around me, I no longer settled for less than what my heart knew I deserved. Looking back doors did open up, new doors, it was scary, fun and sad all at the same time. I came up with an acronym back then and began to live by it. I AM….. I do believe what you put after those two words is very powerful but I broke those words down into a formula for a life change. It looks like this I+A=M each letter stands for a word to help change your life. I is your intuition + A is for action = M is manifestation.

Now I am writing a book about this little simple formula I can share that every thing up to this point in our lives is truly about our past. We act on autopilot so much, our thoughts, habits, behaviors and reactions. Have you ever wondered why we get angry? 9 times out of 10 is due to fear.  Even the small things, such as once my son was climbing or scaling our staircase. On the outside of it, if he fell he could have gotten hurt. I got angry and snatched him off the stairs and said don’t you know you can get hurt? He was two at the time, he was a full on boy and loved to climb everything. Was he hurt? Was he truly old enough to have the thought process of if I do this then this could happen? No he was two, he told me when I asked him what he was thinking he stated “It looked like fun.” As simple as that, I told him I got angry because I was afraid he would have fallen and gotten hurt. I hugged him so tight and gave him kisses, relieved he was safe.  I began to look at anger in a new way. How many times when we do get angry it is mostly out of fear. Fear of unknown, fear of pain, fear of losing something, just flat out fear.

To start out this post about shedding my outer skin and living in a new one, this is a huge fear trigger. Do not let your old thoughts and beliefs block you from a new experience, a new you. Sure you can get your haircut, you can workout, but what needs to truly be changed is on the inside for the outside changes to really stick and work in your favor.  Maybe you are in a place that you need change right now, like yesterday, but when you wake up in the morning that weight on your back is still just to heavy. I would first tell you to release that weight, give it up to the universe, or God or whomever you believe in.  Why think about that weight all day and night? Why worry about that circumstance? Is it happening right now in front of your face? Are you having that talk, that confrontation right this second? IF not then why are you going over the scenario in your head time and time again? It’s like we go along our day, tooting along, and then we think “oh let’s bring up in our head, let’s already live through that confrontation in my head’ because I haven’t thought about It in awhile. For example say you are having an issue with your teen, spouse or boss. You think you will have to have a talk, a fight, a debate, you dread it all day long, maybe even for a couple of days. You live this scenario out in your head over and over, you are fighting and discussing an event that hasn’t even taken place yet!! How silly is that! You could instead be filling your head with other things that are positive, that is achieving your goals, or brainstorming on new ideas. If the future hasn’t happened yet, then why are you predicting it? Begin to see well yes what I think can happen could, but something so much better could happen too. Give the situation a chance, give yourself a chance.

~much love to you all



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