Hunting or Farming? Which One Are You?

On a previous post I asked the question are you a hunter or a farmer? A hunter is one who goes after the goal and nails it or kills it. That goal is the only thing on the radar and you work for it everyday. You wake up thinking about the goal, you focus on it all day long and you know it will happen. Now a farmer takes his time to get to the goal. They plant the seeds, they water the idea, they cultivate the relationships that will bring them closer to that goal. Which one are you?

Heck I encourage you to be both. I mean why not? We all start out as a farmer, we all have ideas, we plant them in our big wish gardens and sometimes we wait to see which one will take off first and then we are a hunter on achieving the goal. If you are not a hunter it is a skill set you can acquire and use. It is not some magical fairy dust sprinkled over the successful people.  Goals were made to be set high and crushed often. I love the idea of being a farmer and cultivating the friendships and relationships with people. But I think the advantages of being a hunter and going after the goal is a more sure way of reaching your goals. A farmer reminds me of so many of my clients and I have done this too. You put a goal out there, you might write it down, you might think about it, talk it over with yourself of those closest to you. That is the planting part and watering your idea in your garden. Then sit on it, waiting for it to come to you, waiting for it to manifest with doing very little work. Why should you do work? I mean the Law of Attraction states ask, believe and receive it right? It should be that easy, I mean why can’t it just fall into our laps? Or, would you rather take your own life, the one you were handed and make things happen? You have that power to make it happen, you have the power to speed it up and maybe have better things fall into your lap.

I can understand not being a “social” person, not liking to get up and talk to people, but that is a fear of rejection. If you are wanting a successful business than how can you NOT talk to people? One of my clients said that to me once, she just couldn’t see herself talking to new people. When you ask me for help, when you want me to coach you, I do make you step way outside your comfort zone. But guess what, you will get so much more out of your life. You will have the skill set of a farmer and a hunter.

How do you go about becoming a hunter? What is it you want? What is it that you really want to achieve. It is immediate results? Is it a month from now, or a project that might take six months to a year? Do you want better health? We can tackle this as an example. What is the first thing most people do? They hop on a scale, right? Heck that right there can either deflate you or it can make you stuck or it will light a fire under your butt. Only three choices on this example most people do, so you don’t like the number that appears. So what, what goal do you have now? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to feel better, have more energy? Do you want to look healthier? Because caking on makeup and coloring your hair is only temporary fixes to the problem. First I have you make a list, on one side of paper you list all the reasons why you want to be healthier. Keep in mind this isn’t just a quick exercise, I ask tough questions, such as what are you really holding onto? Being unhealthy is a symptom of some emotional block you either don’t want to deal with or you have stuffed so far back in your mind you can’t remember it. Eat to feel better, like emotional eating or don’t eat? On other side you list all the steps you can take, you google steps to get new ones, you join facebook groups, you pintrest, you do research to get out of your own limiting thoughts and break open. Next we pick three, when I did this I picked downsizing my large to a small soda or mocha, cut out fast food and I began to stretch everyday. That is for the first week, you do take baby steps because in the beginning you have to prove to yourself you can do this. This is building you up to be a hunter, to have that mentality that what ever you put your mind to you can achieve it! You can do it. You can put this formula in for more income coming in, more views on your blog posts, more copies of your book being sold, more positive people coming into your life, your job or a project. Each week you up your game and plan of attack to get your goal. Isn’t this better than just sitting around waiting for that goal to manifest?

~much love to you all


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