Been To Rock Bottom Before?

Have you ever hit rock bottom? Like sitting on the floor and crying your eyes out wondering either how did I get here or I want out of this situation and by God I’m doing it.  You may not realize but in that moment, that moment of when it all stands still this is a point of awareness. We have mini ones all the time and we change direction in life. But our “rock bottom” points of awareness are the usually the most powerful ones that move mountains in our lives.  I don’t think or like to use the words rock bottom because you are not really at the bottom of anything.  You are actually stepping up in life, you are making a choice you may have not wanted to make yet but are now ready to. Then guess what, you are moving upwards, you are about to catapult into change and that is always a good thing.  If we truly wouldn’t have allowed ourselves to get so fed up, so upset, so desperate, we wouldn’t have made these crucial decisions to change in life.  It’s as if you have put a stop to the confusion, put a stop to the pain and said that is enough! I am getting over this mountain and it starts today!

When we are in our most fragile time we harness the most valuable information.  People usually can find direction in life when they get fed up with a situation.  When it seems like we keep banging our head up against the same wall over and over we eventually get through that wall by going over it. We release that block and we move up and over the problem.  Does it happen overnight? Well the passion and determination happen in an instant, the moving of the mountain can sometimes take a little while depending on what you are trying to do.

I know people struggle with different things in their lives. I have had many struggles and each one I have found my body can withstand almost anything, it is my mind I must convince. Our minds are incredibly strong when used for good in our lives or used for negative thoughts. What is in the past is in the past, trust me when you replay it, it has nothing new to say.  When you are constantly finding yourself at war with yourself, trust me you will not move or win. Release the story and begin a new one. For example, one of my clients is going through a hard time with an ex. Her story she repeats everyday is vomiting everything new he has done in the past 24 hours, can be towards her, the kids, or someone in the store. Literally I know his every move and I don’t even know him. She is convincing herself, making the belief stronger and stronger every time she speaks or thinks these things so she is essentially brining more of it to her. We started with an hour a day she could not speak his name or think about him in any negative way. An hour, is all I asked for, we struggled through this hour experiment for 4days. I know it was difficult, she was hurt, confused and angry, she had every right to be but she couldn’t see that making him first in her life still she was blocking what she wanted. As we moved through the exercises and making that hour a lot longer each day she found that she began to let go, make more time for her stuff and she got a lot more done each day. Not to mention she began to enjoy life more. She did have one of those rock bottom moments on her bathroom floor but that catapulted her to higher ground.

Same with finances, when you dwell on how much you do not have everyday then you have to keep those circumstances around you. Why? Because you are telling your brain you don’t have enough to do enjoyable things. So the brain believes you, so it has to keep proving to you that you can’t so therefore it only manifest more lacking experiences. Try this experiment, for a week only look at the world with I have more than enough. You are now sending the opposite to your brain, you are sending the messages that you do have more than enough and if it can give you lack it can give you experiences of having more than enough. It’s a fun experiment, the longer you can do it the more rewards you reep.

So for those of us that have had rock bottom moments, do not worry, you are not weak. Instead you are the opposite. Your mind is telling you it has the answers, it has the problem solving capabilities you just have to listen. Often in those times of our eyes flooding we begin to listen to the intuition of I can do this.  🙂

~Much love to you all




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