Let’s Get It Done!

Some days you just have to get all the things you dislike doing out of the way right off the bat. Then it really feels like a productive day when you did all those bottom of the pile things and guess what it is done!! My three year old has been helping me all morning get this massive to do list done. Although I was not looking forward to doing these things she made it so much better.

Why do we put off things  dislike but we know we need to get them done? Why does it take a boss getting upset, a deadline passing, things getting shut off or shut down, and then you have that uneasy feeling on your shoulders everyday until it is done? Must be our wonderful psychology of looking the other way even though we know we need to get it done. The word that comes to my mind is procrastination!!! Is it simply us fighting with ourselves saying “Please don’t make me do this.”

The best way to get things done is simply to begin. We are not necessarily lazy so don’t get hard on yourself here. Sometimes the thought of tackling the mess, chore or job invokes fear, anxiety or some other negative emotion.  That little to do list, you know the one that you wrote down that has important things at the top. The first day you are to complete it, the things at the top get rolled over onto the next day and the next and the next, and before you know it, those items are now at the bottom of the list but they still need to be done!! Awe, yes the art of oh crap, that was on my list to do but I forgot. I’m thinking you didn’t forget it completely, it is called avoidance! Ha-Ha we all do it, but this is where we literally need to dig deep and do what we don’t want to do and get it done.

We are going to go back to being productive about our goals. Sure paying bills on time isn’t really a productive goal towards our big goal but in away it shows us how much determination and dedication we can give to our big goal. Think about it, if we don’t do the little mundane tasks each day, which is habit, the bills and going to work each day are a constant in our lives, how can we be disciplined enough to learn the new skills we need to achieve the much bigger things? It’s like hopping on a bike when you have never ridden one before utter the words “I got this” and just sit there because you have peddled to get yourself going. You having this means you are stuck there until you figure out you peddle over and over and over until you build up the momentum to glide. Or you may have found yourself at the top of a hill and you put your feet up on the bars and you go 50 down the hill only to crash because you have no clue how to steer the bike. Either way you will crash and burn because the habit of doing something small over and over wasn’t established in your brain. So we start over….

We begin to see the little things in life, the irritating things we do over and over just prep us for the much bigger goals we truly want. When we say I just don’t feel like it right now, you aren’t changing the option. You will still need to do it. IF it is something that has a deadline (which almost always it does have a deadline) you will still have to find more time on a different day to do it. Just get it done! Just work through the irritating emotion of having to do it and do it. 🙂

That mental toughness is persistence, and you looked procrastination dead in the eyes and said Ha! I did it! Even if you set a timer for 5 minutes, tell yourself you will do the task at hand until the timer goes off. Not tell yourself you will do it in 5 minutes! Tricky, but I caught ya. In that 5 minutes of doing the task you have changed your perspective of being able to get it done, the anxiety or fear has been side lined for 5 minutes. If it has been side lined for 5 minutes then you have now proven to yourself that it can be side lined for 10 minutes or 15 minutes! It is truly all about facing that fear or anxiety inside of yourself and just getting it done. That crazy little fear monkey on your shoulder has quieted down and you can get the task done!

If you need assistance or a starting point with your goals, big or small, in personal or business and want or need help getting over the fear of it all. Or starting the goal contact me mindsdochange@aol.com and we will start a week free consult. We can get a lot done in a week.

~much love to you all



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