It’s Your Life So Live It

It’s your life… How many times have you heard this? Growing up with you are small adults tried to say this without giving you to much independence in your thought process. Because you could use it to rebel a little. 🙂 Or when you turn the magic number of 18 and all of a sudden you are an adult and it’s now your life, do what you want to with it. I think if we like this line, repeat out loud to ourselves or to others then we should explain the meaning behind it.

Although it is my life, boy so many people around me like to tell me how I should be living it. So therefore what they are really saying is it is “our” life. When you are single and not a parent, it is completely your life in a nutshell. When you begin to have others depend upon you, it is a joined life. There are new boundaries, some areas you do share and some you do not. But when do we get to set our own direction? Get to set the pace? Set the rewards for goals achieved? When does blame and shortcomings begin to belong solely to yourself and not anyone else? And your success in life is solely your responsibility?

When did our personal goals for success become so intertwined in others opinions of ourselves? Do you have the mind power to be able to separate their words from your own in your head? Take for example I know many moms that feel weighed down every day. This weight is put upon themselves, they wake up in the morning thinking of all the days chores. Laundry, work, cleaning, taxi cab driving, cooking, kids stuff that needs to be done, spouses stuff that needs to be done, and they put themselves on the very bottom of the list. This is just the basics of anyone who has a family, add to it if there is illness, trauma, drama, divorce, death, school and a side business they are trying to start. How the heck do you get yourself up to the top of the list and feel good with energy everyday?

One you put yourself first even if it is every other day. You have to follow your own vision, that whisper in your heart, making yourself first is priority. If you continue to make others wants and needs a priority over yourself you will be in the same place you are right now a year from now and so on. How do you make time you ask? You make yourself make time for yourself. It sounds simple but I have had my clients literally take a notebook around with them all day for 3 days. It only takes me three days to prove this point. You literally list everything you do and amount time doing it. From getting ready, time wake up, your routines, how much time you  spend doing each activity as you do it during the day. What I have found is we can carve our me time by cutting social media down, even 10 minutes earlier to wake up and a new bedtime routine. With everyone having the same 24 hours in a day, we can literally make new habits to start your dreams coming true.

Changing your perspective and not making anyone else less important in your world, can making your wants and goals happen too. You can have it all. It’s not a myth, it does happen and why not have it happen to you too? You can set the pace of your life, you can ignore the negativity that comes out of others mouths toward you. You are more than capable of achieving everything you want in life. Even if you didn’t know what direction to go, massive action produces results. What I mean by that is say you want to make more money. You have all of these ideas, passions, and no direction. What do most people do? They sit on it because one or two people might have said something negative to them about it. Heck no! Instead massive action is networking, engaging others outside that circle of negativity, writing it all down, eventually new doors will open. New direction will form and guess what you will be on your way to success and the next step will open up. A purpose, like an arrow pointing the way. The only person you can blame is yourself, it is not your ex’s fault, parents fault, kids fault on why you haven’t lit your fire under your booty to get to moving. So get moving!!

~much love to you all



2 thoughts on “It’s Your Life So Live It

  1. Very inspirational can you help me do this? Most days I feel overwhelmed with life in general and I do have a habit of putting everyone else first!! I feel there is never any me time.

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