What Do You Want Out of Life?

What do you want in life? What do you want out of life? What are you willing to do in life to get what you want?

Ever since the debut of “The Secret” it has seemed like more and more people have this expectation of grand things but do nothing to get them. It is like they literally expect to sit on the couch and wait for that new car to pull up in the driveway, or the new house to fall into their lap. Or the million dollars to just appear in their account. The “new way” of thinking is if I believe I can have it, just say a bunch of mantra’s all day, visualize it as mine and know it is mine already then wa-la I must be receiving it. Does it really work that way?

There is no right or wrong answer because I have known people to have money just show up unexpectedly in expected and unexpected ways. I have seen people literally get handed houses for little or no money down and live in them happily. I have seen new cars be given to people that really needed a new car for free. So yes it can happen, yes it does happen and I’m not saying it can’t happen. But when has anything been worth it, really worth it when it was given to you free?

In Multi-Level marketing when someone buys you in, do you work as hard? When we give our oldest a new phone, it is usually broken or cracked in about 2 or 3 months time. She bought her last one with her money and it has been almost a year and it just got cracked. When you cheat on all your tests in all your classes in school, you don’t take the time to learn the skill set you need, what happens? You pass with flying colors but you have no clue what to do in most cases in the real world.

What are you willing to put into life to get the most out of it? Sure it is easy to just sit and wish and hope for things to fall into your lap. What if you took the worry and fear out of meeting new people and trying new things? Are you a hunter in life or a farmer? A hunter hunts for the next thing. Never really satisified but will succeed because they hunt their goals down. A farmer harvests they plant seeds, they water and nuture and then their garden grows. Either way will get you results, either way is action in motion and either way gains you things in life.

I have been both in my life. I switch back and forth depending on the situation I need to accomplish. I use to just sit and wish and wait. I was one of the ones that would sit on my couch and inside my house asking why hasn’t it come to me yet. This doesn’t work, I haven’t gotten what it is I have put on a vision board, or visualized. I got some but not what I wanted ultimately. So I changed my perspective, I re-learned the skills and the one key word I misunderstood. Action… Action is not visualizing, action is not all the busy work during the day such as laundry, action is not writing out the goals,  the action is when you ask yourself “is folding this laundry right now bringing me closer to my goal?” If your goal is to be financially free or get your kids back or new job how is that folding during the day going to get you that? Most businesses, people and opportunities are done during the 9 to 5 hours. Well I think 7 am to 6 pm. If you are doing other stuff to fill your day during these hours and it has nothing to do with those goals then you are NOT doing the action work. You are not putting in the time towards your goals you want. You are fooling yourself, that is the bottom line and a easy excuse to hide behind. Let me ask you this, you want a bank account that would support a Lamborghini, right? Do you see commercials on the TV during your daily routine? If you answered no, think about why… DO you think the people that can afford those luxury items are sitting watching TV? If so, then those commercials would be on. Go one step further, when do you see luxury items on TV? I can think of only one time during the year and they are still very limited to the ads, Superbowl game… Just let that sit for a minute.

Do you need some change in your daily routine? Do you need to revisit that planner and make some appointments, fill that planner up with contacts, lunch dates, coffee dates, networking all day long. Block out times everyday, make this your new priority, we tend to make so many other things top priority that do not serve our purpose. When we begin to enjoy life, by meeting new people, networking, our life purpose comes to life and when we work that purpose the money comes. If you are a stay at home parent, trust me you have a gift more than just serving the family. It is very easy to get labeled, stuck in a habit and pattern. For years I was told I did nothing as a stay at home mom because I wasn’t working outside the home. I struggled with this label for awhile until one day I literally sat down and stopped doing everything for them. It was then I realized how much I really do for others, it was then I began to decide spiltting being a mom and then having a work space. I separate the two and find my balance. I still do things for our family, I still do as much as I can but I have also learned I have goals too and want to achieve them.

Be bold in your goals, go after them, if it scares you then guess what run faster towards them. Use that fear feeling as fuel to go towards, not away. If you do the journey is so much fun!!! Contact me if you would like some fear busting techniques to move you towards your goals or learning balance mindsdochange@aol.com

~much love to you all



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