Choice, Decisions, Which One is The Right One?

Have you ever been faced with difficult decisions, stuck thinking what do I do? Do you argue with yourself and go back and forth all morning, all day and sometimes that back and forth ping pong match goes on for days in that pretty little head of yours?

Or you finally make the choice but have that ping pong match go back and forth in your head with “was it the right choice?” Did I make the right choice? What if it goes wrong? What if there is a back lash towards me? Blah Blah Blah Blah

Why do you drive yourself crazy wondering? Why can’t you push those doubts to the side automatically? Do you know it takes more energy worrying about something than it does to just let it go? You are eating up your energy for the day and future by worrying, doubting yourself and making fear drive you rather than courage and strength. If you made a choice be happy! You made it! There are many people still stuck on the making the decision part. Making a decision opens doors, good or not so good sometimes, but guess what you making a choice will eventually lead to good things.

You took a leap of faith, you jumped off the cliff of life and you are soaring up in the air on your choice. I’m not going to lie, sometimes we do crash and burn after we take that leap. Sometimes we hit rock bottom, don’t want to move out of bed, but you will never ever know an outcome IF you don’t take that leap. If YOU stay in the same spot, frozen, letting that fear monkey jump up and down on your shoulder, you will never ever know what life has in store for you! I can promise the more you take that leap, the more you jump one time or many times you will have success. You will have a full life, you will succeed. We are told this over and over so I am going to repeat it over and over. If you are scared, fearful or unsure, do not walk away from the situation, instead look at it dead in the eyes and make a choice. And act on that choice, throw your shoulders back and look up, look straight ahead. The doubt you pull up in your mind over and over is actually causing that outcome to manifest. What if you decide to not think about it going in a negative way. What if you start to say out loud, in your head, by making this choice the outcome is better than anything I can expect. Begin to turn the tables on a negative situation and believe something better has a chance of happening.

What if the situation doesn’t turn out the exact way you wanted? Are you defeated? Nope. You are not defeated because you didn’t back down, you didn’t give up, and most important you made a choice, you were persistent in your game of life. You have opened other doors in your future with that one choice. They may not have come to light yet but each little choice will open new doors. Keep that in mind. I was once told each little battle does not guarantee a win every time. But in the scope of life, all those little battles won or lost add up. Not every battle was won, not all of them are won in a day. But you have to take the jump to win ultimately.

Changing your perspective about the situation, changing how you look at it will change the outcome. Because it changes your views, opinions and words about the subject at hand. What if your choice goes right? What if your choice or decision was the best one you could have ever made? You just opened up new space in your life for better things to come in. Breath new life into your life! Breath new decisions and direction. Don’t allow the feelings of doom and gloom or being stuck keep you from life.

~much love to you all



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