Why is Asking So Difficult?

Have you been asking for big things or staying small? I mean are you asking for “please let me get $250 today to pay this bill” or are you asking for “What can I do to earn, receive or get an extra $25,000 this week?”

We often ask for the minimum in life. How much are you short changing yourself? Reach for the moon and you may get the moon, stars and galaxy or you might land on the stars. But you asked for more than the minimum. I use to let fear get in the way of me asking for the impossible. Even asking people for items, favors, their time or gifts from the universe. Why let fear get in the way of that?  That fear is a made up story of what we think the outcome could be. Has it happened yet? No, what if the outcome was way better than what you ever thought it could be? You would never know because you didn’t ask for it. Our focus should be on “when I get what I have asked for then I will go do this.”

For example let’s say you are fearful of asking your ex for another night with your child. If you don’t ask then you miss out on the time. If you do ask and it is a yes then heck ya, more time to spend together, you can plan movie night or cuddle time or dinner together. If it is a no then guess what, you were persistent, you did something you were nervous to do, and you can feel good for doing it! It is not a fail, it is a gain because you practiced facing  a fear. That is most important here!

Another example would be if you need to build your client base. You keep saying you can’t or don’t know how. Do you think your client base will build fast if you don’t do anything? If you don’t start talking to people and asking them questions, asking them to try out your product? Asking them to hop on a call with your up line? Asking is so powerful!! It opens the doors to so much in life! It helps you network, get to know people, and gain some pretty amazing people into your life! Asking your universe or God for big things is the first step. Ask huge! It is promised in any book or teaching you learn, it is yours for the taking. So ask, then prepare for receiving it by going out and asking people to try your product. Prepare for the flood of resources that will come to you with that action step.

A friend of mine had a ton of self doubt about going into her own business. We discussed it, talked about it weekly for almost a year. She kept going back and forth. Never moving forward in her business, just working it like a hobby almost, an hour here and an hour there. Then wondering why her business wasn’t looking like everyone else’s. When we really got into the coaching part, really dug deep I had to ask her some pretty tough questions. She turned things around in about a month, she dug deep. She not only asked the universe for her goal, a HUGE goal, she began doing the magic stuff, the asking people, the getting out there and making her calendar full. She began to really use her products and it was showing. Her outlook on life increased, her energy increased, her kids were calmer so therefore she could work her business more. She gave it her all for a month and she moved some mountains. She wasn’t at her goal but she had all the signs from the universe coming at her that her goal was coming to her at lightening speed. It was fun to watch her grow, do and be what she wanted. It works with any goal you have, the impossible is possible for you!

You can start new everyday. What you did or did not do yesterday is in the past, today you can do over. Today is a new day you can begin to get on track with your goals. Let’s get those goals achieved! Email me for a free week consult of laying down goals and action steps at mindsdochange@aol.com  My goal is to help 1000 people in the year 2016 achieve their goals! So I am asking you to email me so I can help you!! Can be personal, business, multi level marketing business, weight loss, family, anything you want but it has eluded you and you haven’t been able to move closer to that goal.

~Much love to you


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