Art of Persistence

What is the number one way I can help my clients get through their fear based thinking? I will give you a huge tip and such a simple one but it works every time. I sum it up with one word…. Persistence

What is persistence exactly? It is an adjective, 1. continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. 2. continuing to exist or endure over a prolonged period 3. remaining attached instead of falling off in a normal manner ~google search definition.

If you don’t have it or feel weak when it comes to the habit of persistence, don’t worry it is like a muscle and it develops with time. The key is not to give up. Your mindset can develop it with these four steps:

  1. a burning desire that has a definite purpose for fulfillment, to hit that goal to hit that want no matter what. Your eye is on the prize (so to speak) and no matter what you are having it. Your day is filled with thoughts and ideas on how to get it, not on how hard it is, or can you end up with it. It is yes I can, I know I can and by God it is obtainable.
  2. A plan, now the plan can change with time, but you start out with a plan. Always have to have a plan or route to go about obtaining the goal. Want a new home? Do you think it will just fall in your lap while sitting in the one you currently have? Nope, talk to people, go look at houses, begin doing credit repair or pay off debt, begin saving, baby steps lead to bigger steps and your goal will appear when you least expect it!
  3. Here is the biggest one!! Your mind has to be closed off to the negative words. It has to be in order to see your goal appear in front of you. You have to believe you can, you have to know you can. If anyone in your sphere or can influence you (relatives, friends, acquaintances and even strangers) are negative it can not shake you and your belief. Discouraging people show up when you start to get on a roll of achievement. they are haters and guess what that is a sign you are close to what it is you want. Your own negative words and doubts have to be shut down while you work. Remember go back to number 1 and re-read it, your day is filled with thoughts and ideas (brainstorm) on how to achieve the goal.
  4. Building your network of support around you is an amazing tool. When not only one of you (yourself) has a goal, you get 2 or 3 other people on board with you in your dream, it is a power house of energy that manifests it in reality. Never underestimate a group of people and what they can manifest.  Get your dream team together and get to work.

If you need proof of what persistence is from your own life, look back and think of a situation where you had to make a choice. The options didn’t look all the great either way.  You weren’t sure of what to do but you made a choice. It does not matter if it was a correct choice the fact is you persisted in spite of adversity to go beyond that moment and follow it through. This is an easy example to start with because you had no emotion tied to the outcome really. Now apply that to something you really want to achieve. You will make choice everyday and hopefully all day long to follow through. Fill your head with your goal, see it, feel it and know if can happen.

If you need reassurance that you can obtain your wish let’s look at Law of Attraction. Every where we read we are assured the universe is abundant.  Correct? There is more than enough every where we look and for everyone. We are taught the universe or God does not want us to live in poverty that we are promised riches. Correct? I recently read a book that stated “Ask me to open doors that look impossible, ask me to connect you to the right people” “universe, you promised it, now I am bold enough to ask you for it.” It is being persistent all day in that thought and knowing you can achieve it. It’s not about asking or thinking of it once a day, it is about thinking about ideas on how to get it and acting on it (belief you can achieve). It is about filling your mind up with belief and faith, and knowing it is yours.

~Much love to you all



3 thoughts on “Art of Persistence

    • One day at a time. It is easy to slip back into a victim mode (I do sometimes too) we are human with feelings and when we have been wronged it is hard to let go of sometimes. But keep your goal on your phone saver screen, a note on your mirror in the bathroom, in the car, anywhere you are most of the day to keep reminding yourself what you are going for!!! You can do it! Always here for brainstorming ideas.. Just reach out

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