Where is Your Focus?

Where is your focus? Where you do you catch it going all day long? Is it on the task at hand or on your worries or what could happen? I swear to-do lists were made to help keep you focused. Now those to-do lists have turned into planners and now you can get all this cute stationary to stick onto your pages in the planners. I am not downing the cute stickers, reminders and inspirational words you stick all over your planners but wouldn’t that be time away from your ultimate goal? And I too will probably get the sticker, cute page stationary bug too. I embrace it all, but the message I keep seeing lately is Focus and Determination.

That good ole focus that is laser like, all day long. If you are just solely focused on your goal then you have no room for that fear or doubt or worry to creep in. Right? Our minds do not allow us to be positive and think nothing but negative. The same principle applies here too, if you are focused on the action steps of your goal then the doubt, fear and worry can not creep in. So what do you do when you have 50 million things to do every day and you just keep adding to that to-do list? It never gets done and you just don’t get what you really done, done?

Let’s first look at this view of how others get it all done in a day. My own experience of when I was growing up, I had very successful parents, both worked jobs (dad was always outside the home, my mom went from outside the home to being able to create a schedule around mine working from home and office). What it seemed like their focus was their jobs and making money and climbing the ladder of success. On weekends the house stuff got done, errands and all that. During the week I was the one that picked up or cleaned after school (chore chart for allowance) and did my sports and homework. Sounds easy and simple right? My parents delegated to me the little time consuming tasks, dishes, vacuuming, sweeping and laundry.

Now let’s time warp to the present day. To our to-do lists and those of others. I am grouping people types here, not everyone falls into these groups, there are always exceptions and I will discuss that in a minute. The stay at home parents (moms and dads) they have a to-do list that usually consists of other peoples wants and needs. For some reason we enable everyone around us to completely depend upon us to get it all done, all their stuff done too so we weed out our personal goals everyday because we are so busy doing for others. We usually don’t take care of ourselves so we are left tired, depleted and drained by time dinner is done. Laundry, picking up toys, running errands, sports the kids are involved in and cooking take up your entire day over and over. It is a cycle we want out of but don’t see the light. Trust me, I have been there, I have said out loud countless times I just don’t have the energy or time to fit anything else in. But when we can change our focus and perspective about what our day is about then we can begin to shift and make new time with new energy.

Let’s look at the parents that work and still have to do what the stay at home parents do too. I’m not putting down anyone that chooses to work or chooses to stay at home. I have been able to stay at home for years now and I have worked while having young children. For me personally I swear if I worked a part time or full time job I got more done in my day. I surprised myself some days with what all I could accomplish. What I came to realize is while we are staying at home we don’t structure our schedule the way we do when we are working outside our home.  For example when growing up we went to school during the day then we had things to do after school. Right? We conditioned ourselves for the future, so when we do stay home it is like winter or summer break, we fill our day with all the things we wanted to get done while we were working. So in a round about way we fill our days with stuff that does not get us to our goals.

The stay at home parents that chose to pick up a job you can work while staying at home with the kids have learned how to balance their days like a regular job. It is not an easy balance because at home we have so many distractions but if you want that goal you have to re-focus and delegate little time consuming jobs to other people. Where is your focus? Is it on your goals, on your cute planner now decorated or is it still stuck in the same pattern that you were doing last year? Where do you want to go this year? What do you want accomplished? Do you still want to be in the same house, job, money situation as you have been for the past year or two? Have you grown any as a person? Have you hit a goal yet that you set out for yourself? Do you want to still be in the same place you are now next year? Heck no!!

Begin to see what sucks most of your time. I could spend a full day doing laundry, literally a full day of washing, drying and hanging up. It is one of the biggest time suckers out there for this house. So I do one to two loads a day during the week. Kids have to hang up their own laundry (time saver for me). May not be perfect, they may stuff it in drawers but when they want to wear a shirt and they can’t find it I can say did you stuff it somewhere you weren’t suppose to when you didn’t want to put your laundry away? I had to learn to give up some of my OCD about not having everything in it’s place. I gave it up so I could focus more on my goals.  I started to shift to make my OCD work for me, wanting to achieve my goal no matter what. I wanted to be in a better place than last year, I wanted to be able to see myself grow and be different.

If you want different you have to do and become different. If you stay the same then you will get same results. If you don’t have a planner, go get one or create on your laptop or phone. Make your planner full of activities that will produce your goal. If  it is calling on people and making appointments then rock it. Get that planner full of appointments. If it is writing, then block out time to write each day. Spend at least 30 mnutes a day on inspirational activities, such as reading, podcasts, listening to someone on YouTube talking about motivation while in the shower. There are ways to get it all done in a day. You just have to be creative and a priority. A new priority is breathing new life into your life.

So get to writing out your plan for the month, break it down into steps each day, know that you have the power inside of you to get it all done. Erase any doubt and fear you have and go for it! You can do it! I know you can! Prove it to yourself you can achieve your goals and believe you can!

~Much love to you



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