Doubt Vs Determination

As the new year creeps in and we are all conditioned to think we can change once the 1st rolls around I am focusing on how to tackle your fears before you even get started for the new year.  But you do know you can start any resolution, any day, hour or minute you want to. You can start today and be ahead of the new year.

I have been doubted many times in my life over the years. Earlier in my life it just made me even more determined to do what they doubted I could do. I would get my feelings hurt a little and I used that fuel to push myself through any limitations. The words others imprinted upon me were usually their own fears of failure and maybe they didn’t want to see me fail but they weren’t even willing to give me a chance. That was not okay with me deep down in my core.

Here’s how it went for me and still does I recently found out.  Me: I announce some idea I have come up with, following my intuition is the best thing in the world for me. It has never steered me in a wrong direction, sometimes I do not understand it, but it always leads me to wonderful things. Now I use to go run and tell everyone my new idea or ideas.  This was one life lesson I had to learn the hard way, this is when the most doubt entered my energy field from other people. When others would say things like “you can’t/shouldn’t do that”, “that won’t work”, “don’t do that”, or “I don’t think that will work”. It would bounce off me and leave an imprint of getting mad over the doubt of me and my abilities. That bounce off was their words and limits, I would take the stance of how dare you. I am already nervous and here you are someone I trust or respect doubting me. So that little fire inside of me grows into a big flame full of determination and focus. That fire is what is needed to push through anyone’s doubt of the idea or my ability.  We all need this fire, determination and focus so use it to your advantage. Instead of thinking well they don’t believe in me or my idea I should quit and just not try. NOPE!! Get your boots on and kick some booty!

Look at it as though this is not their path, their idea, or their intuition speaking to them. It is speaking  to you or they would have gotten the idea and acted on it. Your ideas are just as unique as you are. Your ideas and wants are unique to you, and guess what if that other person had the same idea the outcome will come out different than yours. IF you take two people, have them on the same path with same concept or idea, same tools available to each of them you will get different results. Why? Because we are so unique and special, we have our own empowering ideas of how things should go or get done.  There is nothing wrong with this as long as you build one another up not tear anyone else down.

I do not understand dream stealers or squashers. It is beyond my understanding why you would want to crush someone else’s dreams or ideas.  I got this lesson from a man I was once married to. He was so limited in his thinking that it began to intrude upon my thoughts. For example I was going to do a business from home, it was like AVON, and I was going to go put things on people’s door knobs.  This was over 15 years ago, his comment to me was “you won’t be good at this, you won’t make it big, and what if when you are putting things on people’s doorsteps they take you”. Okay one, why would you tell your spouse you are not good at something? You married me and I married you to build me up and grow together in a healthy way. Not to have you try to break me and mold me into something I am not. So I turned to books and read and applied what I was learning to my life to boost me in the direction I wanted to go. I would share and ultimately teach those around me to go for their dreams, this was easy for me.

Now I am married to someone that challenges me in a healthy way, pushes me outside my comfort zone and occasionally reminds me of that flame deep inside me to reignite it and get determined to live out my dreams. That is what we need in our lives, a circle of supporting people to help push you in a positive direction.

So if you doubt yourself or your abilities that means you should do it. That means you should take baby steps with action steps, it means you should always go for it! You don’t know what the end result will be but I can guarantee that it will be better than just sitting there thinking about it. Worry and doubt are just our over active imaginations, if it is there look at it as a good thing. Look at it as it has shown up to push you into a drive of determination of not backing down, going after what you want and to open up your mind to ideas of how to get it done. It is truly the journey of learning to get over the doubt, to work through the fears that is fun. It is so worth taking the chance to make your life happier.  It may not always work out the exact way you planned but often it works out better than you had ever planned.

~Much love to you


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