Where Does Your Comfort Zone End?

Why in the world do we procrastinate, ignore, put our head in the sand so to speak when we know we need or should do something that will make our lives better? Oh goodness, I could write a ton on this topic. Recently I dove back into some reading, reminding myself of some of the core principles I teach on and every time I dive in I learn something new or I have an AH-HA moment again. Okay, for me I have never been good at eating right or drinking a lot of water all day long. My body can literally run on my favorite mocha or soda. I have cut them way down to just one of each a day and then water the rest of the day. Some days while I brush my teeth at night I think oh crap, I have hardly drank anything today then the next day I find myself tired and mind a little fuzzy due to water flowing through my cells to cleanse my body of yucky stuff. So this is what I am going to work on for 2016, my body and mind and make it the best I can. Our cells renew themselves, thus creating a whole new body, and in some weird way a whole new me. Same goes for you too, eat correctly, drink water for 30 days and you get some power house cells in that body of yours and changes on the outside start to show.

Like Captain Jack Sparrow says “the problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem” hahaha

Great things never come from our comfort zones we stick ourselves into day in and day out. When we are in our comfort zone we tend to have the same routine, same people, same problems, same results. It is when we get outside that comfort zone amazing, magical things happen. When you begin to be daring and have courage to change or change things up is when you get new results. There should be absolutely no fear in change, there should be no room for fear to even make you want to turn around and go back to that comfort zone. Especially if in that comfort zone you are avoiding the very things you should be doing to get the results you want. I am flat out honest and will call you on it every time you stick to that safe zone and tell me you want different. To get different you have to be different, to get different results you have to go different routes. I’m telling ya, watch sports, it is a lot like life. Boxing, football, basketball, soccer, you name it there are different ways to do a play and every time you will get a different result. You don’t throw the same combonation of punches every time, you don’t run the football up and down the field the same plays time and time again. You have to change it up to get what you want. To win, isn’t that what the game of life is all about. You win when you achieve each goal, you put points up on the board when you achieve your goal.

For some those points are a bank account, for others it is literally stat numbers so other teams want them, and some people love to just achieve goal after goal after goal. It is a game for them and it is fun to watch. So do us all a favor and dust off those goals, get out of that comfort zone and get to work!!! Make 2016 the year you get moving, grooving and things done. Sticking your head in the sand day after day won’t even get you a tan, it keeps you in the dark and it’s time for the light to shine in. Make your comfort zone smaller and smaller each day by staying outside of it more than being inside of it. Soon you won’t want to return to that small comfort zone, you will enjoy the mystery out there, where the miracles happen and the fun happens.

~Much love to you all


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