Time, How Much Do You Spend Doing For Others?

Self-Confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how great you are if you can’t see it yourself?

Sooooo  2016 is right around the corner…. How will you use this year to your benefit? Did you achieve all you wanted to in 2015 or do you still have things you didn’t accomplish? Or did you even try? Time is such a precious resource our biggest mistake is thinking we have so much of it. I’m not talking about lack here, I am talking about use your time wisely, use it to your benefit everyday.

Is your calendar full everyday? Or is it wasted away thinking and doing for others? Are you too busy fulfilling your dreams or you thinking y0u have to do so much for others that you don’t have time for yourself? It is ok to do and serve others but the problem is when we begin to think their issues, their lives, their wants are more important than our own.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Stick to your own side of the fence, it is okay to look on their side, visit once in awhile, but do not let it consume your own world. For years I thought others lives were better than my own. I was always doing, wanting, and manifesting for them, I was the ultimate giver by nature. It is okay for me to want to do all this for others, I enjoy doing so, but I would also get burnt out. I would often find myself in a positon on them not valuing all I did, it began to not be enough, I began to be me just giving and never receiving. In the end I would leave bitter and demanding change towards myself, I would begin to say things out loud such as “I don’t feel appreciated for all I do”. When you get to this point, please back up, stand down, and really look at what the situation is. You are giving to much of yourself, you haven’t marked off anything that is important to you on your list. You have not valued yourself or your own needs or wants in this life time and it isn’t their fault. You have given your power away in this situation, you have handed to them your power by making them more important than yourself.

Think about this scenario, you are at work, you work really hard everyday, you do others work because at first you may want to get noticed, you may want to get ahead, you may want to truly just work others jobs for the learning curve. What happens when others start to take credit for you work? What happens when you are over looked every day but you are still working just as hard? It happens all the time in jobs, the feeling is mutual for many people I know and talk to on a daily basis. They are unhappy with their job, their position and want to move. How can that situation get any better? You change your perspective about it. If you want change with anyone or anything, you first have to change your perspective about the situation. You technically don’t have to change on January 1st 2016, you can start today. Your time is the same every day, 24 hours or 86,400 seconds in one day, we all have the same amount to do life changing stuff. I can tell you some of the stuff that won’t get you ahead that I see all the time: watch TV everyday, criticize, fear change, hold a grudge, talk about other people negatively, think they know it all about the situation or person, blame others, entitlement, and never setting goals. To have the success you seek, you must give up these habits and shift towards something new. To have new you must do new, as simple as that.

With 2016 right around the corner, have you bought your new planner? Have you color coded it for activities? Get activities, business strategies,  are you going to get an accountabitlity partner to help you stay focused? You can find a resource of these on line, social media, and if you would like to hire me to help you move mountains in 2016 contact me at mindsdochange@aol.com Let’s get moving!! My mission for 2016 is to help at least 1000 people change their lives for the better. Look for my new facebook and Instagram page coming soon to join.

Grab a pen and paper today, start to make your plans for 2016, make it your year to have, be and do what you have always wanted out of life. It is okay to help others still, but let’s really focus on your wants and  needs. Let’s get you moving to a better life, to achieve what you want to achieve during all your hours here on earth. Let’s move some of those mountains! Make the impossible very possible and have fun doing it!

~Much love to you all


One thought on “Time, How Much Do You Spend Doing For Others?

  1. I love this time of year, and all its goal setting. You made great points of evaluating how we are using our time. It’s so important to avoid burnout!

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