Law of Attraction and Santa

What do the holidays and Law of Attraction have in common? I asked one of my clients this when she was struggling to manifest some items she wanted. Typically answer is manifesting things we typically don’t want all at once. I said ok, dig deeper, what else does it have in common or is similar in what ways? She sat there and finally said I don’t know.

The science behind the Law of Attraction is not wishful thinking, we do not just sit on a couch all day and wish for this or that to appear out of thin air. Yes that would be nice but that really isn’t the fun part. The fun, enjoyable part is using that brain of ours. It truly is a mystery to scientists and if you look at it fascinating to human beings. We use so little of it every day, we under estimate our power and it’s power. Our imagination is limitless, we are the ones who put limits on ourselves by thinking the same thing day in and day out. Our routines set us up for our manifestations. Science is fun, it is trial and error and there is no perfect way of going about it. Once you open up to the possibilities they become endless.

Thinking alone will not manifest or attract what you want. There must be an accompanying energy to it, a burning desire that fires you up. Well at least for the life changing wants, maybe not so much for the toy you want to appear on the shelves because it is a hot item and sold out everywhere. But that burning desire that you want for your life, it has to light you up inside. A no matter what attitude that takes place, you are eaten up with achieving it, will bring it to you.

This is where the holidays and Law of Attraction come together. The belief system, when we are younger we are only really taught to believe in two things we can not see. God being the first if you are even remotely religious. You are taught you do not have to see to believe, we are taught to believe in him and he is everywhere. Now take Santa Claus (for those In the US), we are taught he brings toys to you if you are good. Again, you don’t technically see him all the time but we are told he sees us “when we are sleeping, he knows when we are awake”. Early one we were being molded for Law of Attraction teachings just not in a way for grown ups. We found out there was no Santa so we began to question the belief about many things. We began to ask a ton of questions and depending on the answers and disappointment of not having a real Santa that brings us what we want we either had a positive message or a negative one.  Let me give 2 examples to how this early finding out of Santa is not real can shape our adulthood.

First is a positive way of finding out, we were recently asked by our 9 year old “Is Santa real?” Ugh, what a question, I do not like to destroy the hope or wonder or magic of anything anyone believes in. The blanket answer was of course! We as parents wanted it to be special for her still, and for the younger 3 year old too. But school life being unforgiving she went and tried to share with friends what her dad had said and that didn’t go well. Upset after school the next day I could tell it was on her mind again. So I asked a couple of questions about what the other kids were saying. She shared they made fun of the ones who still believed and called them babies. Well in 4th grade that is a big deal and I get that so I came up with an explanation that still left the choice up to her but she could say something different to the other kids. I let her know like my mom did, her mom did (great grandma) and her mom and so forth, we helped Santa by filling the stockings up each Christmas, we helped him make her dreams and wants come true. Then I asked do you believe in God sweetpea? She said yes I do, of course, I asked do you see him? No, she said, I said then how do you know he is real? She said because I believe, I said exactly. Do you know of other people that don’t believe in God, she said yes, I said are they right or wrong? She said they can believe what they want to, I said exactly, we are all entitled to what we want to believe in. It does not make us right or wrong, it makes us unique. She sat and thought about it, and said well I still chose to believe, I understand what you are saying and thank you for helping him out, but I love the magic of Christmas and I’m not ready to let that go. I said you don’t ever have to let it go, make it special for everyone around you. That is what the holidays are about, belief in miracles that you can not see but know they can come true. The wonder of if it will come true, the hope and most of all the fun of watching them come true.

Now the other way I have experienced first hand is a child at a different school telling everyone in 3rd grade and on the bus Santa is not real and they are stupid for believing in the first place. His mom is a single mom and her reason for never letting him have that Santa experience was because no man figure was going to take from her what she provided for her son. But she also told him never to tell other kids. He hasn’t had the hope or taught to believe in something bigger than himself and his mom.  For some kids when they are left with nope he isn’t real, never was, it can leave a ton of questions in their minds. They are small, younger and their brains are not fully equipped with answers. The information in their brains is from an education up to 4th or 5th grade (if that in some cases), home life, and TV or electronics. How can they cope with this blow to their belief system? How do adults deal with being lied to and we are adults. Imagine for a moment what a child feels like if we don’t take the time to really come up with a good answer for them that won’t devastate their hope and want systems. It is almost like telling them God is still real even though Santa is not, you still have to believe no matter what. That doesn’t work for most people so they struggle with believing in things they can not see anymore. Maybe this is the moment in life when you begin to question are chasing after things you can not see worth it? For some kids it is no big deal but for some it is really upsetting for them to find out.

Dig deep this weekend and see where your belief system as an adult came into play. Do you have a burning desire to change your life? To achieve those goals you want? Do you have that desire to think “oh, they did that in 3 months, I will do it in one month!” Do you believe in the possible or impossible? Do you believe you can have it or are there to many obstacles in your way?

A good positive attitude only does so much to help manifest your desires, a determination of no matter what is what fuels them into existence. What is laying before you in the present you do have the ability to change, and you can change it.

~much love to you all



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