Those Pesky Little Beliefs

Those pesky little beliefs that can lock us into havoc on our quest to achieve those goals we lay out for ourselves. For some of us we already have that go getter attitude, the do or die I’m gonna get this attitude but for some they are stuck in a what the heck do I do next?

Why do we get stuck? The bottom line is the belief, the power of the belief is stronger, so strong it can stop us before we realize what the heck just happened. For example, for years I had the belief I could work from home and make the money I needed to support us. I had no idea how to do it, at first my belief was anchored in doubt, anchored in can I really do this? How do I do this? Once you can label the doubting belief you can then go back and begin to question is this belief mine or I have adopted this from someone else? We all have life curves, we all are influenced by people, usually the ones we love or hold higher than ourselves. For me I shifted from being invincible, risk taker, larger than life person that loved life to the fullest. I listened to someone I loved and thought loved me in my highest good. Instead this love was unhealthy, I shifted into an obedient homemaker, that ultimately lost herself to someone that had less life experience than I did.  My heart knew it was not me but I wanted so much to please others and be what they wanted me to be. I lost myself, I began to adopted very limiting beliefs, such as “what if you go into a house and they take you from me?” I began to adopt their limiting, scarcity beliefs that in no way aligned with who I was.  There normal views became my normal views for years. But I couldn’t live like that for long because in my heart and soul that wasn’t who I was. As much as I wanted to stay their way I couldn’t, I began to become sad, withdrawn, argued with myself daily, I became miserable and I couldn’t blame anyone but myself for taking on their beliefs as mine. I had to make peace with it all and I slowly became who was true to me.

I no longer believed I needed to sit at home, to not be productive, that the world gives me very little, everyone else around me was lucky because they got so much and I didn’t. Or if I try new things I will just fail so why bother trying? Just do what you always do, don’t grow and stay stuck doing the same things over and over. NO traveling it is to dangerous, or not in control of plane so we can’t fly. The list goes on and on. Not to mention how I was talked to, the house would be spotless but somehow it was not good enough. Those beliefs over the years begin to creep into your mind and take it, you begin to see their reality as your own.

I was the complete opposite and I still am. I had to dissect each of those beliefs and more one by one and ask is this my belief or theirs? Does it serve me? If is does then I CHOOSE to make it mine and carry on with my life. If it does NOT serve me then this is my chance to make a new belief in its place. Last I checked this is my life, I get to chose what I want to do with it, I get to do as much or as little as I want each day. It does change you because you never go back the same. You can’t its just the universal law. Think about it, everything in the universe constantly changes, it grows, shrinks, dies, rebirth, changes shape, color and intensity. We are no different, take comfort in knowing nothing ever stays the same, you wouldn’t want it to. The beauty of life is all the pretty and ugly things, each one builds upon a new experience for the future. It is your bubble of beliefs that do create your future. Your beliefs talk to you daily, if you want to move forward in a goal then examine the beliefs you have.

For example, say you want to gain 7 new clients a week starting out, more or less. Now what you want, new clients is your belief, it is your goal, it is your want. I have clients that visualize, write down their goals morning and evening, say mantras, vision board or any other new way of gaining what you want. Your old belief of I am not good enough, people won’t view me as being an expert, or people don’t want to go into business with me, or I am not good enough to lead others, that belief is the one running the show. Not the new one of gaining 7 new people. You have to replace this old belief and see that you can shine, you can help others, you are a gift! Tony Robbins, Rhonda Byrne, Louise Hay are all popular because they believed in themselves and put themselves out there! All of us put our pants on the same way, one leg at a time, we all struggles, we all have happiness, we are essentially all the same. Just some of us know how to market, have an amazing team surrounding our vision, and work to be the best possible versions of themselves for everyone else. No one is perfect, no one has all the answers and no matter what you do have a gift you can share with everyone!

Begin to dissect those negative, limiting beliefs that are deep down running the show. Begin to question is it getting me closer to my goal or keeping me from it?

~much love to you all



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