Practice Takes The Worry Out

Practice, practice, practice. I learned last night this is a lost art with our 9 year old age group. What was once a very familiar phrase when I was younger has been phased out of not only my mind but her peers minds also. When I was younger you practiced your sport you played everyday, you practiced your multiplication tables over and over all day long until you could say the answer without thinking. You practiced the instrument you played everyday, you just flat out practiced because you knew if you did you would eventually get it and be a lot better than the first day you attempted it.

When we were doing long division problems last night I said you just have to practice honey, everyday you do long division problems and it will click eventually. She looked at me as though I had fallen out of a tree. I mean really, what 9 year old wants to do long division everyday she asked. I sat there and thought you know it does suck but if you want to get better then you will practice it until it is easier for you. Hopefully it will only take you a couple of days to “get it”.  But what happened to the mentality of practice makes perfect? What happened to choosing to get better at something and not expecting yourself to just hang through it until the next chapter? I explained when you just hang in there never fully grasping the lesson then you will unravel later on. Each step up to this point has lead her to division. First she learned numbers, then to add and subtract, then multiply to now divide. A lot like how we are as adults learning new skills. Everything we have learned up to this point is practice, so we can do the leap of faith to get to our dreams.

Doing a sales job they are usually either make the quota or get fired. They don’t really train you all the different techniques to learn to get you comfortable with sales, how to close the deal or anything along those lines. Cold calling is not fun for most people but it is effective. So what do you have to do? Practice!!! Take a volunteer position at a charity that cold calls and you get your practice doing it so you can apply it in your job. Usually if you fail in one area that you are practicing for such as job at charity you begin to excel in the real job because you have lifted the pressure off yourself at the job and focused on charity failure. Successful people are those who practice, practice, practice; fail, fail, fail and they will eventually always succeed as a result. Any sport you play you practice every single day to get better and better. To shoot a basketball you practice your shots from every angle, countless hours spent on the court and studying the plays.

Maybe we get so caught up on NOT being able to do the task we are presented with. The not will never produce the results we want, it will always give us the results we are focusing on. Bottom line is the lost art of practicing everyday as much as possible the task will get easier, it will get better and we will succeed!!!

~Much love to you all



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