Do You Box? You Should!

My husband has been watching a lot of boxing type movies lately. I am not really into those kind of movies but to change things up I watched them with him last month. Still say the best way to learn new is change things up some. I learned a lot from these movies! NO boxing was not one of them but something else struck me that most probably wouldn’t even pick up on. One very important life lesson most of us want to do but we just flat out don’t do but we down fighters for it. Most people I know watch boxing and MMA for the fighting and bloodshed and knock outs. Not me I have a whole different level of interest in these athletes. I don’t look at them as what the heck makes you want to go out there and get beat up? What possesses you to step into a ring and want to activate your fight or flight system and hit someone you don’t even know!!! Instead I look at them and think they go to the gym everyday to do condition their mind and bodies. They literally live outside their comfort zone and master their minds to push them to their limits, physically, mentally and spiritually. The athletes we train do this daily so I know it is a routine with the best of the best. They don’t just sit on the couch and play the fight over in their mind all the time and do nothing. They play it out in their mind and then get off their butt and train or get mentored by the best. They study their craft, network with people and fuel their body the right way.

Now cross over the bridge to the “normal” people that do not fight in this way. What do we do? We want something so badly, we want it so much but we then get stuck. We limit ourselves, we sit and wish and then hope it is brought to us. An unexpected door to open up, an unexpected stranger to walk in and save the day and make a miracle come true. We are doing it all wrong!! Sure having a positive attitude, visualizing and being grateful is a start, it is the foundation. But the action steps, the boxing steps, the conditioning of the mind and body are a huge part most of us just skip.

Yes I do know the difference between us “normal” people and a boxer or MMA fighter, there is only 2 people at the end of the day in that ring and one of them will win. Right? Well hate to break this to you, but at the end of our day there is only two people too. The one inside our minds that win and the one that loses. We too are two people when you look at it, we are just fighting our egos and subconscious. Anyone one of us can have our dreams come true, anyone of us can do what it takes to get where we want to be. A boxer or MMA fighter just figured it out long before we did. This goes for any sport person, they work their heart and soul out everyday for a shot at their dreams. We are not so different from one another. We can learn from those “crazy” athletes that push themselves to the limits everyday. That fuel their bodies and minds with nutrition, water, exercise and mentorship. Next time you get a chance to see a boxing movie, do it, look at it in this light and it might change the way you do your day to day activities, or at least getting your perspective to change some.


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