Worry and Patterns

What is your pattern? Are you stuck in a funk and can’t seem to find your way out? Do you keep saying your stuck to yourself? Or if only a break would come my way and things would turn for the better? Did you ever give thought to this, what you are thinking about good or not so good is what you will continue to receive? I mean we all realize when we think good thoughts then Law of Attraction states more comes to us. Or we live in an attitude of gratitude then more good things to be thankful about come. Right?? Do you do this consistently? Do you visualize the great life you want? Money for freedom to do what you want or provide for your family? Do you think, feel, see and taste all that you want? And still you are faced with a reality of bills, debt, and things not going your way?

Let me ask you when you do all the required work the self help guru’s say to do so you can bring more of what you want to you do you get discouraged? Do you think this doesn’t work at all. What the crap? Yes I have had many people including myself at times say this. I laugh at this now because I can see what I was doing in this whole process. Do I still slip up? Yes of course I do. No one is perfect, no ones life is perfect. See, when we have a reality of a hard life, debt up to our eyeballs, bills that need to be paid, things we want or our family wants and we can’t get them it is hard, right? It is a dis-satisfaction feeling, a failure if you want  to label it. We can do all the feel good, gratitude work we want, but when we are on the other side of the spectrum of worry then we kind of, well erase all that we just did. Why? When we are in a perpetual cycle of negative we tend to give that more power to the vibration, when we add a good thought, a good feeling, a good intention we just cause a ripple in the negative wave. We made it jiggle somewhat if you want a visual.  If you want the good to bounce back to you consistently then you have to raise about the vibration you are currently in. If you don’t that ripple sends a good thing your way every now and then, a good vibe shows up once in a while. Where what we really want is for it to show up everyday, in everyway.

How do we do this? One way is to catch yourself in a worry and think do I want more of this? Or do I want better? Of course we want better. So rethink the worry, reword it to something better than what I am currently thinking and feeling is happening for me. Say it over and over 7 times each time a worry comes up. A worry is nothing more than a block or a wall going up between you and your miracle. How many blocks do you put up a day? Another way to rise above it is say what would it take for me to feel better about this situation…. Now this could take some work if you are hurt by someone, or scared about a  situation. If you are facing financial hardship and not know your next move that can be scary. But action steps are key, what got you in a financial hardship? Lack of jobs out there? Frozen or stuck because you can’t find one? There are ways, I know there are, some may not be the way you want to go, but there are legal ways to make money, even temporarily, but it takes work.  If someone hurt you, the best way is to forgive and move forward with your life. You staying stuck and blaming them for your hurt isn’t going to make you feel better. It really doesn’t make a difference to them either, if you are home crying and they aren’t there to see then one they may have no idea you are doing it. So that is wasted energy, and two if they do know and they may or may not feel bad, how does that change anything? The hurt has been caused and it is up to you inside of yourself to move forward and make yourself feel better. Those words we feed ourselves turn into feelings that turn into emotions that run the show (our lives).

These are a few things I go over with my clients when they are stuck. There is so much more we could do and tailor specifically to you and your situation.  Reach out to me and ask for suggestions if you find your self stuck and caught in a pattern you want to break but don’t see how.

~Much love to you


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