Thoughts of Worry or Expecting?

amazing-purple-butterfly-hd-pc-wallpaperThe thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives. ~Louise Hay

I was journaling yesterday and sometimes the things I think I know on the surface don’t really sink in until the right time when I need to hear them in my heart. Yesterday did just that. I was having a difficult time because I miss people in my life. The holidays usually get to me because for so many years I made them so special for all of us. But yesterday I was journaling some of that sadness, which would probably make a good book one day.

What I found out about myself and others is when we continue to revisit the past, we continue to live in it. Whether good or bad we continue to make all of it in our present moment and anchoring ourselves to it still. Should we forget all the good things? No, but what we should do is realize it is just a story that only we give it meaning to. If you want to move forward and have a positive, healthy, loving and fun life then we have to chose to let go of the pain of memories to move forward. Searching or asking why questions over and over will never ever solve or give us freedom from the past. Asking why did this happen and search for answers only prolongs and keeps us stuck in that cloud of pain. Emotion anchors us to the past and keeps our feet there while our brains want to have a better life.

If we can stop anchoring ourselves to the past, and just accept what has happened and move forward or on with our lives we can change. We can have the hope and opportunities we want to open up. Although I can not change my choices, my past, or what has happened what I can do is let go, live in the present moment, enjoy today and project hope and happiness into the future. Instead of projecting the sadness of memories past by asking why it happened. When we seek for the answers as to why, then we will keep getting the same, more difficult circumstances, more lower vibrations because that is what we keep asking for. Raise above these low vibrations, raise and go way above this frequency to start to attract new things. We don’t have to know why all the time, we can just be and trust in life.

Sometimes the holiday season is the perfect time to practice the faith and hope that we so often push aside. The holidays are a magical time of the year. Why? Because we transform for a month or month and a half, we get to change our surroundings with twinkling lights, we decorate our homes and transform them into change and beauty. We get to decorate the outside of the house with cute decorations for those that drive by smile when they see them. It’s about bringing joy to others and being open up enough to receive it as well. Its about the magic and wonder of what could happen, what can happen and what does happen when we let in the child like wonder again. Wouldn’t it be nice for a $1,000 to show up in your stocking? As kids we think one track, one way, it is under the tree or in a stocking. But as adults we limit that knowing to how it will happen. Don’t worry about the how, heck you don’t have it right now anyway so why worry about how it will show up? Just expect miracles, miracles of the season and so many positive, good things can happen. It works every time, usually better and in unexpected way.

~Much love to you all



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