HOPE Stealers

I was listening to a webinar yesterday and heard one sentence that struck my soul. It spoke volumes to me and I don’t think people realize the harm that comes from this one action. I usually don’t get to personal on this blog but on this post I will. The sentence was “I am really careful about stealing someone’s hope. Those that do are the worst people in the world, they take the very essence on a being and leave them feeling worthless.” I had to stop the webinar and let that sink in. Although it is basic knowledge and common sense, sometimes you need to hear it from your mentor and a way to fix it when and if it does happen to you.

All my life I have felt I never fit in with the mold. I was never in that “popular cheerleader group” I always did my own thing, walked to the beat of my own drum. I had friends, but I chose 4 really close friends I hung out with all the time. I let some new people come into my circle but really those 4 knew the real me. The me that let my hair down and could act wild and crazy with. I was always spontaneous, fun and filled with laughter. But on the outside I could come across as snobby, stuck up and mean at times. I am not the “normal” kind of person, but what is normal?  My goodness all my life I have tried time and time again to be normal and what has happened I have lost the person I love and tried to be someone I am not. Just to please those whose opinions I don’t really care about.

Hope stealers are really the lowest of low in a vibrational sense. They are dream killers, not stealers but killers because when you manage to lose all your hope about life’s possibilities you have truly lost your passion and essence in life. You are no longer in the game of life and you just give up and float day to day.  Life is truly so much more, it is mysterious, beautiful and loving. It is so much more than any of us can imagine or comprehend, why? Because life is limitless, when we learn to lift the limits off ourselves, the labels, the opinions of others upon our lives we can go further than what we think we can do. I had some hope stealers literally obliterate me into pieces. It didn’t take long to knock me off my pedestal (as they called it) and rob me of my heart and desires. Why? Because in the end I let them have more power over my thoughts than me. In the end I let them tell me how I should live my life in order to have my heart back. But really I would never have my heart back the way it was. I would never get what they had “promised” because my hope had been robbed. My hope had died a day in June about 5 years ago. The nasty emails, threats and breaking me down over and over almost got me. But thank goodness it didn’t. I knew deep down in my heart no matter what they thought about me, really it is how they thought about themselves. I was attacked at my core and guess what I made it to the other side. And I know everyone can, I know everyone can come out of any crisis a better person, a more well rounded person and in the end a more loving person.

The world is a different place now, it is filled with fear, anger and shame more than ever. I now know my place and purpose, I know that I am a healer, I know now that the reason why I never fit in was because my light that shines inside me is a lot different than most. It is here to help others and that is a different type of person than most. I am happy with myself and my uniqueness. I no longer feel the need to fit in all the time. So if you have ever felt different, unique and never really fit in, no worries, it means you are special too. And in time you will see your light as being special and full of sparkles too. What you have is a “weirdness” to you too, and that my friend is amazing. It means you are here for a special reason. Your light is to shine to make a difference for others that need it. Maybe even to shine on the ones who tried to steal your hope in the first place.

~Much love to you all


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