Failure is an Illusion

Let’s talk about failure today. For some reason with the holidays around the corner I am hearing many people say I am not where I planned to be at this moment in time. I am unable to do what I wanted to do for the holidays. They feel like a failure at life and have let themselves and others down. I have been there too, I have felt these tricky little emotions and I too have fallen victim to this way of thinking and believing.

So my statement is “failure is an illusion, it is you giving up before giving it your all one more time. It is a place in time that you have deemed defeat, and given up.” Let’s break down this statement of its the holiday season and I am not where I want to be in life. For the past 11 months have you really honestly given it your all every single day? Or did you slack off here and there “more here than there” and expected it to just fall into your lap? Have you gone the past 11 months without a well laid out action step plan? Were you flying by the seat of your pants? Failure to me is an option, it is when you give up doing because it is now a belief of yours that it is to hard or unattainable. That is so not true!! Plus the holiday season is just beginning with Thanksgiving next week and December around the corner!! You still have plenty of time to sit down come up with a plan and action steps to do everyday.

For some we don’t know what steps to take today. So we break it down into smaller steps. For example your passion is to write, you ask yourself what are 2 things I can do today to get me going? 2 small steps that will lead me to what I want, a job that lets me wake up in the morning, write and be free for the rest of the day to answer questions or get inspired. How can I make money or success from this? Begin with writing for 30 minutes or an hour a day. Begin with that action step because that is what you really love to do, right? Journal if you have to but get back into a routine of setting aside time to do whatever your passion is. You will begin to feel accomplished that you have done this step and create momentum in your work. Eventually you will have half a book or ebook written in no time. Then during the day when you are doing every other chore you want done you can add how to find an agent, or publish your book, or promote your blog, social media webinar. You sharpen your skills in promoting and this gets more momentum behind you pushing you forward. Just picking 2 small steps a day will lead you to more steps and eventually your finished goal.

Failure is only when you admit defeat, failure is when you give up on yourself and this is something we never ever do!! We can have set backs and upsets and something can shake us to our core. BUT, that’s when we figure out we are unstoppable and we don’t break, we may be changed forever but we survived and we go forward. DO NOT give up on your dreams, do not give up on you. Just keep moving forward and then your failure turns into a set back and those can always be achieved.

I can not state enough gratitude and nourishing your body gets you the results you want. I have done my own experiments on this subject to see the results first hand and with my clients. Failure is an illusion in your mind, a block, and we all put our own blocks up. If you would like to move past your blocks email me for a free consult time.

~Much love sent to you


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