What’s your WHY?

What is your WHY? I have heard this over and over so many times. First time I heard this line was when I was in multi-level marketing company. Listen up MLM leaders or want to be leaders of your team. Let’s take a step back and see what meaning this sentence has in the context of motivating someone to get results they want. We will use MLM companies as the example because I hear it all the time in my clients and on leadership calls. Your Why is suppose to be your motivating factor to get your booty up out of bed and the front door to get you the results you want to see. For most the Why is explained as the driving force to get you out of your comfort zone. If you don’t see results then your Why isn’t big enough. OK, this is where I get a testy with the whole Why thing.

When I first started out on my journey with self-improvement I was in a MLM company, I actually did really well with that company and moved through the ranks as a first timer pretty fast. Then like all MLM companies your team falls apart and it being my first time in I didn’t understand what they teach now. I took it personal, I took it as why can’t I keep my team going? What is wrong with me? Instead of learning about the cycles in nature that is applied in business and digging in to attract more of a team I stopped. My momentum stopped and therefore my journey on MLM rollercoaster I see so many people on got off track. My up line said what began to hit a nerve with me with that sentence “Your Why must not be big enough.” Excuse my bluntness but I felt this way so many other I speak to feel like this too.

Ok, who are you to tell me why isn’t big enough? My why was huge at that time, my why was bigger than me and had me move mountains at first. My why could have moved the most experienced MLM higher up people to tears. I could hear them saying my why on stage as I walked up there to receive awards. It was personal, motivating and important but according to my higher ups it wasn’t big enough.

Now fast forward to last week, I was having this Why conversation again with a good friend. Her text to me was, my why is huge but why do I stop my momentum. I had to catch myself because It triggered my old feelings all over again. I began to ask questions such as, “what do you think of first thing in the morning?”  What are you doing right before bed? What is your daily goal and what are you letting get in the way of that goal everyday? Busy work? Avoidance? Excuses? Tired? Burn out? All of these are fixable to get you back on tract it is just identifying the issue and changing the perspective about it. It has nothing to do with that huge WHY!!

I started to laugh when I was texting back stating what the heck? You are doubting your why when all you have to do is tweak your perspective about your excuse. You have let your excuse become bigger than your why and let’s change that. So we ended up making a game out of prospecting, I offered up the idea of A,B,C game since she loves to have fun. She needed 15 signups so we decided for every letter of alphabet she needed a business name. If she couldn’t find an X then she would double up a different letter such as an R. She was more pumped up when we got off the phone she went out and did half the alphabet that day. We will come up with a new game when this wears off because we are evolving human beings. We never stay the same, nor do our circumstances or feelings. She has a goal she wants to achieve and I will be there to help her achieve it through the bumps in the road.

Honestly I think our why should be renamed. I say this because when a person is told their why isn’t big enough that is a let down for them. You don’t know how they feel, you have just invalidated and deflated them as a leader. You have now told them that something is wrong with their why or with them personally because they can’t hit that goal. Instead of looking or stating about their why, start asking questions to see what is getting in the way of their achievement. Strengthen their drive through busting those excuses and good old fashioned work ethic and you will empower their why and thus empower them.

This literally goes across the board in any company, family or even your own personal goals. To live with just getting by everyday, doing all the small things over and over and never leaving that comfort zone you will never grow to your goals. Your goals are right outside that comfort zone, you grow to them, they don’t come to you, that’s why you reach or stretch for them. That’s what makes the journey fun, you learn and grow as a person. To get different results you have to do differently and most importantly think differently!!

Love to you all


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