Happiness is Simple

Can you hear it? Can you feel it? For some of us the holiday season stress starts when holiday decorations begin to roll out in the stores. With the countdowns on Facebook until Christmas morning I can tell some of my close friends and clients are already beginning to stress a little. Why? The underlying theme of how can I afford the holidays this year? So much has happened this year and I just can’t get the success I want in my business, or I am not making enough money to get ahead and buy anything extra.

Knowing the brain is activated in many areas due to our stress levels and emotions let’s look at how to activate more of the good chemical release during these times. First our brains release chemicals when we begin to “think” about thoughts. Our ideas will either activate good chemicals going out or chemicals that make us more upset. Our brains are such a mystery but what we do know just asking the basic question about gratitude is enough to send the good feeling chemicals through our body. Just asking yourself “what am I grateful for right now?” Even if you can’t come up with anything to be grateful for, the thought of practicing the act of gratitude will get the good juices flowing in your body, release some of that stress and uplift you. Why? We can’t focus on two things at the same time. Well the two opposites at the same time, we can think Oh I will be ok, then go back to no I won’t and then back to yes I will. You can have that ping pong ball match in your mind if you want to, but to focus, really focus it can only be on one thought. Chose Yes, I will be ok, I will figure this out.

Second, success does not come first, it comes second. Did you read that correctly? Think about it this way, when we accomplish a goal we have, what do we do? Enjoy it but look for the next goal to accomplish. This is a good thing, not a bad thing but the goal itself does not make us happy. It might for the moment, to achieve and celebrate but that happiness goes away with time and we look to the next thing to get. If we can be happy daily we are open to more opportunities therefore increasing our bucket list experiences and that my friend is what life is truly about. Living in the present moment and enjoying life. Success comes with what you love, it may be a struggle at the beginning but your happiness will see you through it. When you love what you do the action steps seems effortless, easy and not time consuming.

SO how can you get through this holiday season less stressed? Let’s look at the problem as a challenge. The earlier you look for solutions the better. Not everything has to be gloom and doom, especially during the holiday season. The season is known for miracles, it is known for magical feelings and they do happen everyday. Not just during the holiday season, that is not a rule for miracles. One start your list now and begin to look for sales. I know many moms that are almost done with their holiday shopping already and it’s not even October yet! Why? They find that is one thing to get out of the way to make the holidays less stressful. If that isn’t in your budget or belief system right now then begin a list so you know what to be on the lookout for. If you already know you will be cooking start your grocery list, put it in your planner, begin to pencil in things you want done. Such as a day Christmas cards go out, meals, parties, kids events, if you are going to host a get together, the more you plan you take stress off your brain. Procrastination is a killer to productivity and thinking clearly. Procrastinating will double your stress levels to new highs and it just isn’t worth it.

When you want to create more money in your life, happiness helps more than anything. You will create more in life when you are happy!! Happiness doesn’t come from a thing, person or food, it comes from within you. That optimism outlook, the problem with most people is that they look outside for happiness instead of a spiritual side. We put so much on things or people to make us happy. We can’t always depend on those people to act right, so we get upset over their behavior. When we depend upon ourselves to make us happy first the others in our life are bonuses. Does that make sense? In any spiritual teaching it says something along the lines of “you are not alone, God or Universe is everything and everywhere” So this means if we are lonely or feel like no one supports us, that is so not true. We are surrounded all the time by love, we just have to be open to it. Want proof? Ask someone for a good long hug. That is a feeling of love in our brain. Those that hug 5 times or more a day are a lot happier in life! A good hug, one that you pause and savor and enjoy the moment. GO ahead and try it.



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