Action Steps Creates Our Goals

Goals are achievable, they really are no matter what you have written down.  If your mind or heart believes you can obtain the goal then it is something you are very capable of doing.  Read that last sentence about seven times and let it really sink in!

What stands in the way of this achievement is our excuses. I whole heartedly believe this bottom line without a doubt. Excuses are nothing but our fears, doubts and hurt in any way, shape or form that we let run wild In our minds.  This defeats us every time.  Excuses are clever and tricky no less they like to appear real but are really fake. They give us a million reasons why we should stay safe in our comfort zone and not venture out.  We have to hunt for them to extinguish them and then go forward with our goal.  To achieve what we want we have to do things differently or we will end up going around in a circle. Our circle usually starts with a goal, we move forward a couple of baby steps or one giant leap, our excuses kick in (to keep us safe) and we get frustrated and depressed and give up. Then we start all over again, sometimes we end up a little further than the last attempt but none the less those pesky excuses stop us in our progress. Keep going, bust through those excuses one step at a time and no matter what listen to your heart!  Keep your eyes on the prize and go for it!

I’m telling ya, if your heart and mind can think of you achieving it, if you can see yourself having it, do the work it takes to get it. The work is usually simple, get off your butt, make the calls or go see people, network and talk, learn the skills to be a better listener. What you are really doing is making yourself a better version of you. While in the process meeting some incredible people out there that can touch your life or you touch theirs in powerful ways. Simple steps that we fill up with excuses as to why we don’t talk to one another. Or we have so much more to do than do the action steps it takes to fulfill our dreams.



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